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Meet Christine

Self-Proclaimed Nerd + Photographer

I grew up in a family where we were constantly photographed by my father. He would print the pictures and create beautiful scrapbooks. I would sit down with them all the time as a child and enjoy seeing the specialness in our everyday lives. I love that my job now is to provide these memories to my clients.

When you meet me, you figure out quickly that I am ridiculous! No really, I am outgoing, exuberant, an effing ray of sunshine! I am going to make you laugh whether you want to or not. My laugh, which is a wild cackle, makes everyone within 10 miles laugh {seriously, it’s loud but jovial!}. When you combine that with my extensive knowledge base on all things superhero, Harry Potter, and anything else nerdy, you are asking yourself where I have been all your life! I have dressed up for movie premiers, I own Harry Potter wands, went to Harry Potter World on my honeymoon, and I love the Avengers, but specifically Captain America.

I love connecting with people, coming up with ideas and getting creative. Then brainstorming with you before your session, to actually photographing it, seeing the images on the back of the camera and getting goosebumps.  All of this creates a passion for your project and the pictures are a by product of this passion.

Are you excited as you read this, and have ideas sprouting from your brain for your session or wedding yet? If you think I am your spirit animal we need to connect right now! Fill out the inquiry form and meet for coffee and plan the rest of our lives together!

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