Adding Dorky Details to Your Wedding

Are you planning your wedding and want to add details that are unique to you and your honey…and you might be a bit of a dork? Do you share a love for Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, comics or Minecraft? I am too. Ok maybe not all of that, but I did meet my husband because of our shared passion for Survivor, and we grew to love Harry Potter together.

A popular thing to do these days is to incorporate a theme into your wedding in a tasteful, yet uniquely you way. I was recently at a wedding where my friend incorporated both Harry Potter and Star Wars into it–they even had a Storm Trooper at their wedding and guests were encouraged to bring both wands and light sabers. We battled on the dance floor, and some of my favorite pictures were of the father of the groom casting spells with the wand for the camera.

Here are some ideas for you to use to personalize or dorkify your wedding:

  1. Invitations. Oh my goooodnesssss people! The invites I am seeing on Etsy are so creative and amazing!! One of my favorites is a Star Trek one, where the reply card uses the verbiage “Make it So” and on the invitation part it says “The Voyage Begins”. Be still my dorky heart!!! I think my husband would love this Harry Potter invitation though, since he loves Umbridge. Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer
  2. Cake Toppers. There are an endless amount of things you can do to the top of your cake to make it a little dorky! So I am not a Doctor Who aficionado but I love this cake topper! It’s a great mix of dork with classy in my opinion. And there are endless ones in Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars, I don’t even know what is my favorite! I don’t know/remember if Etsy was around when I got married in 2011, but part of me wishes I had done a little more to add some dork to my cake. I mean, look at the mix of the movie Up and Star Wars in this topper! *dorky sigh*Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer
  3. Table Decorations. This is something that can add a ton of personality to your wedding! It can go in so many different direction. At the wedding from the summer, my friend had Harry Potter and Star Wars books on the table, but you could do anything. If you love Marvel, you could do comic books. If you love Buffy the Vampire Slayer {like me}, you could have Funko Pop! characters on the table.
  4. Flowers. You can go lots of ways with flowers, you could incorporate dorky touches into the arrangement or you could go a little more hardcore and make a bouquet out comics, like I saw here. As a photographer, I would have a ton of fun capturing that arrangement with other details–it would make the picture unique and exciting!!Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer
  5. Wedding Attire. So this is one that is tricky and could be a little too much, or if you are looking to be intense, it could be the right amount of dork. For tiny touches, it could be your cufflinks, pins in your hair, the colors of your make-up. I have to say these superhero cufflinks got me excited, I love the Avengers A! *another dorky sigh ensues* These Wonder woman hair clips would be a subtle touch to your hair, that is for sure!!

Houston, TX Wedding PhotographerHouston, TX Wedding Photographer

Now that you are inspired, what are you going to do on your wedding day that will add some flavor and dork to your wedding? I would love to hear how you are making things fun and unique on your big day. I will probably toss out other ideas and giggle with joy at what you want to do, because that is who I am!


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