3 Ways to Get More from Instagram

Instagram makes me feel salty. I know I am not alone, if you were to talk to any entrepreneur or person who is invested in growing their influence on the platform, they can tell you the struggle is real. Engagement is down, being seen is down. Should you throw in the towel, especially since Instagram seems to make changes monthly? Obviously not! But we need to dive into the changes before getting a strategy, and the recent changes are a challenge.

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Instagram Changes

The highlights from a recent article I read made sense {although they didn’t source their information, so please take this with a grain of salt}. I have been seeing some of my Instagram posts, as well as those I post for flop, even when they are being posted at the right time in their analytics. Here are some key points: (more…)

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Houston Senior Photographer | JW’s Houston Senior Session

Houston is full of awesome areas to do a senior session – and I had so much fun with JW! Being a Houston senior photographer means that I get to explore our city to find fun ways to incorporate my client’s personalities into their images.  Not only did we get to use the awesome murals in downtown Houston, but we were able to find a beautiful wooded area for a more traditional vibe. One thing about JW: he loves to workout and football. We were able to go to a gym and get some super fun and unique senior shots that really show off his personality.

Senior photos are the kind of thing that you look back on to remember exactly who you were in high school. I know I remember vividly! In such a transient time, you want to make sure that you’ve got a photographer that will capture that for you. When JW and I met, he had a clear vision in his mind for these pictures. I tried to pay homage to exactly who JW is, while also thinking about his family and the things that they would want to see when they look back at these photos.  We had a blast – and I think you’ll be able to see that when you check out the images!

The Graffiti Walls

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c wright photography, swish + click, houston senior photography, houston senior photographer, houston texas
c wright photography, swish + click, houston senior photography, houston senior photographer, houston texas (more…)

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Day 4: Giveaway for a Free Social Media Assessment

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Winner Winner, Cake for Dinner!

Yesterday’s giveaway had a ton of entries! And who can blame all of you for entering? Erica’s cakes are delicious!! The winner though is Nicole Derrick!! Congratulations lady! I will be in touch to give you all the details very soon.

Todays Giveaway:

I can’t believe we are on day four of the giveaway! Today I am giving away a full free social media assessment. I am passionate about helping others figure out how to make their social media work for them. So often I see people bemoan the algorithm of Facebook and Instagram, feeling like what they are putting out is not being seen. And you know what? It’s true. I cannot sugarcoat this, things have changed. But I also have some tricks up my sleeve on how to make yourself be more visible on both platforms.

Social Media Assessment (more…)

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Day 1: Giveaway with Storybook Cosmetics

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Happy New Year everyone!! To kick off 2018, what is a better way than by having 5 days of giveaways? To start off, I paired with Storybook Cosmetics to give away this amazing Harry Potter themed eye shadow palette and brush set!! I may or may not already own it myself. Ok I do! This set has some gorgeous shades, and I basically feel like a wizard when I apply it with my wand brushes.

Storybook Cosmetics giveaway (more…)

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Swish + Click Photography: Launch Day!

The change to Swish + Click Photography has been a long time coming, and for those who have known me for a while, know that this change was inevitable. You see, I have always considered myself a bit of an anomaly—I am the person in your life who goes to Harry Potter films or the latest superhero film, possibly dressed up, and enthusiastically talks about it afterwards…and owns a “few” PopFunk characters. Bless my mother’s heart, she thought when I married my husband that I would “mature”, little did she know that I would infect him with my enthusiasm. For our honeymoon we went to Harry Potter World in Orlando and Robert is a proud Hufflepuff.

swish + click photography

When I first started my photography business I struggled with the name because I knew it would synonymous with my brand identity. As the months turned into years, I found myself falling in love with clients who were quirky, funny and full of personality. We just seemed to click! And as I started to dream of my ideal client, I would always think of them. I also loved the images I produced with them, they were always filled with light, laughter and genuine moments.

swish + click photography (more…)

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