Behind the Camera Series: My Why

As I sit on my parent’s porch I think about why I love photographing weddings and portraits. As I grow older things become clearer. In my youth I felt like I had all the time in the world and that my friends and family were going to be with me for a good long time. Therefore I could skip important moments because they would happen again. It wasn’t until one of my grandparents passed away that I started to realize how fleeting life is. It has become even more important now that I live almost three thousand miles from my family.


For my wedding, three of my grandparents were not able to be there either from passing away or being too ill to come. Therefore the one remaining grandmother who did come was a big deal. Not just for me, but for her as well. She loved Robert and was excited to see us marry. Our wedding was one of the last times we had her in a picture with the entire family, wearing her favorite coral dress. Even though she couldn’t walk at this point, it didn’t matter, she was there are and grinning in every picture.


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This is something I think about in every wedding I photograph. I make it a point to know who the family members are, and spend a little extra time with them. I love getting with the men before the ceremony and getting a generations picture. Same thing with the ladies. I especially love it when I can get the grandmother and mother helping the bride with her dress. Not only is it a beautiful picture, it is a timeless moment.

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I also look for small moments, like when the Dad sees his daughter for the first time, or when the Mom gets emotional during the ceremony. When one or both of the parents take a moment to look at and reflect on their child getting married. This is the stuff that makes me emotional and excited to be able to give to my clients.


Granted family and individual portraits are not as emotional as weddings–how can they be! But you know what? It doesn’t matter, at least to me. Recently I did Back to School mini sessions. These children are so ridiculously adorable! A good chunk are starting school, which is a big step not only for them, but for their parents. Being able to capture this moment right before their child takes their next big step is not lost on me. Therefore I try to make the session not only fun but poignant. I ask the parents to bring items that their child is into, to truly capture that moment in time for them.

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I can say the same for photographing high school seniors. This is obviously a little different and the senior market is saturated with modern, gorgeous images. When I deliver the pictures, the parents usually exclaim how much their son or daughter looks like an adult. It hits them at this moment that their child is transitioning to the next stage in life. At this point they have fought tooth and nail to help get their child where they need to be, and time passes so quickly that when they take this moment to stop and truly look at their son or daughter it hits them how old and mature their “baby” is.

One of the last pictures I have with my other grandmother is at her 90th birthday party. We didn’t hire a professional photographer {sure wish we had}, but I have one of those pictures printed and on my fridge. To me, looking at that image, I remember vividly that day, how lucid my grandmother was, and how much of a gift it was. This is why I offer both fall mini sessions and Christmas mini sessions. It is important to me to be able to capture families, not only for their Christmas card, but to preserve that moment in time. You bet your ass the family members who get that card will cherish it and keep it. I know I do!

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So get out there! Capture those moments, get in front of the camera. Pepper your walls with images. Make albums and show them off. These moments with your family are fleeting, so capture it!


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