4 Reasons to Get a Second Photographer for Your Wedding

4 reasons to hire a second photographer on your wedding daySecond Photographer?

On your wedding day, a ton is happening. You have hired a ton of people to help you throw the best party of your life. There are a lot of wheels in motion and time is passing at near warp speed. As the day unfolds it is normal for something to fall behind, go awry or generally be a fly in the ointment. Sometimes hair and makeup takes much longer than anticipated. Flowers are late. A bridal party member is missing. It happens. Some of these events delay your photographer, and thus they fall behind with you. Thus leading to why you should want to get a photography package with a second photographer included in it.

Schedule Craziness

As I mentioned above, there is a high chance your schedule will not go according to plan on your wedding day. This can throw scheduled picture taking time out the window. Having a second photographer to work specifically with the men, to get group and individual shots helps alleviate the time crunch with the main photographer. The same can be said for after the ceremony, while the main photographer is photographing the couple and the entire wedding party, the second photographer can be taking pictures of guests having a drink, details of the reception table, dessert table, etc. That extra person means extra amazing images!

Second Pair of Eyes

The second photographer is also your best friend when it comes to getting documentary-style images. While the main photographer is getting the safe image, the second photographer is in the wings, getting reactions or doing something stylistically different. It means your day will be captured with a richness you normally wouldn’t get. While the main photographer is capturing you dancing with your parent, the second photographer is capturing your new spouse or sibling getting emotional as you dance. Emotions are fleeting, as are moments, and having a second person there to catch that moment is tremendously important.Houston wedding photographer



You spent a lot of money on your cake! Your invitations! Your shoes, jewelry, rings etc! The food, the linens and place settings! Maybe you have a signature drink at your wedding or a popsicle cart for your reception. You spent a lot of time and money on the small details of your wedding day. As mentioned earlier, sometimes the main photographer falls behind with you on important moments like the wedding party and family photos after the ceremony. This is the perfect time for a second photographer to get into the reception space and snap pictures of all the details. That isn’t to say the main photographer won’t capture the details, but it means different perspectives of the details, which only makes your wedding day images richer.Bella Belle wedding shoes



This one is close to my heart. My main reason for having a second photographer in all of my wedding packages is because I want them to get the emotion from the important people in your life. During the ceremony the main photographer is at the beginning of the aisle snapping away at your gorgeous wedding party. The second photographer? They are at the side, getting pictures of your family and the groom. I have ample groom crying pictures thanks to being a second photographer, and they might be my favorite images. I also have pictures of your mom crying as you dance with your new spouse. The emotion on a wedding day is very important to me to capture! It becomes real to your parents that you are truly grown up on this day. That you are starting a new family. Your grandparents are reveling in the fact that they get to see you so happy. Having that second camera there, snapping these important emotions is part of the reason why I love what I do.bride and groom Houston


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