Houston Branding Photographer | Serenity Now

Houston Branding Photographer | Serenity Now

Branding Serenity Now

I have known Sarena, the magic, healing hands of Serenity Now, for a few years now. I have been her client for over a year {off and on}, and I swear by her!!! When I started offering branding photography this year, she was excited. She knew she needed a new website and images to go with it. Isn’t it always the struggle to have a website that represents your work? And who you are? As someone who is rebranding, I am keenly aware of the monumental struggle of getting a cohesive look to come together.

The sessions

Knowing Sarena wanted to be viewed as a healer, and not just a massage therapist, I recommended we go outdoors for some of the session. We, of course, did some in her world, at her studio. But, we wanted to go outdoors to truly fit with her branding. Outdoors with a massage table. And balloons. And it was serious perfection. Sarena’s vision simply came to life! We enjoyed this session so much, she joked about always offering sessions in the woods!

The Woods

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