Texas Photographer | Magnolia Table and Market Fun!

Last week, when my sister came to visit we knew we wanted to go to Waco for Magnolia Table and Market! In fact we didn’t know Magnolia Table would be open until one of her friends sent her a text saying it had just opened. My sister and I had already booked an Airbnb in Waco just to go to the market, the new restaurant by Chip & Jo Gaines wasn’t really on our radar. It was pure luck that the restaurant opened the week we decided to go!!

Magnolia Table

Magnolia Table and Market (more…)

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San Diego Comic Con 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017 = EPIC

Hired to photograph cosplayers at the San Diego comic con this year, I had front row access to a ton of nerdy delights! And after attending this year’s San Diego comic con, I walked away with even more passion for all the new nerdy things coming out this year and next! All the trailers were amazing, and I am hopeful that for 2018 I will be in Hall H for some of these. Especially considering that there will be {hopefully} a Fantastic beasts panel.

Onto the greatness though! Here are the most anticipated, well-loved shows and movies that had epic trailers at San Diego comic con: (more…)

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Hurried Hostess Retreat on Lake Travis

Why a Retreat?

It has been a very full year and I knew in July I needed to get away and go on a retreat, or something, just to get out of my own head. It has been a wonderful year, I have been blessed beyond measure. I also have been working non-stop and have been burning the candle at both ends! A retreat was needed. I was so happy Stacy from Hurried Hostess put this on in Lake Travis, as all I did was relax, sleep, drink a little and reflect.

Stacy is this ridiculously talented person, with an attention to detail that blows me away. Her blog is for busy women who still want to bring a bit of elegance to their meals. Her goal is to use items that you would naturally find around your house. So she just helps you take you to the next level!


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Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day

On Canada Day, as a Canadian, I felt it was important write about my favorite things about Canada. Especially since this year Canada turns 150! There are so many things I could write about, from my favorite celebrities, food places, cities or national parks. To be succinct, below are my top 5 things about Canada!

Toronto wedding photographer (more…)

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SDCC 2017 Photographer | Conan O’Brian

SDCC 2017: Conan Returns!

It should come as no surprise that, when given the opportunity, I launched myself at attending SDCC 2017! I am going to be there doing pictures of some amazing people in their cosplay outfits. It’s going to be epic! In preparation for this, I am going to be blogging about the things I am highly anticipating.

SDCC 2017 cosplay photographer


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Behind the Camera | Wedding at Lake Travis

A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a wedding at Lake Travis, a gorgeous spot just outside of Austin. I have been to a lot places in and around Dallas, but I haven’t done the same for Austin. I was excited to go there, as I heard it was gorgeous. We decided to stay at a unique hotel called The Lone Star Court.

Lone Star Court

This hotel was super cute. Very southern, with cute details in the room like a larger vintage fridge and mason jars in the bathroom. The bathroom had a gorgeous barn door, thus it made me want to put one in my house! Around the hotel are different buildings for activities, like eating and watching movies. In the courtyard they have a huge smoker that smells like it gets used a lot. Of course there is a pool, it is the south!

lake-travis-wedding20Lake Travis wedding


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Halloween 2016

I love Halloween!

Happy belated Halloween! This year I decided to host a party that turned into one of the busiest weeks of my year. Of course at the time I didn’t know the week of Halloween was going to be this busy, but things popped up. I had planned loosely on being unicorn and my husband Voldemort, but I wasn’t sure how things were going to come together. I was lucky to have two friends come over to my home early to help me put the home together, as I put everything together in one day!


I decided to be a funky unicorn–I had a pink tutu, white shirt, rainbow sleeves for my arms and an adorable headband! I got my hair and makeup professional done by Styled by Kelsey V and I looked slightly crazy, but in a great way!



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Gilmore Girls Coffee Fun!

Gilmore Girls

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Gilmore Girls has a new season coming out on Netflix this November. The show ended in 2007, so to have it revived is exciting, and with the full cast no less! Now that the show is in the home stretch to its new season, Netflix is doing some pretty awesome things to get its viewers engaged. Last week cafes across the USA transformed into Luke’s Diner, served coffee and donuts & had fun signs outside their shops. Three coffee shops in Houston participated, thus my friend Stacy and I knew we had to go!


Bosta Kitchen

We got up before the sun was up and drove to Bosta Kitchen. We got there 20 minutes before it was set to open, thinking we would be near the front of the line. Nope! Stacy and I had underestimated the Gilmore Girls fandom, the line was roughly 40 people deep.

gilmore girls


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Good Gosh Ganache | Coffee Chats

I don’t know about you, but I love cake, so when I found Good Gosh Ganache, I was in heaven! These cakes that Jennifer makes {the face behind the cakes} are gorgeous and delicious! Jennifer and I have paired together for a few projects, so I thought it was only fitting that I highlight her and her work.

Good Gosh Ganachejennifer-head-shots-4

Houston wedding photographer

Good Gosh Ganache Beginnings

Jennifer went to school for design but always had a love for baking. A self professed sugar geek, she decided to take a two-day Wilton course in decorating. This ignited a spark that had always been there and Jennifer decided to go to the culinary Institute de LeNotre. This is where her passion for design and sugar truly took off. Jennifer graduated in a year with an elite diploma de patisserie.

Houston wedding photographer


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Hello Fresh Review

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with cooking new recipes each week with healthy food = enter me trying out Hello Fresh. Their website says the recipes and ingredients are created by a chef using farm fresh ingredients. I specifically chose this box because it was started by Jamie Oliver–he knows what he is talking about when it comes to nutrition and also knows how to make things delicious.

The Ordering Process

You get to choose from 6 recipes to be delivered to your home the following week. When browsing you get to see all the ingredients, its level of difficulty and how long it will take to make the dish. I chose three recipes the first week for two people {you can choose between meals for 2 or 4 people}: burgers, a stir fry and a ginger chicken dish. I was super excited!! The box for 3 meals for two people is pricey, but I had a coupon for the first two weeks, so it wasn’t super expensive those two weeks.

Houston wedding photographer


The box came on time, and Hello Fresh sent me an email with a tracking number just in case. Thus I was able to have piece of mind while awaiting my food. The box is bright and colorful. It is branded in their colors {green and white} and had fun saying on it.

Houston wedding photographer


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