Elegantly Romantic Engagement Session in Houston | Andrea + Robert

One of my favorite things about this engagement session is that we used some cool locations around Houston. We went to the water wall and the arboretum, both gorgeous places! But I have to be honest, I love the water wall photos the most. That place is just so great!! Initially Andrea and Robert wanted a session with lots of color and flowers, but once we started talking about all the different places in Houston for photos, the session took on a life of its own! And what it turned into was an elegantly romantic engagement session in Houston!

We luckily chose a day that wasn’t miserably HOT, it was more overcast and humid. This meant all these outdoor photos wouldn’t be so hot we were instantly sweating, which is a thing out here in Houston! We had so much fun together talking all the wedding things, and getting excited. Robert and I joked around a lot, and it made for some nice and relaxed photos.

What I loved most about this session is how these two were able to connect so quickly. And things got steamy!! These photos show just how fun and in love Robert and Andrea are, more than any description in a blog.

The Water Wall

romantic engagement session at the water wall in Houston, Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography romantic engagement session at the water wall in Houston, Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography (more…)

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Fun Houston Engagement Session | Courtney + Dylan

I love it when I can say on my blog “fun Houston engagement session”. You know why? It means that things clicked with my clients and we had a blast! It also means that the session was relaxed, we got great photos and we laughed a lot. With Courtney and Dylan, there was not shortage of laughter! They brought their puppy Ranger, who basically stole the show!!

We did the session at a park close by, and, as you can see from the photos, we had a blast! Ranger loved all the activity. He also loved snuggling with his parents and smelling everything!! Courtney and Dylan laughed at his antics, and I made them kiss a lot. You know, typical engagement stuff!

About Courtney + Dylan

These two looooove traveling together! They have been to Las Vegas, Colorado, New Orleans and a ton of Texas road trips. They are also planning a European honeymoon, which will be epic! I know recently they were at Lake Travis just enjoying the water and the sun. I was a little jealous, not going to lie! They love going to live music and dancing together, so I guess it’s a good thing I made them dance in the session! When they aren’t out, they love watching movies together and eating either Mexican food or a good steak. And honestly, that’s what my husband and I do a lot too! They have been together since 2016 and are crazy in love. I think the pictures below show how deep their connection is.

I can’t wait for their wedding day!!

Courtney and Dylan engaged (more…)

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Galveston Engagement Photographer | Cheyenne + Isaiah

I love that I live so close to Galveston! It means we get to do engagement sessions there frequently, and then I get to spend the rest of the day…

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Texas Engagement Photographer | Erin + Carter + Dinosaurs?

You’re probably wondering what’s in store for you with a blog title that includes the word “dinosaur”, and I think you need to buckle in! Erin and Carter are having a dinosaur themed wedding!! So obviously, when we were planning their engagement session, I knew it was going to be filled with fun. Since I am an enabler, I threw out ideas like t-rex outfits, so that way their engagement pictures tied into their wedding theme. What they decided on was just as good!

We decided the best location was to do them at where they are getting married: at Rice University. It is the perfect location for fun-filled engagement pictures! Erin and Cater were clear on what they wanted: fun photos, lots of laughter, nothing serious. I think it’s safe to say, we captured that and more!

And I need to share that with their wedding coming up this weekend, we are going to have a blast! I heard through the grapevine that there will be dinosaur balloons, a dinosaur themed cake and tiny dinosaurs hidden around their reception. I can’t wait to see these two best friends get married, I just know how much of a blast we are going to have!

“Normal” Pictures

Texas Engagement Photographer Texas Engagement Photographer (more…)

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Houston Engagement Photographer | Magic with Adriana + Adam

This engagement session is close to my heart–Adam and Adriana are lovers of a lot of fun things, from Harry Potter to gaming to watching the latest movies. We obviously bonded instantly!! For this session, we did added a bit of magic to the images, by having them cosplay as Newt and Tina from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! They carefully picked out their outfits, wands and how to swish their jackets. Now of course the entire session isn’t them dressed up, but let’s not lie, that’s the best part of this session!! As Adam + Adriana are from the Alvin area, we did pictures in a local park and a local historic building.

About the Couple

These two met in high school and haven’t looked back. I love it that they have been together this long, growing up and growing together as a couple. They shared from the start a passion for gaming and movies. This matured into a passion for food, trying new places to eat and exploring the amazing food scene in Houston. One of their favorite places to eat is at Gordon Street Tavern, and I don’t blame them–that place is delicious!!

The Proposal

They took a birthday vacation to New Braunfels and stayed in Fredericksburg for a couple of days. They walked the town, and went to take a scenic look around the churches close to sunset. Adam proposed outside one of the churches while Adriana {channeling her inner photographer} was attempting to take pictures. She said yes {duh!} and the rest is history!

Houston Engagement Photographer (more…)

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Houston Engagement Photographer | Keeley + Eric

Keeley and I met a few years ago when I photographed her best friend Emily‘s wedding. In fact, at that wedding I remember thinking to myself “that woman is freakin hilarious! I love her vibe!”, so when she inquired about her wedding I was excited!

Turns out these two are passionate about a lot of awesome things! They love, love, love their dogs, and they wanted to include them in the engagement session. Keeley loves Harry Potter, Eric is supportive. Eric loves being a Survivalist, Keeley is supportive. They both workout and in fact Eric is a Ninja Warrior! This meant that the engagement session had a ton of things it could feature, honestly? I love what we did!


We wanted to have some cute pictures of Eric + Keeley dressed up with their pups. I love that they got adorable floral collars for the dogs. They were so well behaved! It was adorable.

Houston engagement photographer (more…)

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Texas Wedding Photographer | Sarah + Russell’s Nautical Themed Engagement Session in Galveston

What goes into a nautical themed engagement session? Lots of creativity, cute props, outfits and a killer location! Added bonus? They brought their adorable pups to the session, wearing a bow and a sash! We were lucky that all the locations we used had recovered nicely from Hurricane Harvey, as we were worried that the places would still be flooded. Luckily, this was not the case!

This nautical themed engagement session also has small references to Paris, where they got engaged. A big shout out to Laced with Grace for helping with the ideas for this engagement session, it gave all the images a seamless, romantic feel. (more…)

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Harry Potter Engagement | Carson + Katy

Can I just come out and say how obsessed I am with Carson + Katy’s marriage proposal? And when I say obsessed, I am not being dramatic. Carson put a lot of thought and effort into this proposal, wanting it to be personal, fun with just a dash of nerd. And honestly, can we really say that Harry Potter is nerdy anymore? Let’s dig into this amazing Harry Potter engagement!

The Set-Up

Carson decided not to risk inclement weather and rented a studio for the proposal–The Houston Studio! She had a vision of balloons in her head, and when I informed her of Big Ass Balloons, that’s when the magic started to happen. She got some amazing balloons, spelling the words “Marry Me” and two large balloons filled with confetti on the side.Marry me balloons


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Houston Engagement Photographer – Crystal & Kenneth

Introducing Crystal & Kenneth

This engagement session with Crystal & Kenneth was like no other that I have photographed. Kenneth is a chef and he loves to cook for Crystal. They have a special ritual where they come together on Monday nights and break bread together, share their lives and catch-up because they are so busy. You see Crystal is a news producer and has crazy hours, just like Kenneth does being a chef. Their crazy hours don’t match, so when they get time off together, it’s special.

When it came time to plan the engagement session there was a strong consensus: a home cooked meal by Kenneth. A meal that is special, where Crystal would contribute and romantic pictures would be captured. It was perfect.

The Engagement Session

Kenneth planned this delicious dinner. He likes to think of the food he prepares as creating an endgame with flavor notes for the person eating it. When Crystal sent over the menu, as a foodie, I about fell out of my desk chair! And possibly excitedly wrote to another foodie friend about how delicious this engagement session was going to be.

Since this wasn’t your average engagement session, everything was done in stages. From making the homemade pasta, to finishing the last course. The best thing about this session though? These two are obvious best friends, partners for life. They exude happiness and a deep love for each other. It was truly a blessing to be invited into their home to witness their special Monday night ritual.

Houston engagement photographerHouston engagement photographer


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Galveston Engagement Photographer – Sarah & Earl

Galveston Engagement

Sarah and Earl had lots of ideas for their engagement session, a family farm {gorgeous idea!}, their venue or Galveston. Since these two love Galveston and it has a ton of visual interest, they decided on there. And it wouldn’t be an engagement without Sarah’s son Noah. The four of us got up to antics and fun one gorgeous morning, with some great pictures as a result!!

City Hall

We started the session at City Hall, all the cool looking pillars, with the brick made for some great images. And you know I can’t just have smiling pictures, I always require on tongue picture. Please enjoy their tongues *wink*


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