Hi, I’m Christine!

Possibly the Brightest Photographer of her time!

Christine Wright of Swish and Click Photography laughing in front of a heart balloon wall, is Houston's premier Harry Potter wedding photographer

Meet Christine

Self-Proclaimed Nerd + Photographer

If you’re new around here, here are some fast facts about me:

– I have a vibrant and energetic personality and laugh, and it’s infectious!

– I am a great listener

– I am a super nerd who enables all my clients to dream bigger than they possibly could have imagined!

– I have dubbed myself the premier Harry Potter wedding photographer in Houston! Have you seen my Ravenclaw and Slytherin inspired weddings?

Kind Words

“In a sea of beautiful wedding photos and endless options for wedding photographers, Christine immediately stood out to me with her love of all things nerdy and her sparkling (get it, because she likes sparkly things) personality. I first met Christine over Skype, as I was finishing up grad school in Boston at the time while my then-fiancé started a job in Houston. From our very first meeting, I could tell we were going to hit it off.

Christine went above and beyond from the start, with a welcome gift and some great recommendations for other vendors. Not only did she embrace our dinosaur themed wedding wholeheartedly, she also had the great idea to do part of our engagement shoots with dino masks on, which led to some of my favorite pictures! Throughout the months leading up to our wedding, she was always super responsive to any questions and concerns I had. I generally don’t like getting photographed, but she made the whole process not only painless, but even fun! She captured our day perfectly, including some true gems of our friends dancing at the reception.

If you’re looking for someone that will run with your quirks, make you laugh throughout your photo sessions, and take some truly beautiful photos of you, I can’t recommend Christine enough!” 

~ Erin + Carter Spires

More About Christine

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away I was a retail manager who – while great at her job – was just a little lost. I could hit sales goals, manage my staff, execute all the items on my to-do list but everyday I felt like my creative soul was being stifled. I wanted more. I just didn’t know what that more was. Then my husband surprised me with a fancy pants camera and when I looked through that lens I fell in love …
well the rest we can say, is history. I took my camera everywhere. I photographed everything, experimenting and capturing everything and everyone around me. The pictures I could take, the moments I could capture – well they set my soul on fire. I loved photography. At my gym where I worked out, I photographed the cross fit athletes and caught the intensity of emotions as they pushed towards their goals. Out with my friends, I captured moments of hilarity, poignant emotion and shared bonds. It was amazing and I felt like I was being reawakened. Like this – this was what I was meant to do. One girl in all the world who was chosen … errr sorry, wrong story. But you get what I mean. Telling stories, capturing the raw emotion, capturing those moments was what I was meant to do. And that passion, that innate love for capturing those elements is the essence of what I bring to each client I work with. Weddings, families … I love capturing your stories – those amazing moments – so that you can remember them for a lifetime.

Christine Wright of Swish and Click Photography capturing one of her Harry Potter weddings in Houston TX
Christine Wright of Swish and Click Photography laughing in front of a heart balloon wall, is Houston's premier Harry Potter wedding photographer


When it comes to photography, I passionately believe they should represent who you are and tell your unique story. You aren’t like everyone else, so why shouldn’t your photographs represent who you really are? I love celebrating you: quirky, fun, nerdy, amazing YOU. So bring me your wild ideas, show me who you really are and what you love and let’s collaborate on how we can bring that to life. Throughout the process I will give you great tips, resources and help so that we can attain your unique vision. Our sessions will be fun, down-to-earth with lots of Office quotes to get laughter flowing and creativity sparking. No awkwardness, just time spent with someone who gets you. I love building that connection with my clients – over shared loves for pets, Harry Potter, movies and more – and creating friendships that last.

I feel so incredibly grateful to have found this amazing career – one that allows me to stoke that creative spark in my soul and to work with amazing people. I never imagined that the gift my husband gave me would transform into this awesome career and allow me to photograph moments that have been featured in People, PopSugar, Scary Mommy, APlus and even Cosmo! When I first picked up my camera I never imagined I would achieve any of those milestones and I certainly never dreamed that I would be named by NACE as the Rookie of the Year. 

If it feels like I am the Scully to your Mulder, you need to inquire with me right meow! 

Christine Wright of Swish and Click Photography photographing one of her Harry Potter weddings in Pearland TX

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