How to Have a December Wedding That’s not Christmas Themed

It’s natural to make a December wedding Christmas themed, but not everyone wants one. Having grown up in Canada, land of the hearty, frozen winters, I feel uniquely qualified to have great ideas for a December wedding! And no, I am not talking about a Disney Frozen theme, although that would be…interesting.


I am in love right now with the trend of velvet and suede being popular in weddings. For a December wedding, this is the wedding where you can embrace these fabrics! Everything from velvet bridesmaid dresses to napkins and table runners, seriously do it! I would also be tempted to wrap the bridal bouquet in velvet ribbon as well, for some added drama. I mean, why not?

December wedding
Made by local designer Renegade Bridal.
December wedding
Beautiful picture by Kristen Weaver


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Texas Branding Photographer | Get it Girl Boss

When Charity reached out about branding pictures, I loved the feel of her brand and her love for Gwen Stefani! She knew exactly what she wanted, which made my job so easy. As she is a lifestyle blogger and badass Rodans + Fields consultant, a branding photographer like myself could picture what she wanted right away. Bright colors, consulting meetings, head shots and product shots were the top things she wanted.

Consulting Meeting

One of the challenges, if you are in sales, is to get good pictures of yourself in your element. Chatting with customers, handling concerns, showing off product. Charity wanted exactly this, and they turned out exactly how we saw it. She brought her best selling products, did pictures of her talking about them, as well as pictures of just herself working. The reality of being an entrepreneur is that you work a lot on your computer, in a cafe or in your home! Granted I look a lot less put together when I work at my computer.

branding photographer Houston branding photographer (more…)

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