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I am outgoing & exuberant–I am going to make you laugh whether you want to or not!


I have dressed up for movie premiers, I own Harry Potter wands, went to Harry Potter World on my honeymoon, and I love the Avengers, but specifically Captain America.


If you think I am your spirit animal we need to connect right now!

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  • Allons-y
  • Always
  • Legiterally
  • Any curse word you don’t want your child to hear

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“To say our experience with Christine was exemplary still doesn’t seem to capture our true feelings with our experience. The thing about photo’s is that they LIVE long after the wedding has ended. Looking at our photo’s and the video made by Christine can instantly draw our feelings back to our wedding day: a day filled with the most incredible amount of love and a day that we can say that by far, was the best day of lives.

These photo’s captured the most special moments of our wedding day that will carry on through our lives until one day, we will share them with our children and our grandchildren.

Krislynn and Brandon McKinlay


Christine has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From our engagement photos to wedding day, she really took the time to get to know who we were and it really showed. My pictures have been amazing, and she never once hesitated at any silly idea I had (and I have plenty)

Keeley and Eric


After a very long day, I was finally able to sit down and look through the images from our shoot with Christine. I wasn’t prepared for my own reaction. With my jaw agape, I began tearing happy tears that turned into joyful chuckles. I have waited years to feel this way about my brand photography. I should have entrusted it to her the moment I met her. I have adored her wedding photography for years and understood she had the ability to listen and understand her clients’ needs on a deep level. I’m going to run out of space to type before I run out of praises to sing. Just…wow. You made me proud of my OWN work. Thank you.

Natalie from Renegade Bridal


“Christine is truly magical with her way of capturing your personality in a photo. When photographing a couple and trying to nail down two totally different personalities at the same time, that can be REAL work. She does it angelically! Her work speaks for itself, but in the off chance you’re still doubting, just take that leap and I promise you won’t regret it. I personally have always stressed with having my photos taken. I am not good with being posey or knowing what to do with my hands. She directs me what to do and how to do it without the pictures looking unnatural. When I am working with Christine it feels like I am just grabbing a coffee and laughing with a girlfriend, not even close to taking photos. Plain and simple, it is FUN!”

Sarah Henson


In a sea of beautiful wedding photos and endless options for wedding photographers, Christine immediately stood out to me with her love of all things nerdy and her sparkling (get it, because she likes sparkly things) personality.
Christine went above and beyond from the start, with a welcome gift and some great recommendations for other vendors. Not only did she embrace our dinosaur themed wedding wholeheartedly, she also had the great idea to do part of our engagement shoots with dino masks on, which led to some of my favorite pictures! Throughout the months leading up to our wedding, she was always super responsive to any questions and concerns I had. I generally don’t like getting photographed, but she made the whole process not only painless, but even fun! She captured our day perfectly, including some true gems of our friends dancing at the reception.
If you’re looking for someone that will run with your quirks, make you laugh throughout your photo sessions, and take some truly beautiful photos of you, I can’t recommend Christine enough!

Erin + Carter