Galveston Engagement Photographer – Sarah & Earl

Galveston Engagement

Sarah and Earl had lots of ideas for their engagement session, a family farm {gorgeous idea!}, their venue or Galveston. Since these two love Galveston and it has a ton of visual interest, they decided on there. And it wouldn’t be an engagement without Sarah’s son Noah. The four of us got up to antics and fun one gorgeous morning, with some great pictures as a result!!

City Hall

We started the session at City Hall, all the cool looking pillars, with the brick made for some great images. And you know I can’t just have smiling pictures, I always require on tongue picture. Please enjoy their tongues *wink*


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Houston Engagement Photographer – Sara & Matt

Sara & Matt

A little back story before we get into this engagement session. Matt and I met at Atomic Crossfit a while ago. Back before I was doing photography full time. He made the workouts better and funnier just because we were basically crazy together. Sadly I moved away from Atomic when I moved jobs. So when I get the email from Matt {one the most epic emails ever, by the way!} that they wanted me for their wedding, well you know I was there with bells on!

The Engagement Session

Houston engagement photographer

They wanted an timeless, romantic feel to their images. With a bit of a Mad Men feel, which Sara nailed with the dresses she wore. And those shoes! #shoegoals

Houston engagement photographer


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Puppy Styled Engagement Session | C Wright Photography

Puppy + Owner = True Love

You know that going into doing a puppy styled engagement session that there would still be a theme to it. I mean yes, puppies on their own are cute AF, but as the ever creative person that I am, a little theme had to be thrown in there. The inspiration behind this styled session was to show that you don’t need a romantic partner in your life, that the love you and your dog have is more than enough.

Soulmate Has Four Legs

Let this be your inspiration to do pictures with your puppy! It doesn’t have to be cutesy and off-the-cuff! It can be a gorgeous sparkly skirt, a themed top and a matching puppy collar! In this set we included some gorgeous calligraphy signs and made it feel elegant and, well, adorable!! Look how the puppy Roxy basically grins in almost all the pictures? Too cute!!Puppy styled engagement sessionsoulmate has four legs


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Harry Potter Styled Engagement Session | Swish and Click Photography

Yes, a Harry Potter Styled Engagement Session

I feel like this should go without saying but, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. In my quest to show couples out there that you can pair a bit of geek with a lot of class, I conceived this Harry Potter styled engagement session. I paired with Lauren from Toast from the Host, who made my ideas come to life in the coolest of ways!

The Details

The save the dates couldn’t have been more perfect–I know the catcher/keeper verbiage is seen a lot, but paired with hand written calligraphy breathes new life into it. In fact everything is hand drawn, including the snitch! Megan from Megan Marie Calligraphy is insanely talented, I can’t even draw stick figures and she is making my Harry Potter dreams come true! And yes, the paper is ripped artistically and fringed in gold.

Harry Potter save the date invitations to the Grand Texana in Houston Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography


Next, because I am obsessed with macrons, those needed to be included. Wink by Erica put some metallic illustrations on the macrons and they instantly became Harry Potter-esque but in a cool, classy way. To not be too overt, colors other than the four houses were used. I wanted to keep it more neutral. Paired with metallic paint, they look magical! *wink*

Harry Potter macrons made by Wink by Erica at the Grand Texana in Houston Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography



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What to Wear for Your Engagement Session {Ladies Guide}

engagement sessionAn engagement session is the perfect time for you and your partner to show off your connection and uniqueness. Everyone has a love story, but more than that, you have special reasons why you have stayed together. Mine? Robert and I loved Survivor {the TV show} and from there we jumped into other shows and movies. We are both competitive and silly and that has helped us keep our spark alive. In fact I talk about our love story a lot on my Instagram, you should check it out.


First rule of thumb for your engagement session: do not match 100%. Nothing screams 1985 than wearing white shirts and blue jeans in an effort to coordinate. Unless you are doing this as a sarcastic gesture, and in that case, may I suggest a button down white shirt? But in all seriousness, coordinating is the key. Start with yourself, and choose colors that make you feel good about yourself. An excellent rule of thumb is to not go too bright, as you want the focus to be on you and your partner. Instead wear softer shades of your favorite color and pair it with some neutrals. It will look soft and romantic. If you do want to have a pop of color, I encourage it with the shoes and accessories {or props!} (more…)

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Top 5 Ways to Rock Your Engagement Session

top 5 ways to rock your engagement sessionYour engagement session is a great way to bring your love story to life! Like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, your relationship might not have happened right away, but there was alway a spark. Your engagement pictures area great way to incorporate your passion for each other and the things that brought you together. For our engagement session, you bet your bottom my husband and I incorporated some Survivor elements into it {that was how we met, online, on a website devoted to the TV show Survivor}. Telling your story and looking awesome are just a few of the things to think about for your engagement session.


When deciding on your location you have tons of options. You can use a blank slate, like a park to tell your story. You can choose a restaurant or location that is important to your relationship. Where did you go on your first date? Do you both love ice cream or coffee? All of those places are great choices for great pictures that can capture your personalities. If you are a more rustic couple, pictures at a barn or open field could work like a charm. Movie buffs? What about a movie theatre? Book lovers? A library would be an awesome choice. Comic books your thing? A comic book store to start and ending at a coffee shop while reading your favorite volumes would epic! The world is your oyseter and your shoot can be anything you want it to be.

Houston engagement photographer Swish & Flick


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Book Lovers Wedding Ideas

I have been a book lovers since I was able to read. My parents raised me with this passion, my favorite books as a kid being The Babysitters Club and the Anne of Green Gables series. As an adult I do not always have the time to read, but when I do it is usually a book that is fantastical in nature. Harry Potter, the Mortal Instruments series or anything written by Kelley Armstrong. I also love comic books and find them to be my “light” reading.

Book Lovers Wedding

A great way to add a personal touch to your wedding, if you are book lovers, is to incorporate books into everything. It doesn’t have to be cheesy, it can be quite pretty and on-trend. I would like to thank the renegades for blazing the trail because using paper and jewels in your floral arrangements and table centers is no longer “weird”. The theme can event go in a vintage direction and not lose its classy touch. How? Lets dig in!


Houston book lovers wedding

Houston wedding photographer


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Houston Engagement Photographer | Stacey and Jorge

I hope everyone is doing great and staying dry during this crazy weather here in Houston!  I just got back from vacation and next up on the blog is Stacey…

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Trey + Sarah | Houston Engagement Photographer

Trey planned his engagement to Sarah for their 2-year anniversary, which included someone in the wings {me!} to capture the moment. These two met online and, as his mom informs me, they…

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Angelica + Ryan | Houston Engagement Photographer

Best part about this engagement session? The fact that these two crack each other up. 90% of the time was spent with them grinning or laughing at each other. See?…

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