How to Plan a Branding Session

A few weeks ago I wrote about what exactly a branding session is. Missed that one? You can find it here! Today we are going to dive into how to plan for one for you business. Knowing what you need to have captured before reaching out to a photographer is of paramount importance. One reason for this is that you, as a business owner, need to know what pictures are needed for your website, social media and print.

Truly, I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had an inquiry where the business owner didn’t know what they wanted for their photos. They assumed that the photographer, myself, would know this for them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. My role in all of this is to capture what you see in your head.

What do you Need?

In my previous blog post I went into different possible images you might need taken. To really know, you need to audit your business and see what photos are lacking and where.

  • do you need head shots for your website?
  • what about more casual images of yourself for social media?
  • do you also need pictures of yourself in action?
  • or do you sell product? do you have pictures of it? or pictures of you making it?
  • how about layflat images of your product or items that speak to your ideal client?

From this list you get a great sense of what your branding session will start to look like.branding session (more…)

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How to Have a July 4th Wedding that’s Glamorous

I don’t know about you, but when I think about a July 4th wedding, all I see are primary colors. Honestly, it feels a tad juvenile, or as my friend put it, it gives off a party store quality to it. So how do you plan a wedding around that date and glam it up a bit? You know I gotchu!!

Let’s be Subtle

With a July 4th wedding, there is the tendency to think of picnic tables decked out in primary red and blue hues with not only the plates and napkins, but also the flowers and goblets. And to that I say “whooooah, chill!”. What if you did a more elegant take and did a more jewel tone blue with pops of maroon thrown in as an accent color? Also, it would be beautiful to have old china with a blue or red pattern on them as part of the table setting.

July 4th wedding

How to Have a July 4th Wedding that's Glamorous
Photos by Aaron and Jillian


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Houston Mini Session Photographer | Fall Minis

Fall minis last year were at one of my favorite spots in Houston: Rice University! Today I am highlighting three of the families who I captured. We explored different areas of Rice, but got pictures in the lovely corridors as well. I love how Rice gives you so many beautiful places to take pictures, it really makes my job so easy!

The Gills

I love this family! I captured them two years ago in a park session that was loads of fun! The parents are both very active and laid back, so we wanted to make this session a reflection of that. We kept it fun and light hearted! Plus Kendall and Jeremy have this amazing chemistry, so we had to get some photos of them making out a little. And to cap off the session, we had to do a group jump, it’s always so fun!

Houston-Mini-Session-Photographer-Fall-Minis Houston-Mini-Session-Photographer-Fall-Minis (more…)

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What *is* Branding Photography?

Branding photography, I have found, can be a mystery to people on what it truly is and what it accomplishes. It’s also known as ‘personal brand photography’, ‘storytelling brand photography’ and ‘commercial photography’. If this is throwing you a little bit, let’s dig into why all of these names are acceptable for this kind of session.

branding photography (more…)

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Two Badass Wedding Venues in Houston

These two badass wedding venues in Houston are very different from each other, like in my previous blog. I love featuring venues that are totally different, so you get a good idea as to the variety across Houston. Both of these venues have a totally different feel, one in the downtown area and the other in College Station. I love them both for completely different reasons!

Peach Creek Ranch

Peach Creek Ranch is located in College Station, so it is a bit of a drive from Houston. But honestly, it’s worth the drive. It is a barn-style venue that has a ton of awesome amenities. My personal favorite is that there is a cottage for both the bride and the groom to get ready in. A lot of times, unless you are in a hotel, the groom gets the sloppy seconds when it comes to getting ready. I love that there is a designated space for him and that it is really nice. It makes it easy to capture pictures in that kind of atmosphere.

I also love the waterfront ceremony area that can be decorated in different ways, for different vibes. It’s a big space that can hold up to 275 seated people, which is great for big weddings. From my experience there, it has never felt overly crowded, regardless of the quantity of people invited. Also, the chandeliers in the barn are freakin gorgeous and make first dances look elegant AF. If a barn venue is your jam, you seriously need to consider this place!!

Two badass Wedding Venues in Houston Two badass Wedding Venues in Houston (more…)

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