Meet Up at the Pride Wall: Houston Bloggers

Recently I had a ton of fun at the Pride Wall in Houston. A good friend and I decided to host Houston bloggers at two distinct graffiti walls and let them have fun! The blogging community in Houston is larger than you would expect, and seems like it is continuing to grow. Between myself and my friend, we were able to reach over 100 bloggers and as a result just under half of them were able to make it out.

For the day itself we were able to get a few super fun vendors to contribute with food, signs, and balloons. At the pride wall we had signs that said “Taste the Rainbow” and “Love Wins” made by My Urban Invites. As well, Good Gosh Ganache made a gorgeous cake and cookies that said the same things as the signs. Since I am a cruel person I might have forced these beautiful bloggers to eat sweets. To add to the festive fun, I provided the bloggers with cute hats and sunglasses. The sunglasses were a God-send as it was so hot and sunny. You ladies are troopers!

So I also want to encourage you to check out some of their blogs! They write about everything from jewelry and fashion to home decorating and the latest kid trends. In addition, some of these bloggers have a healthy following! Thank you for coming you, I am highly anticipating the next one in September!


Location: Pride Wall

Cake/Cookies: Good Gosh Ganache

Signs: My Urban Invites

Houston Blogger Photographer
Hot Sauce & High Heels


Houston Blogger Photographer
My Urban Invites


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Behind the Camera Series: My Why

As I sit on my parent’s porch I think about why I love photographing weddings and portraits. As I grow older things become clearer. In my youth I felt like I had all the time in the world and that my friends and family were going to be with me for a good long time. Therefore I could skip important moments because they would happen again. It wasn’t until one of my grandparents passed away that I started to realize how fleeting life is. It has become even more important now that I live almost three thousand miles from my family.


For my wedding, three of my grandparents were not able to be there either from passing away or being too ill to come. Therefore the one remaining grandmother who did come was a big deal. Not just for me, but for her as well. She loved Robert and was excited to see us marry. Our wedding was one of the last times we had her in a picture with the entire family, wearing her favorite coral dress. Even though she couldn’t walk at this point, it didn’t matter, she was there are and grinning in every picture.



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Houston Family Photographer Heck Family

Houston Family Photographer Heck Family

It’s Friday here and Houston and still sizzling hot.  However, it’s almost the weekend and I am so excited.  I was also thankful to do these not in the blazing sun back in July, as it is so hot in the summers here!  Hey, I am not complaining, but you won’t hear me complain about the fall’s arrival either.  Next up on the blog this Friday is the sweet Heck family and their daughter’s (Callie) cake smash and 1 year portraits.

About this Houston Family Photographer Session

Robert looked awesome as he wore a purple dress shirt and grey dress slacks. Wendy work a pink shirt and a black maxi skirt. She complimented it with a black necklace.  Callie, the star of the show, started off in a onesie with a pink flamingo on it. Then she changed into a gorgeous dress with multicolored dots on it and striped belt that said “Birthday Girl” at the front. As she dug into the cake, she wore just a diaper and a bib that says “It’s my birthday!” in pinks, greens and blues to match the cake.

Callie turned one! To celebrate Wendy and Robert hired me to capture their daughter at The Studio HTX. We did a few family pictures and then we let Callie go crazy on the cake. Some of her images have her jubilant because she normally gets told NO when she tries to dig into foods with her fingers, and that day she was encouraged to go nuts on the cake.



“ONE” banner from Ladybug Party Fun {Etsy}

Pink banner from LoveGarlands {Etsy and Instagram}

Balloons from Party City

Cake from Jenny’s Bakery {FB}


Houston Family Photographer-_0826Houston Family Photographer-_0827


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5 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Photo Booth!

I need to confess something: with a wedding photo booth, I am known for taking things a step too far. I am enthusiastic and I love having fun! As a result at weddings and parties I am the one taking the props from the photo booth and just wearing them on the dance floor. Yup, that’s me! So when it comes to making your photo booth a little bit more unique and fun, I am your girl!

If you want to have something that is a little more personal, this list is for you. I don’t have anything against large glasses and silly hats, yet I love a good theme!

5 Unique Photo Booth Ideas:

1: Harry Potter props.

Harry Potter is universally loved, people know what houses they belong to, and are passionate about it. Therefore having house color ties, scarves and the like as props, your guests will have a great time showing off their house colors! You can include owls, potions, wands and other unique trinkets for the ultimate wizard look and feel. Also! If you want to take it up a notch, you can have calligraphy signs with important quotes from the books. Calligraphy + Dumbledore quotes = epic!

photobooth hp1


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Houston Maternity Photographer | Coleman’s

Houston Maternity Photographer, the Colemans

I hope everyone is having a great week and I am so happy it’s Friday.  Although, for some photographers, work begins on the weekend.  Blogging, however, does happen during the week and I am so excited to share this Houston Maternity Photographer session that I took back in July of this year.


About this Houston Maternity Session

We took to Discovery Green and the Color and Cloth Wall in downtown Houston.  Emily, Andy, and Olivia were all such troopers and so much fun to work with.  Andy chose to be comfy in his blue polo and jeans.  Olivia (their sweet daughter) started off in a cute white top with a multicolored tutu in shades of pink, blue and yellow. To compliment, Emily wore a white shirt and a a shawl overtop in shades of pinks and blues, while wearing jeans. She complimented the outfit with earring and a necklace from Kendra Scott.  Once they got to the color wall, Olivia changed into a blue dress and a beige headband, now with a side braid. Emily changed into a black dress and blue jean jacket, while keeping her accessories the same.

This sweet family invested in my baby plan and you may have seen the previous post documenting their gender reveal.  A little while prior to that, I even shot their wedding.  To say that these guys mean so much to me, is just an understatement.  This Houston maternity session was just the next step in documenting these precious moments for this adorable family.   I don’t know if it is obvious, but Andy is so excited about baby Louis, the pride just beams off his face! Olivia is also super excited and was literally jumping in excitement of her baby brother during the session.


Houston Maternity Photographer-_0816Houston Maternity Photographer-_0817


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Fun Portrait Photographer Houston | Newborn Puppy

Fun Portrait Photographer Houston

I hope everyone has been doing well and wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for you if you have been following along on my blog.  I just have so much fun doing what I love for work and am so grateful for my clients who trust me enough to document what they envision.  Up next on the blog is this sweet newborn puppy session.   This is why I like to call myself a Fun Portrait Photographer Houston girl.  I always make the most of my sessions and have a blast doing so.

About this session

We took to Elyse ad Ross’ home to document this newborn puppy session.  Hey, we can have a little bit of fun, right?  And getting a dog is a HUGE commitment and a huge life changer, so I believe it is very appropriate.  Elyse and Ross were married last year and have wanted a puppy since then. Of the breeds that they wanted, the Australian Shepherd was at the top and they were able to find little Sydney.  They found her locally, as a newborn. As soon as she was big enough, we did the session, and we totally tired her out!  We used her favorite unicorn toy, angel wings by PoshnPretty, and a melon colored wrap by Leah Michelle Creations.  We also used Batgirl and Wonder Woman outfits that were handmade by Pitter Pat Crochet.

Be sure to keep scrolling to see the highlights from this perfect session.  And for more information on how to book a session with me, be sure to get in touch.


Fun Portrait Photographer Houston-_0763


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