Hurried Hostess Retreat on Lake Travis

Why a Retreat?

It has been a very full year and I knew in July I needed to get away and go on a retreat, or something, just to get out of my own head. It has been a wonderful year, I have been blessed beyond measure. I also have been working non-stop and have been burning the candle at both ends! A retreat was needed. I was so happy Stacy from Hurried Hostess put this on in Lake Travis, as all I did was relax, sleep, drink a little and reflect.

Stacy is this ridiculously talented person, with an attention to detail that blows me away. Her blog is for busy women who still want to bring a bit of elegance to their meals. Her goal is to use items that you would naturally find around your house. So she just helps you take you to the next level!


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10 Tips for Natural Posing & Being Relaxed in Your Session

Being Relaxed? Let's be honest, being relaxed and feeling comfortable in front of the camera can be a challenge. It's uncomfortable initially, you don't know what to do with your…

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Houston Blogger Photographer | Lively Fit Mind

Houston Fitness Blogger

In my Houston blogger features, next up is Michelle from Lively Fit Mind. I met this genuinely sweet woman through Sarah {from Gracefully Sassy}. Michelle just launched her blog in December. It has a fitness focus, but she talks about a lot of topics! Michelle is invested in people’s mental health, as much as their physical. So she talks about things from being disciplined in your eating, to awesome workouts. In 2017 she branched into talking about having a healthy relationship with social media to having a healthy mindset to improve your life. As a result I truly enjoy reading what she writes, as it is always thoughtfully put together.


Michelle and I have done a good mix of images together. We started off with her in workout gear, and her doing some recipes in her gorgeous home. In 2017 we branched into casual outfits, where she discussed being financially responsible. As a result, her blog entries tie into her mantra of having a healthy relationship with the things in your life.

Houston blogger photographer


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Blogger Photographer Houston | Gracefully Sassy

Blogger Photographer

One of the cool things I fell into has been photographing Houston-based bloggers. The majority have been lifestyle and fashion, but there are also fitness, wellness and travel bloggers too. In fact the blogging community in Houston is healthy and amazing! I got into it because a loyal client of mine, Sarah, whom you should all be well acquainted with, started her own fashion blog. I love these sessions because they are light and fun, and I get to ogle their cool accessories. Also, as a Canadian, I am still finding new places around Houston I never knew existed! These sessions help me explore more of Houston, with my camera 🙂

Gracefully Sassy

Sarah, aka Gracefully Sassy, is this truly sweet, good-heart woman who has a passion for cute quirky styles. She loves peppering her outfits with the best accessories, like a pizza or cactus purse! Sarah also loves pops of color and always tries to incorporate budget-friendly pieces into the mix. She has been at this for just over a year, and her blog and advice is so strong, you would have no idea she is new to all this!

My favorite outfits of hers always include a bright pop of color or something unexpected. We love doing our photos at funky walls or in Highland Village, as there is so much to work with there plus a Kate Spade store! Also, there is a Sprinkles Cupcakes there and I have been known to buy one or two cupcakes.

She is gearing up for a fun summer of watermelon, cactus themes with bright colors and maybe fireworks thrown in, who knows?? Behind the scenes Sarah is happily married and has an adorable pup who has stolen their hearts. To see more of her go to her Instagram and Facebook page!

blogger Houston (more…)

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Houston Bridal Extravaganza–A How-To Survival Guide

The Houston Bridal Extravaganza happened over the weekend. According to its site over 5,000 brides attended to get help planning their wedding. Hundreds of vendors were there to get seen by brides they normally wouldn’t have access to, and although the space is well-organized, it is still overwhelming. So if you went over the weekend, feel free to add to my survival list!

Have a Plan

Going into an extravaganza where there are 400 vendors vying for your attention requires planning. Get with your significant other and know what you need for your wedding. Make a list of what it is you are struggling to find and what you both want from the vendor. If you go in saying “I need a venue”, but you don’t know what kind of venue, where you want it to be, you will be overwhelmed. There are a ton of choices! Everything from elegant and intimate {The Gallery is a great example for this one}, to out in the country {White Oaks or 2k Reserve come to mind}. There are a lot in-between and they all have beautiful displays.

Same thing with photography and videographers–you will find there are a ton, with various styles. So before you go, sit down together and look at wedding images and decide what style you like. Do you like dark and moody {Endless Exposures is a great example}? Light and airy {Christine Gosch is great at this}? Bright and colorful {Stacy Anderson Photography rocks at that}? Or do you want someone who has more of a feel to their images–like soft and romantic or documentary-style and less posed. Thus, having a plan will help you eliminate vendors and help you stay on track.

blog2Houston wedding photographer


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Houston Event Photographer | Mostess Event

Hostess with the Mostess

Did you know that Houston has its own subscription box? One geared towards people who love entertaining in their home, with a love for unique find ands alcohol? Yeah, neither did I! But it’s true! It’s called The Mostess Box and they had a launch party a little bit ago to show off all of their awesome boxes they have planned. I was there to capture all the details and awesome women in attendance!

The Party

In each corner of the space there was a a different styled bar cart or table. It featured each upcoming box, the contents for each one, in a cute stylized way. If the box featured food, we got to snack on it! There were two customized drinks as well, which were dangerously delicious by the way. Other fun touches? Swag bags, macrons with the box’s logo on it, and an incredible confetti bar! I made a ton of boomerang videos of it as well!


The launch party could not have happened if it hadn’t had the wonderful support of the following people:

Event Design: Mostess Box

Photography: C Wright Photography

Venue: 2929 Weslayan

Mostess Sign: Post Studio Projects Houston

Floral Design: Lanson B Jones

VIP Box Bar Cart Design: Renovate

Spring Box Bar Cart Design: Toast from the Host

Summer Box Bar Cart Design: Lanson B Jones

Founder’s Box Bar Cart Design: Shop the Manor

Winter Box Bar Cart Design: Mostess Box

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering: For Love and Lettering

Macarons: Wink By Erica

Cocktail Mix Ins: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co

Mostess Napkins: Murchison Dry Goods

mostess-launch-party1mostess-launch-party4 (more…)

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Halloween 2016

I love Halloween!

Happy belated Halloween! This year I decided to host a party that turned into one of the busiest weeks of my year. Of course at the time I didn’t know the week of Halloween was going to be this busy, but things popped up. I had planned loosely on being unicorn and my husband Voldemort, but I wasn’t sure how things were going to come together. I was lucky to have two friends come over to my home early to help me put the home together, as I put everything together in one day!


I decided to be a funky unicorn–I had a pink tutu, white shirt, rainbow sleeves for my arms and an adorable headband! I got my hair and makeup professional done by Styled by Kelsey V and I looked slightly crazy, but in a great way!



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Gilmore Girls Coffee Fun!

Gilmore Girls

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Gilmore Girls has a new season coming out on Netflix this November. The show ended in 2007, so to have it revived is exciting, and with the full cast no less! Now that the show is in the home stretch to its new season, Netflix is doing some pretty awesome things to get its viewers engaged. Last week cafes across the USA transformed into Luke’s Diner, served coffee and donuts & had fun signs outside their shops. Three coffee shops in Houston participated, thus my friend Stacy and I knew we had to go!


Bosta Kitchen

We got up before the sun was up and drove to Bosta Kitchen. We got there 20 minutes before it was set to open, thinking we would be near the front of the line. Nope! Stacy and I had underestimated the Gilmore Girls fandom, the line was roughly 40 people deep.

gilmore girls


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Good Gosh Ganache | Coffee Chats

I don’t know about you, but I love cake, so when I found Good Gosh Ganache, I was in heaven! These cakes that Jennifer makes {the face behind the cakes} are gorgeous and delicious! Jennifer and I have paired together for a few projects, so I thought it was only fitting that I highlight her and her work.

Good Gosh Ganachejennifer-head-shots-4

Houston wedding photographer

Good Gosh Ganache Beginnings

Jennifer went to school for design but always had a love for baking. A self professed sugar geek, she decided to take a two-day Wilton course in decorating. This ignited a spark that had always been there and Jennifer decided to go to the culinary Institute de LeNotre. This is where her passion for design and sugar truly took off. Jennifer graduated in a year with an elite diploma de patisserie.

Houston wedding photographer


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