Houston Wedding Photographer | Keeley’s Bridal Portraits

I am not going to lie, Keeley’s bridal portraits were amazing!! I love that I get to share these bridal portraits because they are so fun and beautiful! Keeley goes to the beat of her own drum, and so when we were discussing ideas for her session, things like “eating Cheetos” and “cute puppies with flower collars” were thrown around. Keeley did not disappoint, and even brought a Jack in the Box burger for her bridal portraits! And now that she and Eric are officially married, I can share these beautiful pictures.

Keeley brought her two dogs with her to the session, and frankly, they stole the show. Lily Cat, the small darker dog was precious and all about the pictures. Eleanor though, she had to be convinced with food bribes and belly rubs. I don’t know if you can tell, but Eleanor might have given us some sass in her pictures!

And although Keeley is a self-professed non-girly girl, I am going to say she rocked the soft, beautiful photos as much as her hamburger, Cheeto eating photos!

Rad Vendors:

Couch: Southern Staged

Veil: Renegade Bridal

Greenery: HEB Blooms

Keeley's bridal portraits Keeley's bridal portraits Keeley's bridal portraits (more…)

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Houston Engagement Photographer | Keeley + Eric

Keeley and I met a few years ago when I photographed her best friend Emily‘s wedding. In fact, at that wedding I remember thinking to myself “that woman is freakin hilarious! I love her vibe!”, so when she inquired about her wedding I was excited!

Turns out these two are passionate about a lot of awesome things! They love, love, love their dogs, and they wanted to include them in the engagement session. Keeley loves Harry Potter, Eric is supportive. Eric loves being a Survivalist, Keeley is supportive. They both workout and in fact Eric is a Ninja Warrior! This meant that the engagement session had a ton of things it could feature, honestly? I love what we did!


We wanted to have some cute pictures of Eric + Keeley dressed up with their pups. I love that they got adorable floral collars for the dogs. They were so well behaved! It was adorable.

Houston engagement photographer (more…)

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