Texas Boudoir Photographer | Velvet & Pearls

I have been slowly coming into my own as a boudoir photographer. You have to do it in a specific way so as to celebrate the woman and not descend into oversharing. Every woman I know is nervous about capturing these photos, but if done right, it’s so much more than being sexy. It’s about the small details that make a woman feel empowered. And this session exemplified all of this.

Velvet & Pearls

Nicole wanted to give her soon-to-be husband something special on their wedding day. We christened my new studio with this session, and had a ton of fun! I specifically liked that we focused on her engagement ring, some dainty pearls and the velvet undergarments she brought.

Nicole had a specific vision for this session–she wanted to do a good angel/bad angel shoot. We started off by photographing sweetly sexy looks with her wearing pinks and whites. Then we transitioned to dark green and black looks. We even might have included cat ears, and paid homage to Mean Girls, because duh! As a boudoir photographer, I found Nicole’s session refreshing and fun.boudoir photographer boudoir photographer (more…)

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5 Reasons to Invest in Branded Photography

branding photographyI don’t know if you have caught on, but I am seriously passionate about small businesses investing in branded photography. I am also very, very aware that to run your own business profitably, you need to be strategic with how you spend your money. Setting aside money for a photoshoot can seem intimidating, but there are so many reasons to invest, that if you take the plunge, you will not regret it!

It helps you Charge More

People are hugely visual creatures, thus, high-quality, authentic photography plays a crucial role in delivering the personality and quality of your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connects with your readers or customers. And once you are viewed as an expert {regardless if you *feel* like one}, your prices can change to reflect this. Furthermore, branded photography has a consistent look, which makes people feel like they know you and your brand, and are more likely to trust you because of that. (more…)

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Texas Branding Photographer | Olivia’s Bridal House

As a Texas branding photographer I am so lucky that I get to meet and work with amazing people. It’s truly one of my favorite things!! We get to dig deep into their business, find out who they want to work with, find the right inspiration and plan from there! When I met the owner of Olivia’s Bridal House I knew we were meant to work together. She is bright and funny but also very passionate about giving women in from all over Texas {and beyond! some fly in for their appointment!} the ability to not only buy a wedding dress that’s in their size, but to have to be able to try on sample dresses that go above a size 8. As someone who is larger, I can confirm that trying on wedding dresses is intimidating, I was thinking about all the extra weight I was carrying on my body and when I went to shops, their sample dresses didn’t even get up my thighs. And you know what the salesperson told me? To put the dress up to my body and imagine it on myself. Um, no. I wish when I was getting married Olivia’s Bridal House existed.

I have done quite a few sessions with Olivia’s Bridal House, and super excited to share my favorite images from our shoots from the past year!

Houston Event Venue Texas branding photographer Texas branding photographer


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5 Harry Potter Wedding Quotes To Work Into Your Vows

Harry Potter wedding couple kissing at Arrowhead Hill in Magnolia Texas captured by Swish and Click PhotographyHarry Potter wedding quotes are timeless. And magical!! The words written by J.K. Rowling have a special place in my heart, and I feel like what is written could be put into someone’s vows, even without it being, you know, weird! Some books or movies don’t translate as well, but I feel the following 5 quotes really could be mixed in, no problem.

Harry Potter Wedding Quotes:

Quote 1

We can’t choose our fate, but we can choose others.

This quote by Dumbledore could mix in perfectly with a paragraph about fate and choosing to have someone in our lives. Marriage is us making our own families, so this quote works well with that. I love how this Harry Potter quotes does this so simply! (more…)

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Texas Portrait Photographer | Fall Mini Sessions

Last fall, I held some amazing fall mini sessions both on Galveston Beach and at Rice University. It was an amazing time capturing these growing families, some of who I have been capturing for a few years. One family was there when I first started, and have continued to be so fun to capture through the years. These fall mini sessions are some of my favorites, and I think going forward Rice University will be the home of these sessions, as it gives us so many different locations for gorgeous pictures. Plus that architecture! So buckle in gentle readers, as I show off these beautiful families!

The Maass Family

I have known Jennifer for years now–since I basically moved to Houston. We were store managers together! We have been talking for forever about me capturing her family, and we finally did it! Her girls are growing up so quickly, turning into young women. There is so much love and frivolity in this family, I feel like you can feel it in every image!

fall mini sessions (more…)

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How To Implement a Snapchat Filter For Your Wedding

snapchat filterSnapchat filters are currently the only social media tool that allows you to share images with a customized filter. I honestly would love to see Instagram create a way for us to do this with them as well, but as of right now it’s not a thing. The good news is that you can always take that Snapchat picture with the filter and upload it to Instagram stories!! But I am getting off topic!

How to Design a Snapchat Filter

There are three ways to go about this, if you want to know the truth! The most work is making our own from scratch with Photoshop. So let’s start there with some pointers!! You will obviously want to have the background transparent so you can see the images you are taking pictures of! Other need to know tips: the filter size should be 1080 x 2340 pixels, 300KB or less in size and saved as a PNG file. Personally, since I love Harry Potter and the Avengers are my jam right now, if I were to design something myself, it would need to be personalized through Photoshop or do plan B which is:

Finding someone to design the filter for me. There are a lot of places online that offer this service and they do a pretty great job. I have seen pricing ranging from $20 to $50+ depending on what you want done. I have been on Etsy and few other places and it truly depends on what you want. You can even google “custom Snapchat filter” and it all comes up. Now a lot of what I saw was typically generic, but when I got specific I found some aka-mazing filters!! Let’s ogle exhibit A and then exhibit B, both are super fun and totally perfect for a wedding that has Harry Potter or Star Wars as its theme!

snapchat filter (more…)

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Texas Wedding Photographer | Crystal & Kenneth: A Bell Tower on 34th Wedding

Crystal and Kenneth had such a fun, rockin’ yet romantic wedding!  I loved being able to be there for this Bell Tower on 34th wedding – from their unique details to an amazing group of people, I had SO much fun! I was lucky that Crystal brought some of their gorgeous details – from the garter belt and stunning jewelry to the invitation and her gorgeous wedding gown! Of course Kenneth couldn’t be left out, his boutonniere was made of herbs, the grooms cake was a pig sectioned off with the different cuts of meat, a nod to him being a bad-ass chef! P.S. that grooms cake also had bacon jam inside it, and it was delicious!!

Beyond the super cool details were the sweet moments – when Crystal and her bridesmaids put on her veil and got her ready to walk down the aisle. She walked down the aisle to classic rock tunes, which fit them as a couple perfectly. Naturally the traditions of throwing the bouquet and sentimental toasts were there, too. They ended the night with a dance floor that was filled a confetti send-off. The vendors involved were phenomenal – be sure to check out the list at the bottom of this post and show them some love.


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