Cute Bluebonnet Cake Smash in Houston | Baby Dawn

Cute Bluebonnet Cake Smash in Houston | Baby Dawn

Did you know people from Texas are obsessed with bluebonnets? As a transplant from Canada, I didn’t know this until I moved to Houston and experienced the spring obsession fill my feed on Facebook. Everyone, and I mean everyone, were posting photos of themselves with these blue flowers. Looking joyous! Thus, I inquired with a coworker about what was special about these flowers. Cue a loud gasp and then a long explanation about the flowers, and Texas and how cute it was that I was Canadian. All of this comes rushing back to me every spring, when these beautiful flowers bloom. And today you get to see a cute bluebonnet cake smash session!!

Cute little Dawn turned one this spring, and I have been friends with her parents for a good few years now. After extensive scouting, we found this perfect little patch and set Dawn up in it. Dawn, like most babies, was unsure at first. Most babies are apprehensive about getting icing and cake on their hands and getting dirty. {pro tip: buy a cake in advance of the session and have them eat it with their hands, so they are used to it} Dawn was a little skeptical but as soon as she tasted the icing, it was game over!

I am excited to share that Dawn is getting a sibling this February!! Selfishly, I am hoping they will be born on my birthday ha ha

But let’s dig into this cute bluebonnet cake smash!

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How to Find the Right Baker for Your Wedding

How to Find the Right Baker for Your Wedding

Finding the right baker for your wedding can be one of the most fun things you do for your wedding. I mean, come on, it’s a lot of cake tasting!! And treats tasting! As a foodie, this was one of my favorite things about wedding planning. But you also need to be wary, as there are some vendors who aren’t as truth worthy as others. Did you hear about the Houston bakery that delivered Styrofoam cakes and then disappeared, leaving clients without a cake? Yeah, that’s sketchy! So let’s get into how to find the right baker for your wedding.

Research Pricing/Make a Budget

As with anything wedding related, it’s smart to research pricing for vendors before making a budget. If you don’t, you could be shocked during a meeting when pricing is discussed. Of course, during the research stage, not all bakers {or vendors in general} list their pricing on their website. Thankfully, there are enough vendors out there who list pricing on their site for you to get a good feel. Know that the more ornate the cake, the higher the price will be. Sugar flowers are stunning, but they also take a ton of time to make and thus increase the cost of a cake.

Once you do research, create that budget! If your fiance was anything like mine, it took a bit to get him to understand the price, and that it shouldn’t be $300 for a 3 tier cake to feed 100 people. As a rule of thumb, I would add some wiggle room in the budget just in case you find a baker you love who is slightly above your budget.delicious wedding cake (more…)

Two Epic Bakers in Houston

Two Epic Bakers in Houston

I love baking. I grew up baking with my mom. Every Sunday we would bake cookies and muffins together, sometimes cakes if it was a birthday. She had all these cookie recipes written out on cards, a lot of recipes passed down from her mom’s mom. My favorites were the peanut butter cookies and the oatmeal cookies. At Christmas we would make recipes my mom made as a little girl. All of this is to say that I have a soft spot in my heart for bakers. I love trying the different flavors of their cakes and how creative they get with decorating them. Hence why I am writing this blog post about two epic bakers in Houston!

The two bakers below are amazing. Their cakes, their decorating, everything! They kill it! I have referred many a happy couple to them, and I always look forward to capturing and eating their cakes on the wedding day.

Wink by Erica

I met Wink by Erica through a styled shoot, but before that I was obsessed with her work thanks to social media. Erica is so stinkin talented with being creative with treats. Initially I was obsessed with her donuts, but that was just because I hadn’t tried her cake flavors. As a foodie, the flavors chocolate espresso, white chocolate raspberry and whisky chocolate are divine. The thing I love most about her treats is how colorful and whimsical they are. She is always trying new things, new shapes, and loves animals, so they show up in her work a lot. Take a peak at her work below!epic bakers in houston (more…)

Define + Design’s Strategic Branding Session

Define + Design’s Strategic Branding Session

When I first started talking with Melissa and Julia from Define + Design, it was apparent that they had a clear vision for their branding photos. In fact they are one of the most organized clients I have worked with! Their organization and clear vision means they had a super strategic branding session. So what was their vision? Let’s dig in!

Their Vision

Melissa and Julia wanted photos that showed off their sense of humor, their friendship story and their business story. Important things to be in their photos, besides themselves were donuts, coffee, tea and their kids toys. Since their ideal client is a working mom, having elements of their children in the photos was important to them. On top of that, they wanted images of themselves working at a desk, on their laptops, deep in discussion, one the phone, and desktop flat lay images. Their brand colors are teal and purple, so I advised them to not only have items on their desk photos in those colors, but to also have their clothing have some of those colors. Having a clear vision was a huge element in making this a strategic branding session.

What they do

Define + Design work with small businesses and help them define their brand in a way that resonates with who they are and what they do. They work with small businesses on their branding, web design, content strategy and social media strategy. With a background in writing, communication, coaching and consulting, these women have been helping people leverage their strengths for years. Now they are doing it on their own terms!

I think when you see the photos, you will see how their vision turned to life. A good strategy helps turn images into branding magic!


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