Houston Pearland Sports Photographer: Bad Ass CrossFit Session

Houston Pearland Sports Photographer: Bad Ass CrossFit Session

I love photographing female athletes, there is something about the swish of their hair, their strength, determination–it all photographs in a way that is stunning. Enter these three women–all CrossFit athletes who have worked hard for where they are today. We had a blast doing the pictures and feel their strength and fierceness comes across in each shot.

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Houston Pearland Wedding Photographer: Andy & Emily’s Big Day

Houston Pearland Wedding Photographer: Andy & Emily’s Big Day

Certain weddings touch your heart, and this was one of them for me. I have known the bride for some time and love both her and her husband. They are funny, quirky and full of life, and their wedding day was a representation of that. It was held at Morgan Falls Event Center, was decorated with sweet touches and they even had a signature drink. The pictures show the love surrounding this couple and it warms my heart to share them.

Love my work? Email me at [email protected] regarding the session you want me to shoot.

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Houston Pearland Lifestyle Maternity Photographer: Family of 3 Anticipating Baby Girl A

Houston Pearland Lifestyle Maternity Photographer: Family of 3 Anticipating Baby Girl A

This session was so much fun, I love the connection between the parents and their spunky son, Mr. C. They were getting ready for their second child, a girl, who I can say has arrived and is beautiful! This session was at one of my favorite parks in Houston {technically Webster} where this adorable family blew bubbles, tossed around a football, splashed in a pond and had lots of fun!

I love photographing families and can’t wait to photograph my next one, which is in a few weeks! Seeing the love and connection between others and being able to capture that puts the biggest smile on my face. Enjoy these photos!

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Creative Processing Workshop Review

Creative Processing Workshop Review

Right after my Magic of Light workshop I took another one, but this time on creative processing of the pictures I take. I was interested in this workshop because the person running it {Sarah Cornish} produces some of the most visually stunning pictures that are so distinctive I know immediately they are hers when I see them on my Facebook newsfeed. So when I saw her hosting an online workshop I jumped at the chance to be part of what she was doing.

This workshop has transformed my post processing from images being in the memory card, to the end of it where I deliver pictures to clients. I feel like this workshop has helped me hone my processing style and approach it in a way I didn’t consider before. I am much more comfortable using actions in both Photoshop and Lightroom and might have a small collection of actions, as I love them!!

Below are some of the examples of previous pictures I took and redid them with new inspiration, on the road to redefining my processing style.

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If you are looking for a workshop that will help you find your distinctive style in post-processing and want to kick your pictures up a notch {or three!}, then don’t hesitate. This workshop is awesome and the feedback from Sarah Cornish is very helpful!

Magic of Light Workshop Review

Magic of Light Workshop Review

I took a workshop in May {I know, I know, I am late in reviewing it, I have been busy! I swear!} run be the incomparable Summer Murdock on the Magic of Light. A year ago I took my first ever workshop on light by Detra, and I felt it was a good time to refresh my skills when photographing in the sun.

The workshop is 4 weeks long and starts off with building a good base around finding light where you live and capturing it in its element. The class quickly progressed into capturing light at certain times of day {sunset, sunrise, mid-day, shadows,etc.} but was peppered with little extra pieces of information that helped me re-think how I was approaching taking pictures.

To practice what I was learning and have images to submit, I lined up some sessions during the four weeks to practice. Below you will see how I progressed during the weeks.

I have to say that I could feel myself changing as I took pictures over the 4 weeks. I have always wondered how Summer created some of the images that she did, and once I started practicing the techniques she was talking about, I could see things transforming in my mind and in my pictures. Summer gave great video feedback about every single participant’s submissions and you learned as much from your own submission as you did from others.

Cheryl 1 L

This shot I was working on slight haze from the sun on the side.

Cheryl 10 L

This shot I was working on getting light to frame her head and highlight her hair.

L Cheryl 6

This shot I was working on getting good catchlights in her eyes.

L S&J 10

Week 2! In this shot, the sun had just just set, so I was practicing getting good catchlights in her eyes. Um yes, I love this picture!

L S&J 12

In this shot I tried to get the sun to starburst for me, but failed. It’s still a sweet picture, so yay for that!

Amber 1 L

Week 3: I was working on getting the sun to caress a darker background to highlight the light on the subject.

Amber 4 L

I am normally not a wide-angle shooter, but this workshop challenged me to get more in the frame and step back a little. Loving the sun flare!

Amber 45 L

This picture is simply a bonus one because I love it so much!

Summer Teasers -3

Week 4! I was working on getting organic moments from my subjects while getting good flare from the sun. I love it!

If you are considering taking her workshop but feel the process of signing up to be a little intense {it is very popular!!}, I would hang in there. The workshop hones your skills and forces you out of your comfort zone. It will make you a better photographer.