Coffee Chat: It’s Not Hou It’s Me Lifestyle Blog

I have a passion for reading a good lifestyle blog, it’s a thing. I like to know new things to do around Houston and if they have a bit of personality {or are eccentric}, then I love them even more. It’s Not Hou It’s Me is a blog that fits all of this, and I sat… Continue reading Coffee Chat: It’s Not Hou It’s Me Lifestyle Blog

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

I have been doing some reflecting about what I would do if I were to renew my vows or if I could go back in time and redo the style and theme of my wedding. I love a lot of things, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all things super-hero, Harry Potter, Survivor the TV show, and… Continue reading Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

Kris + Keegan | Houston Portrait Photographer

I have worked out with Kris and Keegan for a few years, we hit it off right away and have enjoyed each other’s company at parties. We are kind of ridiculous together! They are also smart and sassy and fun subjects to photograph, so when the opportunity arose, we all jumped at it. I have… Continue reading Kris + Keegan | Houston Portrait Photographer

My Magical Trip to Magnolia Market

I was in Dallas for a weekend and on the way back to Houston my friend Stacy and I knew we had to make a stop: Magnolia Market. I have been a fan of Fixer Upper since my sister introduced it to me in its first season. As I am sure all of you can identify with,… Continue reading My Magical Trip to Magnolia Market

Sugar and Cloth Color Wall = MAGIC

I have never been one to love graffiti or color walls, but I think my hometown in Canada didn’t really try. Since moving to Houston I have some to love graffiti walls here because they are genuinely artistic and gorgeous, heck the city has even paid to have some done! I have toured Houston with… Continue reading Sugar and Cloth Color Wall = MAGIC

High Tea at Niagara-on-the-Lake

I have to admit, I am not the biggest high tea drinker, and by biggest I mean I don’t really like tea at all. None the less, when my friend Shaun invited me to high tea I was too intrigued by this to say no. This was the right decision. We rolled up to the Prince… Continue reading High Tea at Niagara-on-the-Lake

An Ode to Captain America

I have watched a ton of superhero movies and have loved a lot of the heroes. Tony Stark’s sarcasm? Wonderful. Especially the transformation he makes from a self-centered jerk into a man who is committed to the safety of others and loves so deeply it keeps him up at night. Bruce Wayne played by Christian… Continue reading An Ode to Captain America