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Your brand isn’t cookie-cutter so your strategy and photos shouldn’t be either! Let’s cut right to the chase–your online presence needs to talk to the people your are trying to attract. You aren’t just trying to sell to anyone, you have a distinct vision in who you want to work with. The bigger question is: is what you are putting out there conveying this? Is your web copy, your social media posts and photography working together to create a cohesive brand for you?

If you’re here, I am betting it isn’t, and that’s ok! Let’s dig into what you need to get your business to where you want it to be!


Branded Photography Sessions 

When your quick cell phone photo just isn’t cutting it, this is where I come in! I want to tell the story of your business and showcase your personality!

I believe the most important part of your brand is your personality. You infuse your brand with who you are on the daily, so the pictures you use on your website and social media should do the same! Imagine a world where your website and social media accounts have clear, crisp, professional looking images of yourself and your product! Chills, right??

My approach to photographing brands is to be their storyteller. I get to know who their ideal client is, I get to know what is important to their brand story and we make a plan. The stiff, traditional headshot is passé these days, and thank goodness! Let’s get you headshots of you in action, meeting with clients, doing your work, and showing off what you do!

Branding photography packages start at $2000 and most clients spend around $3500 for their first session. You can invest in a one-time session or if your business changes with the seasons or requires frequent social media updating, I offer quarterly or monthly sessions at a discount. I also have paired with a stylist and a hair and makeup artist to ensure you get pictures you love! Want to get started? Hit the button at the top of the page, tiger!!

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Social Media Analysis

do you ever feel lost on instagram, facebook, twitter or pinterest? Are your posts getting no response from your audience and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong? And does it exhaust you to think about all of this and want to just grab some wine and call it a day? I would be lying if I told you I haven’t been there!

The good news? I can help you and I want to help you. When I analyze your business and its social media presence, I cut through the crap and give you tangible things to work on to make your brand and social media presence better. This isn’t a magic pill that will get you 10k followers in 2 weeks. It’s a strategic, approachable plan that will get you in-tune with your business, your ideal client, and get you a strong plan that’s not intimidating!

I offer several options to help you take what you have done on social media and your website and make it stronger. Consulting packages start at $50 and most clients spend around $1200 on an annual basis.

Brands I Have Worked With:

houston branding photographerHouston branding photographerhouston branding

Houston branding photographer

Houston branding photographer

Houston branding photography

Houston branding photographer

“I absolutely loved my experience of working with Christine! She’s goofy and fun during photo sessions to put you at ease, but serious when it comes to getting great photos. For my Brand Photos Session, I think I was a little bit picky, but she was super patient with me and really listened to me explain my brand. I could tell it was her goal to understand my brand completely so that she could represent it in photographs. And I think she definitely did that! I love my photos and feel like they are 100% on brand.”
Nikki Tripp

Tripp Films

Today I had a call from an organization that I advertise with. You know why she called me? To compliment me on my branding! She said she just wanted to tell me how much she loves my branding and the images that I use. I was so elated to hear that and it made me feel so grateful for Christine! Aside from the fact that she delivered beautiful images to use on my website, social media, and other marketing items, she was instrumental in helping to create the look and feel of my brand, all the way down to the earrings I wore in my photoshoot. I get so many compliments on images and branding, I honestly don’t think I could have pulled it off without her help.”
Melissa MacFarlane

Melissa Mac Career Coaching

“Christine has photographed our family for years and captured some of my favorite photos of us that now grace our walls. She always makes the four of us, me, my husband and two daughters, feel at ease. She’s organized enough to capture everything that’s on my punch list and spontaneous and playful enough to help spark many surprise photos that usually end up being my favorites. When I realized I needed a complete portfolio of photos for my business website and social media properties, I didn’t have to think twice about who I wanted to work with on the project. Christine helped me map out a complete photo shoot to capture all of the elements of my business. She melded her photography and social media expertise with a true interest in understanding my business and brand, so we could pull together a collection of photos to support my website as well as the imagery I’ve used on blogs, Facebook and Instagram. As an entrepreneur that’s busy with all elements of my business, I feel like the upfront investment in a strategy session and photoshoot with Christine has helped me create the right tone and image, which is critical for attracting and retaining clients.”
Lisa Ferrara

Focused + Fit Nutrition

“As a photographer, I’m always behind the camera. I needed some new headshots and Christine made me feel at ease in front of the camera! She’s super laid back, bubbly, and has a nice studio space!”

Sabrina Baxter

Sabrina Baxter Photography

“I recently did a business mini with Christine and was really happy with the images. She delivered exactly what I asked for. The best part of the experience? The turnaround time! I LOVE it when photographers are quick to get the images back to you because the wait is the hardest part. Thanks, Christine!”

Nathalie Wagner

The Balanced Creative

Need Stock Images?