Behind the Camera Series: SDCC

Houston, TX PhotographerLast weekend San Diego held the 2016 Comic-Con {SDCC} and I am not going to lie, I wanted to be there! Not only would it have been epic to dress up, but all those panels filled with stars! It would have been amazing. Let’s just say I am planning on figuring out how to go for 2017, right now.

So what was so awesome about it? Well, first off it looks like DC Comics is finally getting a movie or two right. They debuted two awesome trailers: Wonder Woman and Justice League. I am not going to lie, I was nervous. One, I already love The Flash TV show, so having a new interpretation of the character isn’t something I was open to. Further I wasn’t sure how they were going to get these super people together. But the trailer handled a lot of that and it was pretty incredible, and funny! It gave me hope for a series of movies that so far, have been a disappointment.


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5 Wedding Dress Trends to Make Uniquely Yours

Wedding dress trends for 2016-17 are varied and can give the bride room to play around with. We are in a time when traditional elements are no longer the cool thing to feature at a wedding. Adding personal touches to your dress is a popular option that I fully support. So how do you make a dress that is unique to yourself and the theme of your wedding? First off I would look at current trends and see what you like.

So what are these trends? I am excited you asked!


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California Trip: WB Studio Tour

The last place we left off, I had just been chosen by a wand in Harry Potter World! The next day Robert and I spent the entire day traipsing across LA, doing a Warner Brothers studio tour and doing a Hollywood Homes tour. The day started off early, and we thought, from what we read online, that it would be a half-day tour. We were wrong! The WB studio tour was the first half of the day and the homes were the afternoon. Needless to say we were exhausted when we were finished.

WB studio tour


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Twin Girls Cake Smash Photographer – Abigail & Isabella

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Up next on the blog is this adorable Twin Girls Cake Smash Photographer session!!  Meet Eileen and Isabella.  Mermaids and princesses decked out and dressed to impress.  We took these pictures back in May and I couldn’t wait to share it here on the blog.  We went to this sweet family’s home for the session and had a blast doing it.  This family’s story is so amazing, so I just had to share.

These little girls are miracles. After years and years of trying to get pregnant for a second time, Eileen and Blake finally got pregnant, and with twin girls! Abigail and Isabella were weeks early and were in the NICU for several weeks after being born. But Abigail and Isabella are fighters and and have grown swiftly, developed little personalities and we were able to do this wonderful cake smash.

We started with their mermaid outfits and the background was a sea shell.  It included a treasure chest (because babies are treasures, right?) and shells.  Close friends and family came to watch and snap some pictures of their own, which was wonderful.  Because they came, they were able to sing to the girls and get them to help keep their attention.  We then moved onto the cake smash where the girls wore tutus and crowns to show off their princess side.  They dug into a bright pink cake but weren’t totally sure about it.

{PS this cake was also delicious!!}

Twin Girls Cake Smash Photographer-_0263Twin Girls Cake Smash Photographer-_0264


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