Houston Wedding Photographer | Keeley’s Bridal Portraits

Houston Wedding Photographer | Keeley’s Bridal Portraits

I am not going to lie, Keeley’s bridal portraits were amazing!! I love that I get to share these bridal portraits because they are so fun and beautiful! Keeley goes to the beat of her own drum, and so when we were discussing ideas for her session, things like “eating Cheetos” and “cute puppies with flower collars” were thrown around. Keeley did not disappoint, and even brought a Jack in the Box burger for her bridal portraits! And now that she and Eric are officially married, I can share these beautiful pictures.

Keeley brought her two dogs with her to the session, and frankly, they stole the show. Lily Cat, the small darker dog was precious and all about the pictures. Eleanor though, she had to be convinced with food bribes and belly rubs. I don’t know if you can tell, but Eleanor might have given us some sass in her pictures!

And although Keeley is a self-professed non-girly girl, I am going to say she rocked the soft, beautiful photos as much as her hamburger, Cheeto eating photos!

Rad Vendors:

Couch: Southern Staged

Veil: Renegade Bridal

Greenery: HEB Blooms

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Houston Engagement Photographer | Keeley + Eric

Houston Engagement Photographer | Keeley + Eric

Keeley and I met a few years ago when I photographed her best friend Emily‘s wedding. In fact, at that wedding I remember thinking to myself “that woman is freakin hilarious! I love her vibe!”, so when she inquired about her wedding I was excited!

Turns out these two are passionate about a lot of awesome things! They love, love, love their dogs, and they wanted to include them in the engagement session. Keeley loves Harry Potter, Eric is supportive. Eric loves being a Survivalist, Keeley is supportive. They both workout and in fact Eric is a Ninja Warrior! This meant that the engagement session had a ton of things it could feature, honestly? I love what we did!


We wanted to have some cute pictures of Eric + Keeley dressed up with their pups. I love that they got adorable floral collars for the dogs. They were so well behaved! It was adorable.

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Harry Potter Wedding Photographer: Slytherin Inspiration

Harry Potter Wedding Photographer: Slytherin Inspiration

Why Slytherin, when you are a Hufflepuff, Christine? Great question! Obviously my loyalty is with that house, but when my friend Brianne and I were discussing which house to tackle first, we wanted to have something for the fall. And what is more Halloween than Slytherin?

We wanted to make this Slytherin wedding inspirational, to appeal to all Harry Potter fans, for them to see elements and dream to incorporate them into their own wedding day. Of course we know that the house colors are green and silver, but we decided to include more gold in there to warm it up a bit. Plus I love the look of gold with green for wedding elegance.

Stylish Elements

We wanted to play up the snake aspect of Slytherin, which our vendors loved. I mean, that cake! Come on!! Two glorious gold snakes, winding around each other. I brought my Harry Potter dining set with me, and the snakes on the Slytherin plate accented the table scape quite beautifully!

Another aspect we wanted to play up was smoke. We got lucky with the drinks, the dry ice smoked like a gangsta! But the best part? Those smoke bombs! The white one made for a moody, mildly evil atmosphere, and when paired with the drink? Perfection! The entire mood was set!!

My true hope, when couples see these images, is that they are inspired to make their Harry Potter wedding dreams come true! One of the most common areas of concern for couples is to not make their family, who may not share their passion, feel awkward. Of course the elements here are a bit over the top, but I hope things like the invitation suite, place settings and flowers help inspire them!

PopSugar & People

To top all of this off, yesterday this shoot was featured on both PopSugar and People.com! It’s wild to think how fast these pictures were embraced across the wilds of the Internet!

Rad Vendors

Venue: 5226 Elm Events
Planner: Water to Wine Events
Cake: Good Gosh Ganache
Cookies: Hello Sweeties
Chocolate Frogs: Dulcet Bake Shoppe
Florist: A’s Floral Designs
Invitations: Design by Brianne
Calligraphy: Callie Elizabeth Art
Rentals & Goblets: Southern Staged
Signature Drinks: Palace Party Beverage Co. -Mobile Bartenders
Model: Kaley Gross
Dress: Renegade Custom Made Bridal & Gala
Hair & Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty
Henna Tattoo: Paisleys & Swirls

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Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Mini Portraits Part 2

Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Mini Portraits Part 2

Christmas Mini Portraits

Who is excited for more Christmas mini portraits? This is part two, and has some super cute kiddos, a lot of silly moments and jumping on couches! Part two has some pictures of my favorite families and I am excited to share!

The Colemans

I feel like at this point everyone who follows my blog and work should be as good of friends with this family as I am! I say this every time I write about them in my blog: I photographed their wedding a few moons ago and ever since we have been in each other’s lives! Emily has been on a path lately of getting into the best shape of her life! She has been amazing to watch transform, her grit is inspiring. I love her family–her husband is goofy but kind. Her daughter is so full of energy and such a free spirit. And their newest family member? He’s so cute!!! So dig in and enjoy their cuteness!

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Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Minis Part 1

Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Minis Part 1

Christmas Minis 2017

As I launch Christmas minis for 2018, I am feeling it is time I shared Christmas minis from 2017! Like finally, am I right? 2017 was a banner year for Christmas minis, I paired with a hair and makeup artist for the first time and offered them in my new studio! And honestly? I loved being able to have sessions at a place with amazing natural light and not being at the whim of storms or blisteringly hot days. Wearing sweaters and hats on a 90 degree day don’t mix!! Enjoy the sessions below, as I feature some wonderful clients 🙂 Also, if you want to book my fall or Christmas minis for 2018 go HERE!

The Shanks

I have been capturing these lovely ladies since they were born in the NICU! And her momma and I have competed in a CrossFit competition together, and working out off and on together through the years. I love this family, Waylan has been playing his butt off playing football and the girls just had their third birthday.

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Harry Potter Wedding Photographer | Hufflepuff Inspiration

Harry Potter Wedding Photographer | Hufflepuff Inspiration

As a Harry Potter wedding photographer, I have seen and been inspired by some magical wedding ideas! As a Hufflepuff, I felt like it was time to bring the house into the spotlight, especially since the other houses seem to get the most attention {I am looking at you Gryffindor and Slytherin}. Let’s also recognize that yellow is a hard color to incorporate into a wedding look because if you go too bright you blind people. Oh and if you use too much then your wedding looks like a big sunflower.

The key to a Hufflepuff wedding is being strategic in where the yellow and black are utilized! I also feel like instead of a dark black, shades of darker grey and pewter could be used to make things a little less jarring. In all of the inspiration images I have amassed, I have focused on having white being the color that balances the overall look and feel of this inspiration.


I love the intricate gold detailing on the bridal gown shown below. It’s a small but elegant way to work some Hufflepuff magic into the bridal gown. It also has an art deco feel to it that I love! I also love the shoes at the bottom as an aded golden touch for the bride.

For bridesmaid dresses I embraced the idea of gold glitter glam!! Paired with black or pewter heels, it is the perfect Hufflepuff look, while still being elegant.

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Texas Boudoir Photographer | Velvet & Pearls

Texas Boudoir Photographer | Velvet & Pearls

I have been slowly coming into my own as a boudoir photographer. You have to do it in a specific way so as to celebrate the woman and not descend into oversharing. Every woman I know is nervous about capturing these photos, but if done right, it’s so much more than being sexy. It’s about the small details that make a woman feel empowered. And this session exemplified all of this.

Velvet & Pearls

Nicole wanted to give her soon-to-be husband something special on their wedding day. We christened my new studio with this session, and had a ton of fun! I specifically liked that we focused on her engagement ring, some dainty pearls and the velvet undergarments she brought.

Nicole had a specific vision for this session–she wanted to do a good angel/bad angel shoot. We started off by photographing sweetly sexy looks with her wearing pinks and whites. Then we transitioned to dark green and black looks. We even might have included cat ears, and paid homage to Mean Girls, because duh! As a boudoir photographer, I found Nicole’s session refreshing and fun.boudoir photographer boudoir photographer (more…)

5 Reasons to Invest in Branded Photography

5 Reasons to Invest in Branded Photography

branding photographyI don’t know if you have caught on, but I am seriously passionate about small businesses investing in branded photography. I am also very, very aware that to run your own business profitably, you need to be strategic with how you spend your money. Setting aside money for a photoshoot can seem intimidating, but there are so many reasons to invest, that if you take the plunge, you will not regret it!

It helps you Charge More

People are hugely visual creatures, thus, high-quality, authentic photography plays a crucial role in delivering the personality and quality of your brand. It’s one of the most effective ways to enhance your positioning as an expert and instantly connects with your readers or customers. And once you are viewed as an expert {regardless if you *feel* like one}, your prices can change to reflect this. Furthermore, branded photography has a consistent look, which makes people feel like they know you and your brand, and are more likely to trust you because of that. (more…)

Texas Branding Photographer | Olivia’s Bridal House

Texas Branding Photographer | Olivia’s Bridal House

As a Texas branding photographer I am so lucky that I get to meet and work with amazing people. It’s truly one of my favorite things!! We get to dig deep into their business, find out who they want to work with, find the right inspiration and plan from there! When I met the owner of Olivia’s Bridal House I knew we were meant to work together. She is bright and funny but also very passionate about giving women in from all over Texas {and beyond! some fly in for their appointment!} the ability to not only buy a wedding dress that’s in their size, but to have to be able to try on sample dresses that go above a size 8. As someone who is larger, I can confirm that trying on wedding dresses is intimidating, I was thinking about all the extra weight I was carrying on my body and when I went to shops, their sample dresses didn’t even get up my thighs. And you know what the salesperson told me? To put the dress up to my body and imagine it on myself. Um, no. I wish when I was getting married Olivia’s Bridal House existed.

I have done quite a few sessions with Olivia’s Bridal House, and super excited to share my favorite images from our shoots from the past year!

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5 Harry Potter Quotes To Work Into Your Vows

5 Harry Potter Quotes To Work Into Your Vows

Harry Potter quotesHarry Potter quotes are timeless. And magical!! The words written by J.K. Rowling have a special place in my heart, and I feel like what is written could be put into someone’s vows, even without it being, you know, weird! Some books or movies don’t translate as well, but I feel the following 5 quotes really could be mixed in, no problem.

Quote 1

We can’t choose our fate, but we can choose others.

This quote by Dumbledore could mix in perfectly with a paragraph about fate and choosing to have someone in our lives. Marriage is us making our own families, so this quote works well with that. I love how this Harry Potter quotes does this so simply! (more…)