Guys, dreams do come true–Harry Potter World was amazing the second time around! Since Robert and I went to the Florida one a few years back I thought it would be meh. Well! Let me tell you that subtle but amazing changes have been made for return visitors. First off, you can now buy new enhanced wands. What do these puppies do? They are programed so that if you do a specific spell at a certain area of HP World, you make things happen. Basically you run around the park doing a scavenger hunt and casting spells. I say again dreams do come true!!

Harry Potter wedding photographer

This is the bus that took us to and from Universal. So pretty!


Harry Potter wedding photographer

2016-06-16_00202016-06-16_00212016-06-16_00222016-06-16_0023Harry Potter World photographer

The shops are all the same, the restaurant The Three Broomsticks serves the same delicious food. And the butterbeer was just as tasty! Side note: always get the frozen butterbeer, it is way better than the regular butterbeer.


Harry Potter wedding photographer

I love that the bathrooms are labeled “Public Conveniences”

We might have gone a little crazy in the shops, Robert posted on Facebook asking Harry Potter World to just take all his money. According to our credit card statement, I think they did their best! We got some keychains, shirts, glasses, among other things. The best part though was Ollivander’s. Since there were no children in our group an adult was chosen to be the tester of the wands. Said adult was me! Robert taped the experience until his phone died, and captured me being a giddy child. Obviously I had to buy the wand that chose me at the end, if you were me you would have as well!

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Overall the day was, for lack of a better word, magical. We cast spells, ate delicious food, bought wands and trinkets and giggled like kids.

Harry Potter wedding photographer

Next up: Our exceptionally fun time in Hollywood, doing a Warner Brothers Studio tour and bus tour.


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