Two Awesome Wedding Gown Shops in Houston

There are so many gown shops in and around Houston! And each of them carry a unique assortment of gowns, which is great, but can also be overwhelming. I don’t know about you, but when I got engaged I had no idea what wedding gown designers were out there, nor did I have a preference for a specific design. Thankfully these two awesome wedding gown shops in Houston have it all covered! They have a huge array of designers, as well as gown designs. And they both have gowns that can come in plus sizing, which I think is important to feature.

So let’s dig into these two gown shops!

Modern Affinity Bridal

The newest gown shop in Houston is Modern Affinity Bridal! It isn’t technically open yet, but they are almost there. This gown shop is located in League City, and offers an impressive amount of gowns and designers. The really cool thing about this shop is that they are an inclusive shop, not just in sizing for the gowns {which they are}, but are LBGTQ+ friendly. In fact friendly doesn’t capture how supportive this shop is to LGBTQ+ people, it’s part of their core mission and values to be a home for them! Which I think is awesome. As well as being welcoming, they have a huuuuuge selection of gowns, that are freakin stunning. The owner Hayley has made a point to pick out a wide variety of gowns, ranging from ballgowns to mermaid style gowns. I am seriously excited for their grand opening and can’t wait to be there to support them!Houston wedding photographer (more…)

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Elegant Austin Wedding | Megan + Amedeo

When Megan and Amedeo were describing to me their wedding, I knew it was going to be a wildly elegant Austin wedding! They rented this amazing house in Marble Falls, and hosted their closest friends and family. It was a sprawling huge home, with an infinity pool that overlooked the lake. The pictures don’t even do it justice!

Getting Ready

Megan got ready in the master bedroom of the house, with hair and makeup happening in the bathroom. Her wedding gown was delivered that morning, and was hanging, ready for us to capture. Megan was sipping on wine, enjoying the music and being pampered, surrounded by her favorite people! There was an air of happiness and excitement as she was getting ready!

Amedeo was downstairs relaxing, playing on the piano when I found him. As the caterer, planner and guests worked around him, he played away! It was awesome to see him be this sea of calm around the chaos! Once it was time to get ready, Amedeo got ready in a different room than Megan and we took him outside for some photos of himself with an Alfa Romeo car he rented {and looooved}. It’s an Italian car company, so it totally fit!wedding venuewedding details (more…)

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5 Important Wedding Gown Shopping Tips

There are a ton of tips for wedding gown shopping, and there can be conflicting information regarding this as well. I don’t know if you know this, but I worked with Olivia’s Bridal house for over a year for their branding photos, and after seeing fittings in their shop, I can tell you, these tips work. So let’s dig into 5 important wedding gown shopping tips.

1. Schedule your appointment.

Wedding gown shopping isn’t like shopping for everyday wear. You definitely need someone to help you find gowns, not only in your size, but in styles that are flattering on you. If you show up to a gown shop without an appointment, you might get turned away because they don’t have enough hands on deck to accommodate you. A lot of gown shops I know also book several weeks in advance, especially on weekends. So if you know a gown place you really want to shop at, take the minute or two it takes, and make the appointment. You will be way less stressed during the appointment, and the customer service will be awesome!wedding gown shopping (more…)

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Fun, Romantic Houston Engagement Session | Aubrey + Sean

When I met Aubrey and Sean, I knew that we were going to have the best time capturing their engagements session. I was beyond right!! This engagement session was equal parts fun and romantic, as we strolled the Houston Arboretum. These two are so passionate about each other that the session basically captured itself. They fall into each other and needed almost no direction. In between sets? We would crack jokes and laugh. It was seriously such a fun, romantic Houston engagement session!

Aubrey + Sean

These two met at the volleyball court where Aubrey lived while they were both going to A&M. Their group of friends would hang out afterwards and there was a spark, which turned into this amazing relationship! They dated for the rest of the time they went to A&M, going to football games, having date nights and everything in between. When it came to proposing, Sean wanted to do it on their 5 year anniversary. They were going out on the town for their anniversary and at the last minute Aubrey changed up Sean’s outfit–no jacket and a different pair of pants. Pants that would show a ring sized box, and with no jacket, where was he to hide the ring box? Sean got inventive, and as he told the story, I collapsed into laughter–he had to hide it down his pants!! And so throughout dinner, he is literally sitting on this box! To get it out, he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and comes back and proposes. Obviously Aubrey said yes!

I effing love how much these two are completely, passionately in love. You can see it in the easy way they joke with each other, their stolen glances and goofy antics. When I say their engagement session was effortless, I mean it. Want to make out? Sure they do! Want to be silly? Dang skippy! After this session, I am so excited for their wedding! I know we are going to have a blast!

Aubrey and Sean engagements fun romantic Houston engagement session (more…)

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Two Gorgeous Wedding Gown Shops in Houston

Wedding gown shopping can be one of the funnest times in the getting married journey. It’s also something a lot of women are nervous about because trying on clothes brings up a lot of body issues. Thankfully wedding gown shops do everything they can to make the experience a great one and the two I talk about today really knock it out of the park. So let’s get into these two gorgeous wedding gown shops in Houston!

Olivia’s Bridal House

Olivia’s Bridal House is the only wedding gown shop in Houston that caters to curvy and plus sized brides. The owner Nicole makes it a mission to carry brands that others stores don’t, so that the store’s collection is totally unique. Their gowns start at a size 14 and go up from there. As someone who is plus sized, I wish this shop had been around when I was gown shopping 9 years ago. They carry gowns from designers like WToo by Watters, Casablanca and Pantora Bridal, who create gowns that give women killer silhouettes. The amazing thing about this shop, is that it makes women with curves feel not only normal but beautiful!! If you are a size 10 or above, I highly recommend checking them out!

Olivia's Bridal House two gorgeous wedding gown shops in Houston (more…)

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Jurassic Park Themed Birthday Party!

I’m a sucker for a good themed party, whether it’s for a birthday or not. Thus, when Jennifer reached out about capturing her son’s Jurassic Park themed birthday party, I was stoked! Her son was turning 5 and loves dinosaurs {who doesn’t}, and thus a theme was born! If you don’t know Jennifer, she is the wildly talented baker behind Good Gosh Ganache. The cakes she designs are edible art. She is talented on a level that blows my mind, if I am being honest. She has made several cakes for me for birthdays and events and they all have exceeded my expectations.

Jurassic Theme

The party was held at Kid n Play in Pearland, as they have rooms for families to set up tables to host a party. Jennifer hired Kashmire Productions to design the look of the party, and it killed it. It really felt like the jungle, with touches of dinosaur eggs and plastic dinosaurs. Of course there is the cake Jennifer made, that looks like the doors to Jurassic Park on one tier, a dinosaur skeleton on the middle tier and glowing lava on the top tier. It glowed. Not to just have one dessert, there were also dinosaur skeleton cookies hidden in “dirt” that the kids could brush to find, just like archaeologists. It was smart AF! Plus, there was chocolate pudding with bones on top, and amber popsicles with mosquitoes inside. The attention to detail to the first movie was insane!

The biggest thing though? They hade Jurassic Extreme come to the party! Two raptors were at the party, mingling with the kids and parents, not eating them! It was wild!! The kids were both scared and excited about them, and they made for epic photos!

Amazing Vendors

These vendors made the magic happen! We are so lucky to have such talented people in Houston

Design by Kashmere Productions
Rentals from Little Seaters
Decor from Decor 2 Remember
Live entertainment Jurassic Extreme Houston
Balloons Infante Creations
Venue Kid n Play

So what do you think? Was this the perfect Jurassic Park themed birthday party or what?

The Set Up

dinosaur birthday partybirthday party Houston (more…)

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Two Creative Calligraphers in Houston

When I was a kid I taught myself how to write calligraphy. It was the start of my obsession with pens, especially cool ones! But I am nowhere close to being as talented as the women I have met in Houston who do it. The thing I love about weddings and calligraphy is that you can have a myriad of things done for it! Wedding invitation envelopes? Gorgeous! Seating chart? Beautiful! Place settings? Lovely! There is also other signs you can do, like where to go for certain events, bar signs and instructions for the ceremony. These calligraphers can do it all. So who kills it here in Houston? Let’s dig in to these two creative calligraphers in Houston!

Kristen Leigh Lettering & Design

When I first started capturing weddings, I found Kristen’s calligraphy and I was totally enamored! I love her style and how she can turn anything from leaves to pumpkins into works of art. She also has input her calligraphy into a font and has digitized it. So the invitations she offers are completely unique. She also does hand painting for invitations and creates custom fabric envelope liners. One of my favorite things she offers is custom monograms and crests, she posts her work on Instagram and I am obsessed. She also has a great heart, when hurricane Harvey hit she made a mug to raise money for those affected. I bought one, and it’s still one of my favorite mugs. She’s truly one of a kind!

creative calligraphers in Houston
Lauren Galloway Photography


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Dreamy Houston Engagement Session | Megan + Amedeo

When Megan told me about her vision for her engagement session, it was all about showcasing the Houston skyline and her Vespa! And what it turned into? A dreamy Houston engagement session! I will be honest, I love Megan’s Vespa and it makes me want to own one. It’s not totally impractical for local suburb driving, right? We did a good chunk of the session at Eleanor Tinsley Park, which was perfect for the Houston skyline!

Megan + Amedeo

These two have such a passion for life together! They are the kind of couple who love experiencing *life* together. One of the things I do to get to know the couples I capture, is to send them a questionnaire to see what they love to do together. These two? They are foodies! They love cooking together and trying out different restaurants. One of their favorite dishes? Eggs benedict. And they have perfected the cooking of the eggs and the Hollandaise sauce over 17 Saturday mornings. Honestly? I feel like I need to try their dish because of that time commitment. I mean, aren’t you curious as to what ingredients they tweaked to get it just right? And considering I love eggs benedict, I feel I am the perfect candidate to try this amazing recipe.
What are some things you love doing with your significant other {if you have one}? Let me know in the comments!

Dreamy Houston Engagement Session

downtown Houston engagement session dreamy Houston engagement session (more…)

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