Houston wedding photographer Christine Wright of Swish and Click Photography holds roses by Maxit Flowers at the Creative Chateau
  • Why hello there! I am Christine, and I am about to rock your world! I am based in Houston, Texas and my specialty is capturing rad weddings and brands. I have always had a larger than life personality, and that has translated into me being my client’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. I liken myself to being champagne, I am always bubbly and I encourage everyone around me to have a great time.
  • Having been a photographer for over half a decade, I am an expert in everything from timelines going off the rails, to children or partners not wanting to get their photo taken, and so much more. I am here to help you make a statement with your photos, no idea is too “much” or unfeasible. I know exactly how to take big dreams and turn them into photographic magic. If you hire me, I will be the best wingman you ever had, even better than Dwight Schrute is to Michael Scott!
Christine Wright of Swish and Click Photography capturing one of her Harry Potter weddings in Houston TX
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