Two Amazingly Talented Florists in Houston

When you think of wedding pictures, flowers come to mind pretty fast! In fact they are the one thing I would have changed from my wedding day if I could. I say this now as someone who has captured and attended a lot of weddings and can see the difference wedding flowers make to an overall wedding aesthetic. So today’s blog post is going to showcase some amazingly talented florists in Houston who I love!

As much as I love capturing the big moments on a wedding day, I am also obsessed with the details that make it uniquely you. A HUGE part of the details are the wedding flowers, so you want to make sure you go with a wedding florist that gets you and your style. After all, flowers can help seal the deal on the vibe that you’re going for! An example is if you are going for a romantic vibe, roses and peonies work really well for that. If you’re thinking more of a boho vibe, then garden roses, eucalyptus and dahlias fit that vibe.

So who in Houston is talented and makes my floral loving heart skip a beat?? Let’s dig in!

Two Talented Florists in Houston

College Park Flowers

I was introduced to College Park Flowers when I was covering an event at the Houston Event Venue. They had installations of flowers around the entire space, and it was creative and gorgeous! One of my favorite installations is pictured below. It’s a bit boho, a bit modern and all around gorgeous!! As a houston wedding photographer who sees a lot of beautiful wedding flowers, this installation made my heart skip a beat.

Amie, the owner, is also really nice and takes the vision you have and then takes it to the next level! All of my Christmas and Spring Mini’s included her flowers and the arch/couch. When we were discussing my vision she confirmed what I wanted and then suggested things I had never thought about. And when the flowers and rentals were delivered, she was way above what I had envisioned, I was blown away. I know that from my personal experience with her, she will exceed my couple’s expectations as well, because that’s just who she flowers at the Houston Event Rental in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography Bougie Christmas portraits in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography (more…)

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Top 5 Places in Houston to Geek out at Over your Engagement!

Huzzah!! You just got engaged and you want to paint the town red! But just not any place will do, you want to celebrate somewhere special, somewhere that understands your geeky soul. That’s where I come in!! I made this list of top 5 places in Houston to geek out at as I discovered each one. I wanted to geek out at after getting engaged in 2010 too, when I got engaged!

These are great spots for going with your betrothed or a group of friends and family. Basically anyone in your life who understands or geeky ways and loves it.

Top 5 Places in Houston to Geek out at:

The Hobbit Cafe

This place is a little slice of Hobbit Heaven. It’s the perfect place to geek out over getting engaged with your nearest and dearest. They have signs up all over the venue that have Gandalf, Samwise, Frodo and more to make you feel at home. Their sandwich menu has items named after different characters from the movies, and honestly it makes them seem even more enticing. The drinks come out in Hobbit themed glasses, it’s honestly a themed treat! There’s plenty of space for your gang, the food and drink are amazing, you just can’t go wrong here! My personal favorite it the fish tacos, they are so good!! Oh and they have loads of beers here, you’ll never be wanting for something new or different.nerdy restaurant in Houston Texas by wedding photographer Swish and Clicknerdy restaurant in Houston Texas by wedding photographer Swish and Click (more…)

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Houston Arboretum Wedding Photographer | Megan + Preston

I don’t know if you know this, but I am low-key obsessed with the Houston Arboretum. In fact I like to think of myself as the Houston Arboretum wedding photographer simply because of my obsession. I have liked this place long before capturing this wedding, but after, wooooboy! I am obsessed. But enough about me. This blog post is all about the fun, fabulous and gorgeous Megan + Preston!!

These two are self confessed non-traditional when it comes to their wedding. Their favorite things to do together are drink at local breweries, hike and love on their animals! So when it came to planning their wedding, they first wanted to just elope. But then they decided to have a small wedding at the Houston Arboretum and a killer reception at St. Arnold’s Brewery.

Getting Ready at the Sam Houston Hotel

Since the Arboretum doesn’t have a getting ready space for weddings, Megan and Preston got rooms at The Sam Houston Hotel. This hotel is super fun, has a gorgeous banquet hall {where the first look happened} and lots of great light in their rooms. As a wedding photographer, the rooms and light made my heart happy.

Throughout this entire process delicious champagne was sipped and hearty toasts made!

bride gets ready at Sam Houston Hotel in Houston Texas by wedding photographer Swish and Clickwedding details at Sam Houston Hotel in Houston Texas by wedding photographer Swish and Click (more…)

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Two Magical Wedding Venues in Houston

These two magical wedding venues in Houston are fantastic places for couples to get married at. They both have dedicated owners and staff which helps make a wedding run smoothly. I also love how they are both totally different, but magical in their own way! Like my previous post, one of them is located near downtown Houston, and the other is a plantation style venue on the outskirts of Houston. I love both styles, and honestly if I were getting married I would have a hard time deciding which wedding venue in Houston I would pick.

Ashton Gardens

Ashton Gardens has two wedding venues in Houston, one on the north side, one on the west side. Both wedding venues have getting ready rooms for the couple, a gorgeous chapel to get married in and stunning ballrooms! As like in other wedding venues, I have a huge crush on the chandeliers in their ballrooms. And their chapel has floor to ceiling glass windows, making ceremony photos gorgeous. I have a special love for the ballroom at the north location because of all the windows there. They are floor to ceiling, and wrap around the space. It gets flooded with so much natural light, and makes my wedding photographer heart happy!!

As for its size, both wedding venues have space for 400 people. With at least ten pews on each side of the chapel, there is plenty of seating. Some for the ballroom, all of the weddings I have captured at both locations, have had over 12 tables, seating 10 people per table. They also have a 5-star chef on staff at both locations, and I have loved all the food I have had from them. Seriously! I have never had a bad experience at either magical wedding venues in Houston and get excited when I see a wedding inquiry from a couple and they have booked this wedding venue!

Two Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston (more…)

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