After a fun time in San Francisco, Robert and I woke up on the Monday and made the long arduous trip to Santa Barbara along the 1. On Google Maps it says it is a 6 hour trip, not bad! What we didn’t account for was how slow we would need to drive along the cliff, as the 1 is basically a road on cliff. Don’t get me wrong, it is gorgeous, but it is a long drop to your death if you aren’t careful!! The road was at times low to the ocean and others you were driving through clouds.

Santa Barbara Wedding photographer

Santa Barbara Wedding photographer

Santa Barbara Wedding photographer

In case you are curious, it is a fairly long drop on those pictures above! Robert got much closer to the edge than I did. I am not a big “looking over the edge” kind of woman.

Santa Barbara Wedding photographer

Santa Barbara Wedding photographer

This was one of the few stretches of road that was not super windy. It was a relief whenever we found those patches. Robert would gleefully speed up, reveling in the fact that he was driving over 45 miles an hour.

2016-06-16_00062016-06-16_0007Santa Barbara Wedding photographer

When we hit Monterey we decided to stop for lunch. All the boats on the water were gorgeous. And let’s discuss how there was always a cool breeze because we were on the ocean. It made me want to move to California.

2016-06-16_00092016-06-16_0010Santa Barbara Wedding photographer


In the picture above you can literally see clouds on your right, that is how far up we were! At this point bathrooms were few and far between, which made my husband nervous.2016-06-16_0014Santa Barbara Wedding photographer

Parting shot. It was dark when we got to Santa Barbara, so I have no pictures from there. As well, we didn’t really love the place, so I wasn’t inspired to take pictures there.

Next up: Las Angeles, Universal Studios, my favorite hotel of the trip and more!


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