Houston Pearland Lifestyle Photographer: Mother-Daughter Family Session

Houston Pearland Lifestyle Photographer: Mother-Daughter Family Session

This family is bursting with joy and love. Their energy is infectious and capturng their different sides was a huge pleasure on my part. One daughter is your typical tomboy–loves basketball, the Texans and hates anything dressy. The fact that she came in a dress, with her hair curled was nothing short of astounding–in a great way! She looked beautiful. The other daughter is a cheerleader, but also smart, playful and fun. Their mother, someone who I go to CrossFit with, is the epitome of strength and softness. She is gorgeous inside and out and these pictures capture both her sides. I love how this family loves each other because of their differences.

Please enjoy this session as much as I do, because I am in love!

Jill and Reds-4 web

Jill and Reds-7 web

Jill and Reds-12 web

Jill and Reds-14 web

Jill and Reds-18 web

Jill and Reds-38 web

Jill and Reds-19 web

Jill and Reds-21 web

Jill and Reds-22 web

Jill and Reds-29 web

Jill and Reds-31 web

Jill and Reds-32 web

Jill and Reds-37 web

Jill and Reds-34 web

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5-Year Anniversary!

5-Year Anniversary!

I have joined a group called “The Stories we Tell” from a workshop I was part of. On a monthly basis I will now be documenting parts of my life. This past weekend was the 5 year anniversary of my husband and I meeting in person and recreated our first weekend together. Below are my favourite images from the weekend, and if you want to see the rest, they are here.

blog 5 year anniversary1

blog 5 year anniversary17

blog 5 year anniversary21

blog 5 year anniversary24

blog 5 year anniversary27

blog 5 year anniversary37

Houston Pearland Sports Photographer: Strong Mommy Competition

On July 12th 5th Gear CrossFit hosted a gaggle of incredibly strong, determined mothers for a mom-only competition. I was lucky enough to be there to capture the big day. There were three WOD’s, a dad WOD and there was a tie, so an extra WOD was thrown in there to decide the winners! It was a long day, but by 3pm, the winners were crowned. The slide show below captures the amazing moments these mothers had.

I hope to be invited back next year for their third My Mommy is Stronger than Your Mommy competition!