5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew

Can I be honest for a hot second? When I was getting married hair and makeup intimidated me. Which means I put off finding the right team to hire. Thankfully everything turned out great, but it could have been a hot mess. Since joining the wedding world I feel like my relationship with makeup and hair is very different. Which is why I feel comfortable talking to clients about these things. After chatting with a few hair and makeup frands, this blog is diving into 5 things wedding hair and makeup artists wish you knew.

1. Trial Runs are Very Important

This feels obvious, but you would be surprised the amount of women who forego the trial run. It’s the one opportunity the hair and makeup artist has in understanding as well as executing the look and feel you want for your wedding day. It’s like when couples decide not to do an engagement session. When you go in cold to a wedding, there is a higher chance of there being miscommunication and having the look you want not work out. A trial run gives you the ability to try things out and work with the artist on the best look for you on your wedding day. Plus, if you get a bridal session with your photographer, you can pair the trial run with this session, which is a huge win!! So in close, do a trial run!! For reals!5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew (more…)

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Super Fun Spring Minis in Houston

This past spring I held mini sessions that exude spring! With loads of flowers, a couch and a chandelier, the setup was gorgeous. Add onto it that the light was perfect, and these mini sessions turned out even better than I imagined! The set up was dreamed up by Amie from College Park Flowers. This was our second time pairing together for mini sessions, and Amie went all out!! She turned it into a gorgeous, fun spring minis in Houston.

So thankful to my clients who booked: we have the Ferrara’s whose daughters are almost teens and are growing up so fast! There’s the Cortese’s who have a son who is almost as tall as his dad, much to the chagrin of his parents! The Watson’s who have an adorable little boy who loves to be silly and crossfit with his parents. And lastly? We have the Pike’s! Sarah is a previous bride who was expecting for this session, so we turned it into a mini maternity session!

The Ferrara’sfun spring minis in Houston Pearland family photographer Pearland senior photographer fun spring minis in Houston


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Two Talented Hair and Makeup Artists in Houston

Going into this post I need to preface it with the fact that my knowledge base for hair and makeup is low. I have always been a tomboy, didn’t know contouring was a “thing” until I joined the wedding industry, etc. In fact, growing up, I didn’t learn anything about makeup. That being said, I appreciate the heck out of people who do love this stuff and are artists in this realm. Hence why I am writing about two talented hair and makeup artists in Houston!

So let’s dig into hair and makeup a bit. There are a lot of artists out there and they all have different styles. It’s overwhelming when looking, right? Uh yeah it is. There are some that do drama and glam like no other! Where there is a lot of glitter used, contouring and long eyelashes. Then there are others that do more of a soft/dewy look. This could be translated as more “natural” with less contouring, less eye lashes and more of a sheen on your overall face. There’s still airbrushed makeup on your face, it’s just less dramatic. And there are variations of this in between! I have chosen two hair and makeup artists who are true artists when it comes to creating a look for their brides.

Nyoka Gregory Beauty

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I have paired a lot with Nyoka Gregory Beauty. I met her thanks to Olivia’s Bridal House, and at our first shoot together I was blown away by her talent and her bright, vivacious personality. Since then she and I have paired together on weddings, brand shoots and more. Her style is more on the dramatic side, she is a master of contouring, the smokey eye and knowing how much glitter is ‘just right’. And this isn’t to say that she can’t do soft and romantic, it’s just that her strength is in statement looks. There isn’t a single bride I have referred her to that hasn’t raved about their experience with her. I think her portfolio speaks for itself:two talented hair and makeup artists in houstonnyoka gregory beauty houston hair and makeup artist (more…)

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Harry Potter Engagement Session in Galveston | Taylor + Andrew

You know the cool thing about Taylor and Andrew? They 100% love and support each other’s passions and dreams. When Taylor reached out to me, she wanted a photographer who could capture her and Andrew’s unique passions, which happen to include the beach, Disney and Harry Potter! And I am sure you know that I was all in. Taylor is a Ravenclaw and passionate Harry Potter fan. Andrew may not be as passionate as Taylor, but he was game for anything she wanted to do during the session! And obviously we had a wand duel, because there’s no better way to show your affection in an engagement session 😉 It made for a unique Harry Potter engagement session in Galveston!

Taylor and Andrew are getting married in Florida, so having the beach in their photos was important to them. We met early in the morning to get the best light, and had some fun! We went to one of my favorite spots in Galveston, where the beaches are quiet, which is what you want! After capturing photos on the beach, we walked the Strand. We found some cool shops as we walked, specifically a magic shop. We obviously stopped for some romantic wand photos.

Beach Photos

Galveston engagement session Galveston beach engagements (more…)

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Top 10 Wedding Cake Flavors

Do wedding cake flavors really deserve their own blog post? Uh, yeah! If you are a foodie like me, they do! When I was looking at wedding cake flavors 8 years ago I was blown away by all the choices. And then, unable to choose just one, we had three!! I don’t regret any of my choices. But now it’s 8 years later and things have changed, and cake flavors have gotten more fun and bougie! With that in mind, let’s dig into my favorite top 10 wedding cake flavors:top 10 wedding cake flavors (more…)

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Gorgeous, Smokey Bridal Session in Houston

You’re probably thinking to yourself “Christine, how can you have a gorgeous but also smokey bridal session in Houston?!” Let’s just say I am a super huge fan of smoke bombs {yeah I photography trends like that}. But you know what? My clients love it! Courtney was super easygoing, and we had a ton of fun with her smokin photos!

As is the case with September in Houston, it was 90ish degrees the day of Courtney’s bridals. We were able to do some photos inside the chapel at Magnolia Bells, but then we ventured outside for the remainder. All of us {Courtney brought her mom and sister} are skittish around big bugs, so when we found a huuuuge spider and a wasp went up Courtney’s skirt, you know there was a bit of cursing happening! And running away! But in between? Man did Courtney nail her photos.

I want to love on the wedding venue for a minute. Magnolia Bells has so many areas where you can capture people. They have a huge field, an outdoor ceremony site, the chapel and a ton of pathways. It allows for some variation in the photos without having to drive somewhere for it. Also, it’s great that they let brides do their session there. It makes the photos for their wedding seamless!

Magnolia Bells bridal session Magnolia TX bridal session (more…)

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Elegantly Romantic Engagement Session in Houston | Andrea + Robert

One of my favorite things about this engagement session is that we used some cool locations around Houston. We went to the water wall and the arboretum, both gorgeous places! But I have to be honest, I love the water wall photos the most. That place is just so great!! Initially Andrea and Robert wanted a session with lots of color and flowers, but once we started talking about all the different places in Houston for photos, the session took on a life of its own! And what it turned into was an elegantly romantic engagement session in Houston!

We luckily chose a day that wasn’t miserably HOT, it was more overcast and humid. This meant all these outdoor photos wouldn’t be so hot we were instantly sweating, which is a thing out here in Houston! We had so much fun together talking all the wedding things, and getting excited. Robert and I joked around a lot, and it made for some nice and relaxed photos.

What I loved most about this session is how these two were able to connect so quickly. And things got steamy!! These photos show just how fun and in love Robert and Andrea are, more than any description in a blog.

The Water Wall

elegantly romantic engagement session in houston elegantly romantic engagement session in Houston (more…)

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Two Bakers in Houston who are Killing it!

What is your favorite memory of cake? Is it from a birthday party or a wedding? Growing up, my mom made the most delicious cakes with our family recipe for 8 minute icing. It was the epitome of delicious!! When I have cake at weddings, I tend to base my opinion on whether they match up to what my mom used to make, which might not be totally fair, but I can’t help it. Both of the bakers that I talk about today I have personally had their cakes at weddings, and my taste buds were satisfied! Which is why I feel like these two bakers in Houston are killing it!

Get Caked

I was introduced to Get Caked a few years ago at a mock wedding shoot. There were several cakes that were on hand, all different, and all stunning. One of the perks was at the end of the shoot, we were able to try the cakes, which doesn’t always happen. What left an impression was how long the cakes had been sitting outside being captured and how freakin moist they were! As a foodie, a moist cake is important to me. The icing should be an accent to the flavor profile of the cake, and that’s exactly what I ate. Add onto it that the cakes looked like pieces of art, and I was sold. Since then, I have become good friends with the owner Kailyn. She is one of the nicest people in Houston, always quick with a joke and works her freakin butt off. She can do simple/elegant cakes but can also rock out a geode cake like it’s no effort. All while tasting mad delicious!bakers in Houston who are killing it wedding baker Texas (more…)

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How to Find the Right Baker for Your Wedding

Finding the right baker for your wedding can be one of the most fun things you do for your wedding. I mean, come on, it’s a lot of cake tasting!! And treats tasting! As a foodie, this was one of my favorite things about wedding planning. But you also need to be wary, as there are some vendors who aren’t as truth worthy as others. Did you hear about the Houston bakery that delivered Styrofoam cakes and then disappeared, leaving clients without a cake? Yeah, that’s sketchy! So let’s get into how to find the right baker for your wedding.

Research Pricing/Make a Budget

As with anything wedding related, it’s smart to research pricing for vendors before making a budget. If you don’t, you could be shocked during a meeting when pricing is discussed. Of course, during the research stage, not all bakers {or vendors in general} list their pricing on their website. Thankfully, there are enough vendors out there who list pricing on their site for you to get a good feel. Know that the more ornate the cake, the higher the price will be. Sugar flowers are stunning, but they also take a ton of time to make and thus increase the cost of a cake.

Once you do research, create that budget! If your fiance was anything like mine, it took a bit to get him to understand the price, and that it shouldn’t be $300 for a 3 tier cake to feed 100 people. As a rule of thumb, I would add some wiggle room in the budget just in case you find a baker you love who is slightly above your budget.delicious wedding cake (more…)

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