Houston Wedding Photographer: Maggie & John Get Married {at Nouveau Art Bar!}

Houston Wedding Photographer: Maggie & John Get Married {at Nouveau Art Bar!}

Maggie & John have a palpable chemistry, a joy for life, and a passion for their two adorable dogs! Having been together for over 4 years, these two are comfortable as pie together. When it came to their wedding day, it was soft and filled with touches of earthiness–their giveaways were plants and water bottles! The day itself was low-key, both the bride and groom got ready at the Magnolia Hotel, close to their venue; the reception was short and sweet and the dinner and dancing was the highlight of the evening!!

Everyone had a wonderful time, and these pictures capture what wonderful spirits both Maggie and John have. I feel like I gained new friends after capturing their wedding.

Getting Ready Location: Magnolia Hotel

Venue: Nouveau Art Bar

Hair & Make-Up: Kaydee Hodell

Flowers: Betsy Gehring and Sandra Moon

Cake: Central Market

Dress: Sottero and Midgley

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A gun in this picture because Texas!

Blog Moon Wedding97

Blog Moon Wedding247Blog Moon Wedding249Blog Moon Wedding251Blog Moon Wedding255Blog Moon Wedding257Blog Moon Wedding260

Blog Moon Wedding98Blog Moon Wedding101Blog Moon Wedding112Blog Moon Wedding113Blog Moon Wedding121Blog Moon Wedding140Blog Moon Wedding143Blog Moon Wedding173Blog Moon Wedding176Blog Moon Wedding178Blog Moon Wedding181

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Blog Moon Wedding313

The topper of the cake was the likeness of their dogs–super cute!

Blog Moon Wedding333Blog Moon Wedding318Blog Moon Wedding323Blog Moon Wedding327Blog Moon Wedding335

Maggie’s Dad had a ton of cake, which has been immortalized on Facebook.

Blog Moon Wedding339


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Christmas Mini’s | Houston Family Photographer

Christmas Mini’s | Houston Family Photographer

In November I offered Christmas mini’s and had a really fun time capturing these families! It was an abnormally warm day {wait, that’s been all fall, am I right?}. The sun was strong, so wearing layers was uncomfortable at best. These pictures were made festive by the pine trees, the hanging of ornaments and other fun activities.

The first family have two young children, so we did some tree decorating, reading of books by the tree and then an adorable shot of the son traveling in a mini car towing his baby sister. I love that photo, it is just so sweet! Lastly, if you can catch it, Santa might have made a cameo in one of the pictures.

Smith Minis2 webSmith Minis3 bw webSmith Minis6 webSmith Minis8 webSmith Minis10 webSmith Minis14 webSmith Minis15 webSmith Minis17 webSmith Minis19 webSmith Minis21 webSmith Xmas1 web

The next session was a family that love country-sheek and I love a lot. I photographed the daughter when I was first starting out and I crossfit with the mom, so they are used to my quirky style! This session the sun started to set and the haze in these pictures make me happy 🙂

Blanchard Minis4 webBlanchard Minis5 webBlanchard Minis6 webBlanchard Minis7 webBlanchard Minis8 webBlanchard Minis11 webBlanchard Minis14 webBlanchard Minis18 webBlanchard Xmas1 web

My last family for the day has twin daughters–I love twins! I have done crossfit with the mom off and on for 3 years {she goes to the 5:15am class a lot, I don’t because I am not that kind of morning person}, and we would see each other a lot when I attended the Saturday class. I loved this session because both girls are funny, sweet and a little devilish. I love dynamic of this family and can’t wait to capture them again!

Ferrara Minis4 webFerrara Minis6 webFerrara Minis9 webFerrara Minis12 webFerrara Minis13 webFerrara Minis27 webFerrara Minis35 webFerrara Minis37 web

For 2016, I will be offering themed mini sessions for Back-to-School season {so August, when it’s nice and hot!} and Christmas {one day each weekend from October 15 to November 20th}. I will also be offering non-themed mini-sessions throughout the year, available weekday mornings.

Illuminated Retreat: Day 3

Illuminated Retreat: Day 3

After a huge day on the Saturday, we all got up at dawn on the Sunday for our last session. There was a low-lying fog over the field we were shooting in, giving the pictures an eerie feel to them. The morning had two sessions happening at the same time: a young girl in a white flowing dress, and a couple where the woman was pregnant.

As we approached the area, there were deer in the field we were to photograph in, and as we approached they got spooked and ran across a narrow bridge to go to another field. I was lucky enough to get a few snaps of the animals before they disappeared.

Day 3 Girl1 webDay 3 Girl2 webDay 3 Girl3 web

That fog, right?

Then the sun came out and we got to photographing the two sets, in various areas on the fields. This young girl was up very early for us and was a great sport. I got her to twirl in her dress to get some fluidity to outfit and the picture really work.

Day 3 Girl4 webDay 3 Girl6 webDay 3 Girl8 webDay 3 Girl9 webDay 3 Girl10 bw webDay 3 Girl11 webDay 3 Girl12 webDay 3 Girl13 web

And then I popped over the couple expecting their baby. The mom-to-be was wearing a gorgeous blue dress and the dad-to-be was casual in his jeans and shirt. The love between them as palpable, and the anticipation of their new baby was seen in every shot I took. Mix that with the gorgeous setting and these pictures give me chills.

Day 3 Maternity1 webDay 3 Maternity2 bw webDay 3 Maternity4 webDay 3 Maternity5 webDay 3 Maternity6 webDay 3 Maternity7 webDay 3 Maternity8 webDay 3 Maternity9 webDay 3 Maternity10 webDay 3 Maternity11 webDay 3 Maternity12 webDay 3 Maternity13 web

I feel so lucky to have been able to go to this retreat. Jennifer Caswell did a wonderful job communicating the content of the retreat and organizing/implementing the photo sessions. The location was gorgeous, so much nature, some hills, some water, a bison and deer!

I have taken away some wonderful business tools, met some amazing photographers and am excited for what the future brings for my photography. 2016 is going to be a great year!

A C. Wright Photography Giveaway!

A C. Wright Photography Giveaway!

c wright photography contest

It’s time for some giveaways!! I’m so excited with the launch of my new website and am so thankful for everyone that has continued to support my photography business, that I want to give back!

Starting today and running until Friday December 18th at midnight, you’ll have several ways to enter to win! Winners will be announced Monday December 21st in the morning!

There are 2 prizes up for grabs, one especially for new photographers and the other for anyone who’d like to have a gorgeous portrait session just in time for the holidays!

1) Free Portrait Session – Winner’s choice of an engagement/love session, or boudoir session! Includes professional hair and makeup styling, 1 hour session, and a 16×20 canvas gallery wrap.

2) 30% off family portrait session! Includes 1 hour session and 15 images with a print release.

3) Free Mini Session! Includes a 30 minutes session and 10 images with a print release.

So how do you enter? You go to my new site: www.cwrightphotohouston.com and you send me an inquiry. In your inquiry, you let me know what your favorite aspect of my new site is, whether it’s the Moments side or the Action side, or a specific picture.

Next, to enter again, you share my website on Facebook and tag back to my business page on Facebook. If you don’t tag my business page I won’t know you shared my site and thus it will not be counted as an entry.

I look forward to sharing my blessings with the winners and those who book with me in the new year. It is your support that allows me to do what I love.



Illuminated Retreat: Day 2

Illuminated Retreat: Day 2

The second day of the retreat we were up at dawn to photograph our first styled shoot: a young boy in the theme of Where the Wild Things Are. This theme works because the little boy wasn’t expected to be anything other than who he is, there was no posing, just him being a kid. Jennifer put a lot of effort into the styling, she had a boat that was fit just the little boy; his outfit was not simply a onsie found online, it was made just for him; she even found an ornate bed that fit the mood of the shoot. So although we were all tired, the images we got from this early morning session were worth it.

WtWTA1 webWtWTA2 webWtWTA3 webWtWTA8 bw webWtWTA9 webWtWTA12 webWtWTA13 webWtWTA15 webWtWTA18 webWtWTA21 web

After the session I might have even gotten this lovely picture of Jennifer loving on the pictures she took:


The next session was a young baby and I have to confess that the nature of the shoot and the lenses I brought did not get the images I wanted. But I learned a good deal about photographing at noon and how to harness the sun to get the images you want. Below are two images from photographing the adorable baby.

baby day two1 webbaby day two2 web

At 3pm we got to work with three little girls, who were adorable. We broke off into groups to capture the girls, and they were adorable subjects. Here are a few of my favorites from capturing them:

3 girls day two5 web

3 girls day two6 web3 girls day two8 web3 girls day two9 web3 girls day two3 web

The end of the day brought some amazing pictures. I am in love with dawn and sunset pictures, it is a love affair that has been going on for a few years now. There is just something about how the light hugs the people I photograph. The 4th and final session on the second day was a mom and two daughters. I got some good group pictures and individuals of the girls.

Mom 2 Girls1 webMom 2 Girls2 webMom 2 Girls3 webMom 2 Girls4 webMom 2 Girls5 webMom 2 Girls6 webMom 2 Girls7 webMom 2 Girls8 webMom 2 Girls9 webMom 2 Girls10 webMom 2 Girls11 webMom 2 Girls12 webMom 2 Girls13 web

At the end of the day, we all crashed at the house were staying at, ate delicious food and bonded. It was a great time connecting with these ladies. We had a full day learning with Jennifer and four sessions, it was a lot to take in, but the images and knowledge were worth feeling exhausted.

The final day is coming soon–with more gorgeous pictures!



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