5 Killer Tips on Finding a Great Engagement Ring

Engagement season is officially afoot! Did you know that 19% of proposals happen in December? And that from November to February almost 40% of couples get engaged? That means that if you are waiting to get engaged and you know it’s coming, that your partner might have bought your ring already. And if they haven’t, this post on 5 killer tips on finding a great engagement ring is for them!

Set a Budget

I remember as a kid the commercials that said the person proposing saved two months of salary for the ring. And honestly? I think that theory is a bit passe in 2019. The average amount people spent in 2018 was $5,900 in the USA. But you know what I say? Averages don’t mean squat! What you should do is talk with each other and set a budget that you two can afford and look for a ring that can fit within said budget. I think Robert and I spent half that when we got engaged 9 years ago.5-Killer-Tips-on-Finding-a-Great-Engagement-Ring

Take Taste in Consideration.

While some people want to be surprised at their proposal, others want to have a say in the look and feel of the ring. I recommend going ring shopping together or at minimum looking at rings online. There are a lot of ring cuts, metals to choose from, and of course the stone setting. I found that shopping in person helped me visualize the ring on my finger, as different cuts looked differently on my shorter, chubbier fingers. And since everyone has different fingers and a different style, trying rings on in person really helps.Houston weddings

Always Diamonds?

I know diamonds are the most popular, but it’s 2019!! This is the time when you can personalize every step of your wedding and no one will think anything of it. I recently captured an engagement session where the ring wasn’t a diamond. And it was beautiful and personal! There are a myriad of different stones you can put into a ring. Some favorites? Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are up there. One thing to consider is the stone’s durability if you are opting to veer from getting a diamond. If you are investing a good chunk of money into the ring, you want it to last.Houston wedding photographer

What About the Metal?

There are two popular metals for rings, platinum and gold. And both are durable and attractive! When Robert and I were discussing rings, I knew I wanted platinum because I don’t wear gold. When I was a teenager/early 20’s gold wasn’t very popular, so I only wore silver jewelry. It’s actually only been in the last 3 or 4 years that I have slowly started to wear gold again! Beside the gold or platinum debate, there’s also rose gold, but honestly? I find it to be a passing fad, and it would be smarter to stick with gold or platinum. In fact, at a lot of weddings, I am seeing rose gold and copper less and less because they are fading in popularity.5-Killer-Tips-on-Finding-a-Great-Engagement-Ring

Cut cut cut

This to me, is the most important. It’s the part where shopping for the ring can be the most overwhelming. Right now the popular cuts are halo rings, oval cuts, pave cuts and antique rings. Gone are the days when a princess cut was the thing. Now it is all about personalization! I can tell you, from all the weddings I have been capturing, the main cuts I am seeing are halo or oval. Oval rings combine the elegance of an emerald cut shape with the a round diamond look. It also kinds of reminds me of Bella Swan’s engagement ring, but way less ostentatious.

And the halo ring is by far the most popular setting I have seen. It has a unique design where small diamonds encircle a larger center stone as if they are floating. A lot of the halo rings I am seeing are either oval or round. Some of the center stones aren’t diamonds, which makes the ring look even more unique! I encourage you to go with your significant other to look and try on all the different ring cuts. You never know what setting you will love the best!

So now that you have these tips, where’s your head at? Are you ready to start looking at rings on the interwebz? Or are you a more in-person type? Are you set on a diamond or are you thinking of something else? Let me know is my 5 killer tips on finding a great engagement ring was helpful!

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