5 Unexpected Tips on Wedding Invitations

5 Unexpected Tips on Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations seem straight forward right? You pick the theme for your wedding, the colors and the rest is easy right? Well, if you’re like me at all, sometimes you overthink things, or are indecisive. I don’t even know how I chose my wedding invitations because I am completely indecisive. To help all you amazing couples, here are 5 unexpected tips on wedding invitations.

Ask a Fun/Nerdy Question

In your invitation you will be asking if they are coming, possibly their food choice from the menu, so why not personalize it and add a fun question? Some people ask for song requests, but you can also do a poll about late night snack options. If you are having a nerdy theme, you could ask if they are a Jedi or a Sith. What house they are in for Harry Potter. What Marvel hero is their favorite. Their favorite football team. This goes on! So don’t be afraid to add some personality to your invitations and make it an immersive for your guests!Harry Potter wedding invitations

Proof Read like your Life Depends on it!

Ok more practical, but this one is important!! Proof read, proof read, proof read! Give it to family. Friends. And then re-read it again. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of invitations I have received with a word or name spelled wrong or words in the wrong order by accident. So take some extra time before sending them to print. You will thank me for suggesting it!

Mark the Back of RSVP’s in case Someone Doesn’t put their Name on it

This tip I found after I got married, but it is genius!! Say someone forgets to fill out their name and respond YES. How do you know who they are? If you number the back of each RSVP and have the numbers assigned to a different invitee, then you know has responded! It might be a bit of a tedious task to do, but it is worth the effort. Just gather a friend or two to help number them, feed the some wine/beer, and put on a movie! Quality time and a tedious task tackled!destination wedding photographer

Send out Destination Save the Dates out a Year in Advance

If a wedding is in your country you don’t need to send out Save the Dates until 9 or 8 months before the wedding. But if you are going somewhere further away, like Italy or Mexico, you need to give people the heads up early. They need to save money and book tickets early on, and there are more moving parts to a destination wedding. So send those Save the Dates early, and get those close to you mentally prepared!

Don’t Murder the People who don’t RSVP on time

In this ghosting world, it’s so infuriating when people don’t RSVP! If the ones you love are tardy on sending in their reply, try not to kill them. One, you might go to jail. And that gets you a record, and it gets messy…but for real! Call those ghosting beotches, or sick an angry relative on them. I know my mom got a little scary when certain people didn’t RSVP on time for my wedding. So grab a glass of your favorite drink and tackle these people in the most non-violent way you can 😉

5 Unexpected Tips on Wedding Invitations

It was fun sharing these 5 unexpected tips on wedding invitations, I hope you come back for some more fun advice in the future!

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