San Diego Portrait Photographer | Cosplay and Comic-Con

Cosplay and Comic-Con go hand in hand, especially at San Diego! The biggest and most star-studded of all the comic-cons, San Diego has created something truly magical. So when Colleen approached me a year ago to come to San Diego and capture her and her sister/friends in their group set, the next thing I did was look up flights. I was there!

Critical Role Cosplay

For the uninitiated {so, basically me} Critical Role is a web series where a group of professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. So all the characters from this world are rangers, druids and the like, including a dungeon master. I envision it in my head as a cross between Lord of the Rings and Labirynth personally. From this inspiration, Colleen and her group designed their look, which I have to say turned out amazingly!

Colleen and her friends and family had different looks for each day, with intricate details. I believe they prepare all year for this, which you can see in the quality of their outfits. A few of them even have their own Instagram accounts and websites. You should check them out, it’s impressive.

Offbeat Worlds

She went as Keyleth, and I love the attention to detail in her outfit. Especially her staff! She has her own Facebook page and shows off more than just her incredible outfits, she is an incredible artist too.

Cosplay and Comic Con (more…)

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