5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew

Can I be honest for a hot second? When I was getting married hair and makeup intimidated me. Which means I put off finding the right team to hire. Thankfully everything turned out great, but it could have been a hot mess. Since joining the wedding world I feel like my relationship with makeup and hair is very different. Which is why I feel comfortable talking to clients about these things. After chatting with a few hair and makeup frands, this blog is diving into 5 things wedding hair and makeup artists wish you knew.

1. Trial Runs are Very Important

This feels obvious, but you would be surprised the amount of women who forego the trial run. It’s the one opportunity the hair and makeup artist has in understanding as well as executing the look and feel you want for your wedding day. It’s like when couples decide not to do an engagement session. When you go in cold to a wedding, there is a higher chance of there being miscommunication and having the look you want not work out. A trial run gives you the ability to try things out and work with the artist on the best look for you on your wedding day. Plus, if you get a bridal session with your photographer, you can pair the trial run with this session, which is a huge win!! So in close, do a trial run!! For reals!5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knewhair and makeup in Houston

2. Hair up or Down?

When I was getting married I had a long bob as my haircut, but I didn’t want that as my ‘look’ on my wedding day. I knew I look amazing in an updo look, so I basically challenged my artist to make me look like I had one. And you know what? He effing rocked it!! Updos are great for those who know their hair may fall flat if it is loose and down, like me with my super straight hair. But a casual curl is one of the most loved styles for brides because they feel like themselves and not overdone. The thing I am loving these days? A low bun with a few pieces pulled out with that casual curl. It’s soft and romantic looking! In the end, when deciding whether you want your hair up or down, it’s important to choose a look that fits with your overall wedding style.wedding updo Houston

3. Be Honest With the Artist

You’ve had your hair and makeup trial and there are a few things you don’t love. It happens! Sometimes a look you see on Instagram doesn’t translate well on you. Or maybe the artist went to heavy on a certain shade on your eyes. Maybe you feel like the foundation color they used makes you look unlike yourself. I know and understand that it is easier to ghost an artist instead of bringing up your concerns, but let’s break this habit, ok? Speak UP!!! Tell the artist where you felt things went awry and give them a chance to fix it. If they don’t know what is wrong, how will they know? It’s only fair to give them a chance to fix it. So pinky swear with me today that you will be an awesome client, and will give the feedback to the artist if you want something to be different. You got this!5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew

4. What if You Prefer a Natural Look?

I know I talked about this at the beginning of the blog, but I was definitely not comfortable with a heavy look for my wedding day makeup. I wanted something that would look good on camera but be more natural. Did I know what would like? Absolutely not. Here’s the thing, if you wear very little makeup on a daily basis, having enough makeup on you on your wedding day to show up might on camera will feel like a lot. And you might be inclined to ask for less. As someone who used to be in your shoes, here is something I hear all the time from my artist friends: less overall makeup will wear off faster on your wedding day. Especially if you live in the south and it is hot as balls!! Instead, communicate with the artist how you feel, what your normal day-to-day looks like and be open to what will last and look good in photos for several hours on your wedding day. Who knows, you might end up loving the look!Houston wedding photographer Swish and Click Photography

5. Trust the Artist

This last one is the most important. You spent time and effort looking for a great hair and makeup artist. You jive well with them and you love their portfolio of work. Awesome!! Let’s say during your trial run or general communication your artist presents an idea you’re on the fence about. Hair and makeup artists work with a lot of different face and hair types, so when they give you feedback or an idea, I would trust them on it. They might have an idea you never thought of that will take your wedding look to the next level! I would trust them and see how it works out. A ton of my hair and makeup artist friends tell me a lot that when a client trusts them it makes a world of difference!5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew

Do any of these things surprise you? Would you add anything to this list? Thanks for reading the 5 things wedding hair and makeup artists wish you knew!!

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5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew

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