Book Lovers Wedding Ideas

I have been a book lovers since I was able to read. My parents raised me with this passion, my favorite books as a kid being The Babysitters Club and the Anne of Green Gables series. As an adult I do not always have the time to read, but when I do it is usually a book that is fantastical in nature. Harry Potter, the Mortal Instruments series or anything written by Kelley Armstrong. I also love comic books and find them to be my “light” reading.

Book Lovers Wedding

A great way to add a personal touch to your wedding, if you are book lovers, is to incorporate books into everything. It doesn’t have to be cheesy, it can be quite pretty and on-trend. I would like to thank the renegades for blazing the trail because using paper and jewels in your floral arrangements and table centers is no longer “weird”. The theme can event go in a vintage direction and not lose its classy touch. How? Lets dig in!


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This can go in so many directions! If you decide to have a specific author or theme of books as your focus, then this will help make your invitations specific {and memorable!}. Seriously, you could make it art deco for Earnest Hemingway, nerdy/cute with Lord of the Rings or possibly library themed. Personally, I would probably do one that is a bit more edgy, and have it Stranger Things themed. The font on dark paper would be striking! Plus you could make the invitation look like a Stephen King novel, like The Stand or Carrie. Classic!!

Sign In Table

book lovers wedding

This might be my favorite touch for the wedding as I have a deep passionate adoration for old typewriters. Thus a great idea would be to use a typewriter as the place where your loved ones sign the guest book. As a book lover, I would love having typewritten notes from those I love that I could put up around my home or possibly incorporate into a canvas print or three.


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Having unique florals is very popular currently. I have seen boutonnieres that are made from comic books and bouquets that are made from the pages their favorite books. The bouquet doesn’t have to be just paper, it can be a mix of paper and flowers and still be stunning! If the theme of the wedding was a specific book or author, I would use pages from my favorite passages in the bouquet. Especially if they were romantic!


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The wedding cake is another area where you can have a ton of fun. You can make the icing on the cake look like pages from a book. Incorporate some lace work into that, and the cake will be themed but classy. I freaking love some themed class!! If you want to get a little more personal, you could have the cake themed to the books or author you are showcasing. A Hunger Games cake with a gold mockingjay would be beautiful. Or a Harry Potter cake with the golden snitch, wands and the Deathly Hallows symbol incorporated would also be fun! I might just be saying that because I love Harry Potter.

Table Decor

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Houston wedding photographer

If the people attending your wedding are book lovers, the best thing you could do as decor on tables, is to give away your favorite books! I went to a wedding last year where the bride and groom had Harry Potter and Star Wars books as their table centers and we may have taken pictures with the books. On the guest’s plates you could have not only the menu, but a bookmark for them to keep. Personally, I would love a bookmark in typewriter font, with some quotes from famous authors about love.

Tea/Coffee Bar

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For me, nothing goes better with a good book than a nice cup of tea or coffee. Ok I am lying, I only want coffee. BUT! I do associate lazy rainy book days with tea in my head. It would be unique and classy to have a high tea station with old tea cups, designer tea, scones and finger sandwiches. You could also have an espresso bar and have someone make people lattes or an cappuccino. This would be fun during the cocktail hour as an alternative to just serving alcohol.

Are you inspired yet? Do you want to run out and get married in a library and eat a book cake? If yes, then I have done my job!!


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