Should You Have an Unplugged Wedding? | Texas Wedding Photographer

Should You Have an Unplugged Wedding? | Texas Wedding Photographer

Why an unplugged wedding?

Imagine this, you are walking down the aisle {or are standing at the front of the aisle} and you cannot see your fiancee. With all your guests standing as you walk down the aisle, that is expected. What isn’t expected? Uncle Bob* has an iPad and is taking pictures of you, so you can’t see your sweetheart, but you do see them straining to see you. Then you notice one of your close friends not looking at you, but at their cell phone, as you walk down the aisle. All in all it wasn’t the moment you thought it would be–people seemed more interested in taking pictures than being present in the moment with you.

I get this concern a lot as a photographer–how do I get my family and friends to understand I want to have them not breaking out their cameras and cell phones during the ceremony? Let’s be honest, posting a sign or making an announcement on their own doesn’t necessarily work. So what can you truly do?

unplugged wedding

Tell them Early

When sending out wedding invitations and creating your wedding site, communicate about the expectation upfront. For your invitations, there is typically an insert with instructions, directions to the location, etc. You can include the request for the ceremony to be camera-free in there. I also recommend putting it at the beginning, as a psychological trick. Most people remember the first and last things they read and gloss over items in the middle. You can easily replicate this on your wedding site as well. I would use graphics as well to illustrate your point.

Use Your Parents

Not everyone reads all the portions of your wedding invitation. Which is sad, because that invitation is gorgeous! So they might miss the request of not using their camera or cell phone during the ceremony. They also might not go to your wedding website. In this case, it is a great idea to enlist your parents and get them to communicate to the possible future offenders and let them know about the ceremony rule. I don’t know about you, but my grandparents and aunts were more compliant when a directive came from my mother than from myself. Even though I was a grown ass woman. Sometimes you just need that authority figure to be your ambassador.

unplugged wedding

Be Repetitive

On the day of your wedding you can do two things in writing to help–the first I mentioned earlier: have a sign as people enter the ceremony space that asks the guests to put their cameras and phones away and turned off. Then, in case they missed it {it happens}, I would include said verbiage in your program. With a nice graphic, to convey your message, incase they were glossing over the program. I know I am guilty of this!

Final Step

The last and final thing you can do is the announcement. I highly recommend it being done by a family member/authority figure to help give weight to the message. I also saw at a wedding where, after the announcement, the family member looked out into the crowd to ensure people were turning off their phones and putting away their cameras.

unplugged wedding

At the end of the day, I realize that it is impossible to get everyone to comply. But if you follow these steps I bet you will be pleasantly pleased to see how many people put down their cell phone and truly enjoy your wedding ceremony with you.

unplugged wedding


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Houston Bridal Photographer | Carson’s Bridal Session

Houston Bridal Photographer | Carson’s Bridal Session

I usually share a bridal session the day after the wedding. But with Carson marrying Katy, I decided to stagger sharing the images. I can’t believe it has been a week since Carson and Katy had their magical wedding!! I will delve into this more when I blog about their wedding, but one of my favorite touches were the hanging keys dangling from the canopy. But enough about the wedding!! This blog is all about Carson’s bridal session!!

The Bridal Session

Carson, we’ll see if I find the words to describe how rad it was to work with you and how magical of a bride you made.

Ah lawdy.

As if Rice University background weren’t enough to make me giddy inside, the following things from your session were perfection!

-your elegant white Rita Vinieris dress

-your understated bouquet from Blooming Gallery

-your fabulously sequined Jimmy Choo shoes

-the awesome work  by Winx Salon for your makeup and and Etheria Spa and Salon for your hair

-and your MAGICAL SELF

As a graduate of Rice University, the location was the perfect place for the bridal session. Plus, obviously the feel of the place added to the overall feel of the images. Add into Carson, her dress and her possible awkwardness, and you have magic! If anyone knows Carson, will know how glad she was to have flowers in her hands because she worries about that stuff.

I’m so excited that I get to share your bridals with everyone now that you’re a Mrs.!!

Carsons bridal session Carsons bridal session (more…)

Houston Bridal Photographer | Katy’s Bridal Portraits

Houston Bridal Photographer | Katy’s Bridal Portraits

I love sharing bridal portraits the day after the wedding! Katy and Carson had a wedding that was truly magical, filled with Harry Potter touches, so you know I was delighted!! Plus, there was so much love, that when I look at these bridal portraits I am even more inspired.

The Bridal Portraits

Katy’s bridal portraits were nothing short of exceptional. I don’t say this lightly. Katy is an attorney and she wanted to have that incorporated into her bridal portraits in a unique way, so we did the session at Lawless Spirits & Kitchen. Lawless Spirits & Kitchen is such a cool choice!! It is a place that embraces “the mavericks, dissenters, and nonconformists who have shaped the world with their unbridled courage and unrestrained passion”. It has pictures of famous people who have embodied this vision in their life, from Ghandi to MarkTwain to Susan B. Anthony. As Katy is a person who also embodies these qualities, this venue fit her like a glove.

The Dress

Katy’s dress is glittery magic! it has an art deco feel to it, with swirly patterns, beading and shimmer. Form-fitting, it hangs on her every curve, like the dress is kissing her. And that train! You guys, that train is just enough and has a dramatic effect ?Add in that veil, and she is the epitome of a classy, elegant bride. So what is your favorite part of Katy’s dress? Let me know in the comments? Also, don’t you just love the venue?

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Houston Wedding Photographer | Adam + Adriana

Houston Wedding Photographer | Adam + Adriana

Remember that magical engagement session, where Adam and Adriana dressed up and played with wands? Well, that captivating couple got married!! While planning their wedding, hurricane Harvey hit and it forced them to postpone it by four months.

Adam’s parents live in a home that has a large, beautiful backyard, and it was the perfect place for the wedding. Adam, Adriana and his parents worked feverishly to create a pond feature, the ceremony area and piece the backyard back together after the flooding. And all their hard work paid off!!

About the Couple

These two met in high school and haven’t looked back. I love it that they have been together this long, growing up and growing together as a couple. They shared from the start a passion for gaming and movies. This matured into a passion for food, trying new places to eat and exploring the amazing food scene in Houston. Hence, one of their favorite places to eat is at Gordon Street Tavern, and I don’t blame them–that place is delicious!!

Wedding Highlights

Since the bride and groom are fun and passionate about things like Harry Potter, you know they had to incorporate some of that into their wedding! Adam wore Hufflepuff cufflinks and their wands made an appearance during portraits. And you know I was feeling all of that! I loved how the day was filled with so much love and laughter. Adam launched his fist in the air while kissing Adriana at the end of the ceremony, which made everyone laugh. Also, the entire wedding party was ridiculous and funny, always getting silly without too much encouragement! The cake and desserts were done by the Dessert Gallery–a place they went to on their first date! Lastly, Adriana’s dances with her father’s was so touching, with laughter and tears, emotion rippling through everyone.

But the true highlight? The couple! So every image of them, you can feel their joy in getting married. They simply love each other and you can feel it in every glance, laugh and kiss.


Dress: Impression Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Thalio Beckham

Rings: Robbins Brothers

Flowers: LJ Flower Company

Officiant: Joe Fregia

Catering: City View Catering

Cake/Treats: Dessert Gallery

DJ: Darker Side DJ

Invitations: Minted

Favors: cookies by Grandmother

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Houston Branding Photographer | Renegade Bridal

Houston Branding Photographer | Renegade Bridal

When I first started photographing weddings I found Renegade Bridal and knew right away that we were meant to be friends. And to work together!! Renegade’s mission is to make wedding gowns for brides who want a gown that’s out of the ordinary. Their ideal client are women who know and love who they are and want to walk down the aisle in a statement that embodies their entire, amazing personality, heritage, and celebration style. In a lot of ways, our ideal clients overlapped!

Branding Session

When Natalie contacted me she had a new line of wedding gowns she wanted to premier. I mean, she had just received this amazing lace romper she had designed and it paired so well with her current skirts. The line the romper and skirts are part of is called Paper Dolls. This line of detachable tops and bottoms is a way for brides to have a one skirt for the ceremony and a different one for the reception. That way, when the reception hits, brides don’t have to be in a constricting or heavy skirt and can be in something lighter or shorter to dance in. If you have followed my Facebook business page this fall, you will see that all of my fall brides changed into a different dress for the reception! All of them!!!

So with the new pieces in, we headed to the streets of Houston to capture them! Natalie, the owner of Renegade, wanted a specific look to the images, with Houston downtown being a strong factor in the photos. She wanted pieces of local flavor mixed with models who could show off the versatility and uniqueness of her new dress line.

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Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Mini Portraits Part 3

Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Mini Portraits Part 3

As we are in the middle of Christmas mini season, I want to share even more images from last year’s sessions! The following two sessions were so much fun, and I am highly anticipating capturing the Ferrera family December 8th!

Ferrera Family

Yes, you’re seeing double again! This was the third family I captured with a set of twins. These amazing girls are competitive gymnasts who are inspiring at what they do. Fun fact behind this session: the amazing dresses the girls are in were decided on at the last minute, much to their chagrin! Even though they weren’t entirely feeling it, I think the entire family rocked the session and look stunning. And obviously I loved the girls dresses, I am a huge sucker for glitter!


How to Have a December Wedding That’s not Christmas Themed

How to Have a December Wedding That’s not Christmas Themed

It’s natural to make a December wedding Christmas themed, but not everyone wants one. Having grown up in Canada, land of the hearty, frozen winters, I feel uniquely qualified to have great ideas for a December wedding! And no, I am not talking about a Disney Frozen theme, although that would be…interesting.


I am in love right now with the trend of velvet and suede being popular in weddings. For a December wedding, this is the wedding where you can embrace these fabrics! Everything from velvet bridesmaid dresses to napkins and table runners, seriously do it! I would also be tempted to wrap the bridal bouquet in velvet ribbon as well, for some added drama. I mean, why not?

December wedding

Made by local designer Renegade Bridal.

December wedding

Beautiful picture by Kristen Weaver


Texas Branding Photographer | Get it Girl Boss

Texas Branding Photographer | Get it Girl Boss

When Charity reached out about branding pictures, I loved the feel of her brand and her love for Gwen Stefani! She knew exactly what she wanted, which made my job so easy. As she is a lifestyle blogger and badass Rodans + Fields consultant, a branding photographer like myself could picture what she wanted right away. Bright colors, consulting meetings, head shots and product shots were the top things she wanted.

Consulting Meeting

One of the challenges, if you are in sales, is to get good pictures of yourself in your element. Chatting with customers, handling concerns, showing off product. Charity wanted exactly this, and they turned out exactly how we saw it. She brought her best selling products, did pictures of her talking about them, as well as pictures of just herself working. The reality of being an entrepreneur is that you work a lot on your computer, in a cafe or in your home! Granted I look a lot less put together when I work at my computer.

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Texas Engagement Photographer | Erin + Carter + Dinosaurs?

Texas Engagement Photographer | Erin + Carter + Dinosaurs?

You’re probably wondering what’s in store for you with a blog title that includes the word “dinosaur”, and I think you need to buckle in! Erin and Carter are having a dinosaur themed wedding!! So obviously, when we were planning their engagement session, I knew it was going to be filled with fun. Since I am an enabler, I threw out ideas like t-rex outfits, so that way their engagement pictures tied into their wedding theme. What they decided on was just as good!

We decided the best location was to do them at where they are getting married: at Rice University. It is the perfect location for fun-filled engagement pictures! Erin and Cater were clear on what they wanted: fun photos, lots of laughter, nothing serious. I think it’s safe to say, we captured that and more!

And I need to share that with their wedding coming up this weekend, we are going to have a blast! I heard through the grapevine that there will be dinosaur balloons, a dinosaur themed cake and tiny dinosaurs hidden around their reception. I can’t wait to see these two best friends get married, I just know how much of a blast we are going to have!

“Normal” Pictures

Texas Engagement Photographer Texas Engagement Photographer (more…)

Houston Wedding Photographer | Megan’s Bridals

Houston Wedding Photographer | Megan’s Bridals

Sometimes I feel like a saint, like when I hang onto amazing images like the ones from Megan’s bridals!! When Megan and I started talking about the look and feel she wanted for her session, she was attract to images of silhouettes, profiles of the bride and brides with their pups. Her style is a little softer, super feminine. Initially we had planned to do the session where she’s getting married, at the Houston Arboretum, but it would not stop raining!! So the studio it was! She included her handsome pup Bowie in some images, and he seriously stole the show!


Megan’s last living grandmother passed away a week before the session, so it was important to her to honor both of her grandmothers during the session. She printed an image of the two women together, and we captured her with the photo. To me, this is especially important. I am moved by the tender sadness Megan emanates in these images. Losing someone you love so close to your wedding is always difficult, and these are my favorite images from the session.

**hair and makeup by the talented Sunny Hair and Makeup

Megan's bridals (more…)