Houston, TX PhotographerHold onto your knickers everyone, today is Canada Day! It is my home country’s birthday today and to celebrate I may have baked some sugar cookies and decorated them. I can confirm they are very tasty!!

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So what is Canada Day exactly? On July 1, 1867 Canada became a new federation with its own constitution by signing the Constitution Act – formerly known as the British North America Act. That is just a fancy way of saying that three provinces joined together in a country: Canada. The country grew, added more provinces and finally became independent from Britain and the crown. Although truth be told we love the Royal Family.

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To honor my amazing country, I will list my top 10 favorite famous Canadians:

10. Celine Dion: this woman gave me singing goals as a teen. That woman could reach notes I only aspired to. Even if she married someone way too old for her {let’s not lie}, she was awesome.

9. Michael J. Fox: man did I have a crush on him! After seeing Back to the Future, was I smitten! I love how he has continued with his acting career despite him developing Parkinson’s Disease. He is not only funny, but strong and an inspiration.

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8. Avril Lavigne: I know she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea {Jeff Campagna I am looking at you here}, but I have always appreciated her music. Even when it is against my will, I find myself singing along. To torture my friend Jeff, I might have even made the ringtone of my phone to her song Hot for a while.

7.  Keanu Reeves: he is on my list not because I think he is a great actor. He is on the list because he is an amazing human being. He has lived through a lot of personal tragedy, a lot of death and gives back to his community in ways that astound. You can read about him in this article.

6. Rachel McAdams: this woman is strong and beautiful. But more she breaths energy and life into every role she takes on. I was sad when she and Ryan Gosling broke up, I envisioned lots of beautiful Canadian babies for them. But most of all she is timeless as the meanest Mean Girl ever.

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5. Mike Myers: I love Saturday Night Live. Mike Myers was my bread and butter of comedy when I was a teen, we always acted out his skits, especially Coffee Talk {don’t know what that is? You are too young!!}. But then he did Waynes World and it felt like I was watching my little Canadian suburb come to life on the big screen. I also might have memorized Bohemian Rhapsody because of him.

4. Jim Carrey: I have to confess I didn’t love The Mask, but I have loved him since In Living Color. He also used to go to my high school and Biography even came to our school to interview my teachers about him while I was there.

3. Ryan Reynolds: be still my heart. Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite actors of all time. He is hilarious. He is gorgeous. He can be serious when he needs to be. He has been in some of my favorite movies of all time, including Deadpool. He seems like one of the nicest guys around and I love how he is handling the intense amount of fame he has. He makes Canada look not good, but GREAT.

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2. Lucy Maud Montgomery: this amazing woman wrote my favorite book series: Anne of Green Gables. She brought to life one of the wildest and charming heroines Anne Shirley. I grew up with these books and reread them so much I wore them out. Her last book in the Anne series inspired me to become obsessed with war history, amazingly enough!

1. Ryan Gosling: I have enjoyed him since seeing him in Murder by Numbers way back in 2002. Back then he didn’t have the hard-earned amazing body he has now. Just an cute face and charm. Fun fact: his mom used to rent movies from the Blockbuster I worked at in my 20’s. We kept hoping he might come in one day, but he never did. He earned my #1 spot because he is like a chameleon, he is able to do comedy, drama and romance without batting an eye lash. He has given me many unexpected belly laughs, I love and anticipate every movie he does.

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Who is your favorite Canadian? Is it Drake? Justin Bieber or someone I mentioned? As a side note, Canada disowned the Beebs a while ago.

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