Jason + Melissa | Houston, TX Wedding Photographer

Jason + Melissa | Houston, TX Wedding Photographer

I have never met a couple who balance each other the way Melissa and Jason do. Doing this wedding made me believe in the yin and yang affect within relationships.Houston Wedding Photographer1Pearland Wedding Photogapher


Jason has a great group of friends, which is kind of obvious….

Houston Wedding Photographer3Houston Wedding Photographer4Houston Wedding Photographer5Houston Wedding Photographer6Pearland Wedding Photographer

Melissa’s dress fit her like a glove…it was stunning!!

Houston Wedding Photographer8Houston Wedding Photographer9Houston Wedding Photographer10

I love this quiet moment between these lovely ladies. Houston Wedding Photographer11Pearland Wedding Photographer

Mom was delighted by her daughter! And it was handy she was there to put on the veil. Totally not staged at all! 😉

Houston Wedding Photographer13Houston Wedding Photographer14Houston Wedding Photographer15Houston Wedding Photographer16

One last look before she left…it’s almost time to get married!!Houston Wedding Photographer17

See you at the ceremony!Houston Wedding Photographer18Gifts for the bridesmaids…jewelery and picture frames. Sentiment is perfection on a wedding day.

Houston Wedding Photographer19Houston Wedding Photographer20

Toes!! Let’s do this!!Houston Wedding Photographer21

Walking down the aisle! Dum dum dee dum!!

Houston Wedding Photographer22Houston Wedding Photographer23Houston Wedding Photographer24Houston Wedding Photographer25

And their eyes met…magic!Houston Wedding Photographer26

The parents loved the ceremony, it was filled with touching moments and quite a bit of laughter!

Houston Wedding Photographer27Houston Wedding Photographer28

Ohhhh that look! So much love. Gah! Warms the heart!Houston Wedding Photographer29Houston Wedding Photographer30Houston Wedding Photographer31

Married, y’all! Kiss the bride!

Houston Wedding Photographer32

That dress….am I right?

Houston Wedding Photographer34

The bride and her ladies.Houston Wedding Photographer35

The bridal party, looking dapper.Houston Wedding Photographer36

I love these connections, this is what friendship is all about.Houston Wedding Photographer38

So this is love, mmmmmmm, so this is….love.
Houston Wedding Photographer40

So this is what makes life divine!Houston Wedding Photographer41Houston Wedding Photographer43

It’s all in the details…

Houston Wedding Photographer57Houston Wedding Photographer58

It was important to honor the people who couldn’t be there. I love these pictures of their grandparents who have passed away. It touched my heart to capture this.

Houston Wedding Photographer44Houston Wedding Photographer45

The fun is about to begin!!Houston Wedding Photographer46Houston Wedding Photographer48Houston Wedding Photographer49Houston Wedding Photographer59

Houston Wedding Photographer52Houston Wedding Photographer54

And they kissed under sparklers at the end of the night. It was the perfect end to a beautiful day!

Houston Wedding Photographer56


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Behind the Camera Series: My Fitness Journey

Behind the Camera Series: My Fitness Journey

Houston, TX Photographer


Houston Family PhotographerThis is going to be one of my more personal entries in this series, all about my fitness journey. If you haven’t guessed, I am overweight, I have been all my life. I was always active growing up, playing soccer competitively, swimming, and some self-taught tennis {aka, I sucked!}. I was always larger, had broader shoulders, than my classmates. When I stopped playing soccer, that is when my weight went from slightly unhealthy to me being overweight. In my 20’s I didn’t have much money, resources {and if I am being honest, the inclination} to be active. I didn’t like how I looked, but I also didn’t have a compelling enough reason to change how I ate or to start working out.

At the end of my 20’s my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer {she is fine though, alive and well!}. When she had surgery for it, the doctor told her that her chances of recovering were excellent due to the fact that she had very little belly fat. Ovarian cancer runs in my family, so much so that I am kind of freaked out as to my chances of getting it. And that was my wake-up call. I had {and still have, sadly} a large stomach area and was terrified of my chances if I got cancer.

Houston Family Photographer

My after my first workout.

So I hired a trainer. I had worked with her at Blockbuster and knew she was passionate and would be committed to getting me in shape. I still remember that first workout—I was doing jumping jacks and thinking about how I could barely do 5 without feeling completely winded. I did push-ups, running in one place, my heart rate went to places it hadn’t in ten years. I remember at the end of it how out-of-shape I felt. From there she had me start jogging on a treadmill and using weight machines. I have to confess, I hated it. I hated feeling so tired and out of breath and looking like I didn’t belong in the gym. But I went three times a week and would tell myself “You have half an hour, right?” and I would always say yes, and I would always stay at the gym for an hour. I started taking classes there too, BodyPump was a favorite.

And then things changed—I got married and moved to Houston, TX. At this point I was completely dialed into working out and wanted to find BodyPump classes RIGHT away, but there was no gym in my area offering them. Then I got invited to a class at a gym called CoachFitMe, and it took me completely outside my comfort zone. They used dumbbells in all their workouts and used a lot of repetition. I was doing squats and lunges for the first time. I was running a lot more. I started to really lose weight—at this point I had lost around 25 pounds and was now gaining muscle. Things got tougher when I started working at Staples and commuting sometimes 2 hours a day, but I figured it out.

Houston Family Photographer

First WOD!

Then the biggest change to my working out happened when I bought a house with my husband and moved to another part of Houston, and too far away from CoachFitMe. My friend Allison had been going to a crossfit gym for a while now and had kept telling me I should join, but I was too scared. Crossfit seemed like something only super fit and thin people did. I might have been down quite a bit of weight and my conditioning might have been a lot better, but I was by no means ready for that kind of workout. This is where my biggest life lessons have come—when I think I am not ready but I am. The only gyms in my area that offered weight lifting classes were crossfit gyms. I did some research, made some calls, and found that Pearland Crossfit had a beginners class called Body Shop, that ran 3 times a week at 6:30pm. So I went and tried it. I was so scared. I didn’t know anyone and I was not sure I could do anything they wanted me to do. My first workout was 5 rounds of 100 jump rope, 15 box jumps & 15 wall balls. It took me 25 minutes. I had never done a box jump ever, so the coach Sarah had me jump on a small weight. I was so scared, I think I even told her I couldn’t do it!! But I did.

Houston Family PhotographerI don’t even know how to put into words how crossfit has transformed my life. It has affected every corner of it, both good and bad. I have been in the best shape of my life from it. I have figured out I love weight lifting—it is the single most empowering thing I have done in my life. Nothing feels better than getting some heavy weight on a barbell and lifting that shit. I cursed, but I mean it. It’s just you against the bar. There is no ego, no one else, it’s just you. I have made amazing friendships at my box, friendships that have made Houston feel like my home. It is the place where I started working on my photography skills, and had I not met Sabrina and started practicing on the wonderful members at my box, I wouldn’t have my business today!! I am serious about this, being part of the crossfit community has made my life what it is, and I love and appreciate everyone in it. It has also led to me being injured and me learning to eat some humble pie and know my limits.

Houston Family Photographer

Houston Family Photographer

Houston Family Photographer

After my first Crossfit competition!!

And that allows me to segue to a few harsh realities that have happened in the past year. I was injured the last year and have gained back a good chunk of the weight I lost. It has been a tough road both physically and mentally. I am now at the point where I am getting back to three times a week, but making my workouts tailored to what I can do now. The hard part is losing that conditioning and muscle. I am sore a lot and I am not where I was, so sometimes I have to remind myself how far I have come when I start feeling sorry for myself, because it happens! I am back to the mantra of, if I put in the work, the results will happen.

I also blog about my eating and fitness journey, so if you want to get to know that part of me, you can find that blog here. I haven’t updated it a lot lately, but you can see my journey both physically and mentally there!

This is part of the reason why I love capturing competitions and athletes in general. I know the sacrifices, the journey it takes to be change, to fight for something and to not give up, even when the odds are stacked against you.


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Behind the Camera Series: My Fitness Journey

Behind the Camera Series: A Foodie Visits NYC

Houston, TX PhotographerI don’t know how many of you follow me on Instagram, but if you do, you would know I am a serious Foodie. I also love traveling. This was the perfect recipe for me when my friend Katie suggested we do a food tour in 2012, as part of our group trip to NYC. The wonderful thing about New York is that it has a plethora of restaurants, bakeries and street meat stands. Even food trucks! This was a match made in foodie heaven.

New York City Wedding PhotographerWe decided to do the Chelsea Market/Meatpacking District tour–there was a good mix of foods and not a lot that scared my picky husband. The highlight of this tour was the tour guide, he was gregarious, always cracking jokes and infusing us with the culture and history of the meatpacking district. I instantly fell in love with the area! Chelsea Market is an indoor market that houses independently owned shops, restaurants and specialty stores. It is gorgeous and unique inside and we got to try lots of great food on the tour.

New York City Wedding Photographer

Here are the highlights:

  • We had chocolate milk from Ronnybrook Farm Dairy Milk Bar–it tasted like melted chocolate ice cream, I kid you not!
  • The soup at The Lobster Place was divine, and I am not a seafood person.
  • Buon Italia served us fresh mozzeralla with extra virgin olive oil on bread, my husband wasn’t into it, so that meant more for me!!
  • We didn’t eat at Marimoto but we did try out their bathrooms–their toilets have heated seats, it was a highlight on that cold December day, that is for sure.New York City Wedding Photographer
  • We ended the 3 hour tour at Macelleria, where we feasted on beef infused pasta. There are no words other than “oh myyyy” and “mmmmmm” and “…..” to describe what it tasted like.New York City Wedding Photographer

After that we decided why let the fun stop there? So we went to Amy’s Bread and feasted on their hot chocolate with hand made marshmallows, cookies and blondies. I think I was growing an extra stomach because we went to Rocco’s Pastry Shop after that and had an authentic cannoli.New York City Wedding Photographer

This past summer my husband got me tickets to see U2 in concert at Madison Square Gardens {bucket list item checked off!!}, and so we decided to go to New York for a few days and have a fun trip. When I told my sister what we were doing, she got excited and asked if it was ok if her and her husband came with. Once it was decided we were doing this, the next words out of my mouth {or written via text} were: WE ARE GOING ON A FOOD TOUR. My sister and her husband are as much foodies as Robert and I are, so it was a no-brainer. The decision was made to do the Nolita & Noho tour, which features Italian food and culture with little bit of French and Mexican thrown in there for good measure.

This tour is just as good as the one from 2012. Nolita and Noho are impressive neighborhoods, they have an older charm to them as they were one of the first neighborhoods established in NYC. There is older brick, old fences, and you mix that with modern flair and it’s beautiful. It makes me want to live there.

  • The first place we went to was Emporio and they served us pizza that was made with a white sauce and cooked in 3-4 minutes. It was crazy delicious!!! No seriously, the olive oil with the white sauce, and the cheese and the tomatoes with the arugula…..gahhhh. I want it right now as I type this!New York City Wedding PhotographerNew York City Wedding Photographer
  • The next place was Tartinery, a french restaurant where we got wine and chicken on a toasted flatbread. This place wasn’t my favorite, but my sister and her husband liked it.New York City Wedding Photographer
  • Next we had Latin America fare at Oficina Latina, and I had this divine pulled pork sandwich with rosemary infused water. Uh, yum!!New York City Wedding PhotographerNew York City Wedding Photographer
  • Next was my favorite of the entire tour, and possibly the entire trip: Tacombi!! Guys, guys, if you like a little bit of spice tempered with some sweet to balance your Mexican food go here. We got these little cups of roasted corn that had chipotle mayo and cheese on top, with a lime wedge on the side. This roasted corn was spicy but delicious. I dream of this corn. Just look at those pictures!!! Seriously, I have to go back to NYC just to eat there again. I have to have everything on their menu!New York City Wedding PhotographerNew York City Wedding Photographer
  • Once I had recovered from Tacombi, we moved onto our last location: The Smile where we had salted caramel gelato. At this point we were all exhausted and we sat and drank lattes and possibly bought a bit more gelato!!New York City Wedding PhotographerNew York City Wedding Photographer

I plan on going back to New York City to do the rest of the tours featured by Zerve. I have three more to do! You would think that with all the food I ate I would have gained weight while there, but I walked everywhere and lost weight both times I visited. We walked so much both trips, that I wish I had somehow packed a foam roller to roll my calves out each night. But all the delicious food was more than worth it!

What is a great eating experience you have had? Did you travel and try new things, or was it local? Does this post now inspire you to book a trip to New York and try all this amazing food?

          “I am not a glutton–I am an explorer of food.”    ~Erma Bombeck

Adding Dorky Details to Your Wedding

Adding Dorky Details to Your Wedding

Are you planning your wedding and want to add details that are unique to you and your honey…and you might be a bit of a dork? Do you share a love for Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, comics or Minecraft? I am too. Ok maybe not all of that, but I did meet my husband because of our shared passion for Survivor, and we grew to love Harry Potter together.

A popular thing to do these days is to incorporate a theme into your wedding in a tasteful, yet uniquely you way. I was recently at a wedding where my friend incorporated both Harry Potter and Star Wars into it–they even had a Storm Trooper at their wedding and guests were encouraged to bring both wands and light sabers. We battled on the dance floor, and some of my favorite pictures were of the father of the groom casting spells with the wand for the camera.

Here are some ideas for you to use to personalize or dorkify your wedding:

  1. Invitations. Oh my goooodnesssss people! The invites I am seeing on Etsy are so creative and amazing!! One of my favorites is a Star Trek one, where the reply card uses the verbiage “Make it So” and on the invitation part it says “The Voyage Begins”. Be still my dorky heart!!! I think my husband would love this Harry Potter invitation though, since he loves Umbridge. Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer
  2. Cake Toppers. There are an endless amount of things you can do to the top of your cake to make it a little dorky! So I am not a Doctor Who aficionado but I love this cake topper! It’s a great mix of dork with classy in my opinion. And there are endless ones in Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars, I don’t even know what is my favorite! I don’t know/remember if Etsy was around when I got married in 2011, but part of me wishes I had done a little more to add some dork to my cake. I mean, look at the mix of the movie Up and Star Wars in this topper! *dorky sigh*Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer
  3. Table Decorations. This is something that can add a ton of personality to your wedding! It can go in so many different direction. At the wedding from the summer, my friend had Harry Potter and Star Wars books on the table, but you could do anything. If you love Marvel, you could do comic books. If you love Buffy the Vampire Slayer {like me}, you could have Funko Pop! characters on the table.
  4. Flowers. You can go lots of ways with flowers, you could incorporate dorky touches into the arrangement or you could go a little more hardcore and make a bouquet out comics, like I saw here. As a photographer, I would have a ton of fun capturing that arrangement with other details–it would make the picture unique and exciting!!Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer
  5. Wedding Attire. So this is one that is tricky and could be a little too much, or if you are looking to be intense, it could be the right amount of dork. For tiny touches, it could be your cufflinks, pins in your hair, the colors of your make-up. I have to say these superhero cufflinks got me excited, I love the Avengers A! *another dorky sigh ensues* These Wonder woman hair clips would be a subtle touch to your hair, that is for sure!!

Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer

Now that you are inspired, what are you going to do on your wedding day that will add some flavor and dork to your wedding? I would love to hear how you are making things fun and unique on your big day. I will probably toss out other ideas and giggle with joy at what you want to do, because that is who I am!


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Behind the Camera Series: Being Canadian

Behind the Camera Series: Being Canadian

Houston, TX PhotographerHouston Portrait PhotographerYou may or may not know this but I am not originally from Houston, I am Canadian! I come from a medium-sized town thirty minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario. I grew up with 4 seasons, snow, trick or treating in a parka {for real!!} and playing soccer in the summer for the two months it was around.

Growing up in Canada the patriotism was subtle, people weren’t in your face about loving Canada, but as I hit my teen years, things started to change, especially around the Olympics. Also, there were a lot of Canadians making big names for themselves in the world, which was making us all proud. I have to say, growing up knowing Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Ryan Gosling and Michael J. Fox were Canadian made me happy inside. It was a huge departure Canadian Wedding Photographerfrom Celine Dion {still love you girl!}, but these guys were fresh, funny and were helping reinvent what it meant to be Canadian. And then in my 20’s Canada started to get really good at the winter Olympics and it made it fun to watch and feel inspired by these amazing athletes bringing home medals.

When I moved to Texas I found that there were a lot of stereotypes that people had about Canadians that I wasn’t surprised by and found amusing to either confirm or deny. Here are the top ones I have had living here in Houston:

  1. Everyone in Canada loves hockey. You know I would love to say it isn’t so, but I am the anomaly with this. I don’t watch hockey or love it, but about 90% of my friends love hockey, love the Toronto Maple Leafs, including my nephew Jared. They live and breathe it during the winter and get jubilant when the Leafs make it into the playoffs. Houston TX Wedding Photographer
  2. We say things like “Eh” and “Aboot” a lot. I have to say that the first term “eh” depends on the person. I don’t say it but I have a ton of friends who do. But then again I have a lot of friends who don’t. So that is a maybe! Aboot? Yeaaaahhhh. And Oooout. It’s totally how we talk. I get told all the time I say both words, and when I get frustrated or angry, it becomes more pronounced. So that is confirmed!
  3. We live in a frozen tundra and possibly live in igloos. I can 100% dispel this myth. 80% of Canadians live along the American border. So think of the weather in Seattle, Missouri, New York, Maine, and that is what we live in. Sure we have cold winters, we get lots of snow, but we also have warm springs, beautiful summers and falls that are rich in color and last until the end of October. And yes, we have places in Canada that are colder longer because they are further north, but they still get summer and it isn’t cold all the time. Myth dispelled!Houston TX Wedding Photographer
  4. We love maple and Canadian bacon. Possibly together. Well, like the saying of “eh”, this is totally subjective, but we do have a lot of awesome maple products in Canada that just don’t exist in the USA, like maple candy, pure maple syrup {unless you are in Vermont}. I mean there was a maple syrup heist in Canada that cost the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve $18 million dollars. It’s big business in Canada!! Myth? Confirmed I would say! As for Canadian bacon, I don’t understand why we don’t just call it back bacon. I only eat legit bacon unless I am having eggs benedict, and then I break out the Canadian bacon. I think this wiki page explains this myth perfectly–it’s a myth I can dispel right now!

Houston Engagement PhotographerWhen you think of Canada, what are the first things that come into your head? Have you been there and seen something that I missed? I would love to hear your Canada stories! If you haven’t been I will say you are missing out, and you should go soon. You are missing out on Tim Horton’s and Laura Secord! Friendly Canadian interactions and gorgeous land! You might even see a moose or two.