Houston Family Photographer | Baby Cake Smash

There is truly not much I love more than a baby cake smash! When the mom contacted me she warned me: “he’s never had cake or icing in his life, will this still work?”. I asked her if he disliked getting messy or sticky, because that’s truly the indicator of whether a cake smash will be a success. If the baby isn’t into getting messy, the shoot will be a challenge. But, if they are cool with it, all they need is that one taste and then it turns into cake smash magic!

The Session

This session was simple but perfect. Because it was super hot outside, we decided to do it in my studio. The mom brought a white iced cake, dressed her son in rad Jimi Hendrix top. Being freshly one, he wasn’t so into his shoes, so those came off early! He also wasn’t 100% sure about the cake, but once he knew what was happening, he got in there! My favorite images of him are when he isn’t sure about what’s happening. That baby side-eye is everything!!

baby cake smash baby cake smash (more…)

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Houston Portrait Photographer | Mommy & Me Pt 1

Mommy & Me

These mommy & me sessions have been nothing but gorgeous. And they are so simple! A lace teepee, flowers, a blanket. You add my amazing clients and the sun, and blow me over, these mommy & me sessions are stunning!!!

The Blanchards

The mom, Kat, is one of my coaches at the my crossfit box. She leads a life that is crazy busy, not only running a small business, she trains every day, has two children who do sports, among other things. For her it’s not about having a magical moment of time reveal itself as free for photos. Nope, this busy mom a few days before, was able to make the time for the session.

Fun story: Kat’s husband was there {and helped setup the teepee, thank you!!}. While we were doing pictures, he was hanging out in the shrubs to the side, found a perfectly good woman’s shoe and decided to go looking for anything else. He convinced us he had found a body {he didn’t}! So now we have this mystery: what woman left this brand new, beautiful show behind in the bushes??

Mommy & Me sessionsHouston portrait photographerHouston portrait photographer (more…)

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Christmas Minis Pt 4 | Houston Portrait Photographer

As Christa and her family walked towards me I knew something amazing was a foot. They were dressed up. The energy was high and I knew we were about to have an epic session! I freaking love this family because they are incredibly comfortable together and in front of the camera. Needless to say we got a ton of great images and laughed the entire time.

Christmas minis (more…)

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Christmas Minis Pt 2 | Houston Portrait Photographer

Part 2 of the Christmas mini’s! I distinctly remember the twins bounding down the lane, as Eileen carefully followed in her high heeled boots. Thankfully she had her husband and son {who is almost a teenager!} following the twins. I remember giggling at their perfect outfits, one saying “Naughty” the other “Nice”. It was even cuter in person.

They enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies, but more so, they loved playing and picking up tons of rocks. As I took pictures of Eileen and Blake, I had to do so strategically as the twins would roam into the shots. We had a great time!

Houston portrait photographer (more…)

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Christmas Minis Pt 1 | Houston Portrait Photographer

Christmas was less than a month ago {yay because uhhh I still have decorations up in the house}. This year I had them at Little G Farm as they have an awesome fence and a driveway that won’t quit! I had them styled with blankets, cute signs, hot cocoa and cookies. Thank you to Gracefully Sassy for the styling. Thank you to Good Gosh Ganache and Okie Doughkie!

The Winigers

Their son shyly said hi to me as we met, so I spent a few minutes asking him questions and finding out what he loved. That was the secret sauce! From there we were best buds during the session. They all loved the cookies and hot cocoa. It all created adorable moments!

Christmas minis C Wright Photography2 (more…)

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Houston Portrait Photographer – Fall Mini Sessions Pt 2

Fall Mini Sessions Part 2!

Part two of my fall mini sessions continues with two fun families! Same gorgeous location: Christina V Adair Park. Families of four is this post’s theme.

The Ferrara’s

Big grins greeted me, as I turned to their car. The light of the day was quickly dying, but instead of being stressed, Lisa, Jason and their twin daughters took it as a challenge. Having photographed this family last year for Christmas, we were already comfortable together. This lead naturally to us doing a few poses and then getting silly. The smiles were all natural, the love tangible.

Houston portrait photographer


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Houston Portrait Photographer – Fall Mini Sessions Pt 1

October was the time for fall mini sessions and I found the perfect nook to take some beautiful pictures. I got to meet some sweet families and we had fun playing around.

The Gill Family

Kendall, the mom, originally was going to have it just be of her two boys but when they arrived, everyone joined in the fun. They are a fun, easy-going family, the boys loving baseball, biking and basically anything outdoors. I knew we had to incorporate some of that into the pictures! The youngest reminded me of myself–high energy and gregarious. He was always trying to sneak in funny faces and be silly. The oldest was a great compliment to his brother, and Kendall told me they are best friends. You know, best friends who love to beat each other up!

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