Fun, Inclusive Houston Branding Session | Modern Affinity Bridal

Hey Houston! Did you know you have a new bridal gown store in town? I was so excited when Hayley contacted me about her vision for this shoot: models in gowns in multiple sizes, ethnicities and genders. Modern Affinity‘s mantra is to be warm, welcoming and inclusive to anyone who wanted wedding wear. Hayley and Joe are so passionate about this that all the vendors they pair with are LGBTQ+ supportive. Once we got started talking about concepts for the shoot, I knew it would be a fun, inclusive Houston branding session!

The Concept

Hayley saw in her head a shoot that had models of various sizes. She wanted a nod to being inclusive in the LGBTQ+ community. And the perfect way to do it was to have balloons that look like a rainbow as a backdrop. Hayley rented a studio for the session, got the balloons and voila! An epic look for photos! The models were all different sizes, ethnicities and genders, which made for completely unique photos for Modern Affinity. As a wedding apparel shop trying to be different in Houston, I feel this shoot did everything they were aiming for.

Contributing Vendors

Branding shoots cannot happen without an amazing team. Here are the awesome people who made this one happen:

Studio: Houston Rental Studio

Hair and Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty

Balloons: Big Ass Balloons

Client: Modern Affinity

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What *is* Branding Photography?

Branding photography, I have found, can be a mystery to people on what it truly is and what it accomplishes. It’s also known as ‘personal brand photography’, ‘storytelling brand photography’ and ‘commercial photography’. If this is throwing you a little bit, let’s dig into why all of these names are acceptable for this kind of session.

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Houston Branding Photographer | Alicia Femi

When a fun, quirky virtual assistant needs badass branding photos, that’s where I come in! When I received Tanesha’s inquiry, I got excited. She wanted color, she wanted balloons, and she sounded so fun! She knew exactly what she wanted her photos to look like, and it my job super easy. As well, she confessed that she was super nervous, as she had never had a photoshoot before. So I made it a goal to make her feel confident for her session.

Studio Story

Tanesha wanted photos of her “in action” at a desk. She saw in her head a mood board behind her, like her creativity had come to life. She wanted photos of herself on a laptop or iPad, so that on her website people could put a face to the name, and see her working for them. As well, she had already made an amazing mood board with her ideas, and it was clear and concise what she wanted. And if you look at the pictures below, you will see how well all this worked out!!

Tanesha In the World Story

Tanesha also wanted photos of her around Houston being fun. She wants to appeal to female entrepreneurs who are creative, so showing off her fun side, with balloons and well known places around Houston was important. I love how we were able to get photos before the Sugar and Cloth color wall and stairs were removed. This stairs were my favorite and I am sad/pissed they have been repainted. But I digress!! We got some great photos that were fun and showed off her personality. And it included confetti, so how can you go wrong?? Exactly! You can’t!!

You can check out her website and see how she can up-level your life HERE!

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Houston Branding Photographer | Sprinkle Pop

One of my favorite things as a branding photographer is to capture products small businesses have poured their heart and soul into. Sprinkle Pop is one of the most fun Houston companies I have paired with. I found her through my friend Jennifer, and it was instant love. Her sprinkles are colorful and whimsical. They inspire bakers to create amazing things! Also, she made a Canadian mix two summers ago and I might have bought more than I needed!

The Session

Liz, the brains behind Sprinkle Pop, hired me to capture her Halloween and Christmas setups. She brought in cakes, cookies, cake balls and her festive sprinkles. We did lots of setups and they showed off the fun additions Liz puts in her sprinkle mixes to make them unique. A personal favorite of mine were the snowmen and spiders. I want to have a favorite setup, but when I look at them again, it’s impossible. You can see how Sprinkle Pop inspires bakers.

After you look through these images, I would love to know which setup is your favorite!

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6 Ways to Use Branding Photos

branding photosBranding photos are an integral part of your business strategy. Let’s not mince words about this, they are so important because people buy things moreso because of their emotions than being practical. I mean, let’s discuss my latest Amazon purchase! When I get into my Internet rabbit hole and I am convinced to purchase something, you bet your butt photography played a part in convincing me to buy something! In fact, the last two online purchases I made were because a sponsored post came up on Instagram that resonated with me and I decided to buy it! The images used to lure me in were clean, crisp, showed off exactly what the item could do for me and their site felt professional. All this to say that imagery for your business and brand plays a huge part in that buying emotion!! Thus branding photos for your business can have a huge impact on your income.

So you have all these pictures and you’re almost overwhelmed at what to do with them all. Yes, a good chunk are perfect for social media but how else can you use them? Let’s dig into it!

Social Media

I just talked about this–social media is the bestest place for these amazing photos! Let us count the places: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter are a start!! And depending on your ideal client and where they hang out, your strategy for posting these images and their frequency will play a factor. In fact, posts that include an image receive 120% – 180% more eyes on it and people engage with the post more. That’s HUGE!! Further to the point, Facebook posts with images have close to 40% more interaction. And when you think about how much the algorithm tries to stifle your posts so you will pay for advertising, this number resonates even more.branding photo (more…)

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Houston Branding Photographer | Renegade Bridal

When I first started photographing weddings I found Renegade Bridal and knew right away that we were meant to be friends. And to work together!! Renegade’s mission is to make wedding gowns for brides who want a gown that’s out of the ordinary. Their ideal client are women who know and love who they are and want to walk down the aisle in a statement that embodies their entire, amazing personality, heritage, and celebration style. In a lot of ways, our ideal clients overlapped!

Branding Session

When Natalie contacted me she had a new line of wedding gowns she wanted to premier. I mean, she had just received this amazing lace romper she had designed and it paired so well with her current skirts. The line the romper and skirts are part of is called Paper Dolls. This line of detachable tops and bottoms is a way for brides to have a one skirt for the ceremony and a different one for the reception. That way, when the reception hits, brides don’t have to be in a constricting or heavy skirt and can be in something lighter or shorter to dance in. If you have followed my Facebook business page this fall, you will see that all of my fall brides changed into a different dress for the reception! All of them!!!

So with the new pieces in, we headed to the streets of Houston to capture them! Natalie, the owner of Renegade, wanted a specific look to the images, with Houston downtown being a strong factor in the photos. She wanted pieces of local flavor mixed with models who could show off the versatility and uniqueness of her new dress line.

Houston branding photographer Houston branding photographer (more…)

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Texas Branding Photographer | Get it Girl Boss

When Charity reached out about branding pictures, I loved the feel of her brand and her love for Gwen Stefani! She knew exactly what she wanted, which made my job so easy. As she is a lifestyle blogger and badass Rodans + Fields consultant, a branding photographer like myself could picture what she wanted right away. Bright colors, consulting meetings, head shots and product shots were the top things she wanted.

Consulting Meeting

One of the challenges, if you are in sales, is to get good pictures of yourself in your element. Chatting with customers, handling concerns, showing off product. Charity wanted exactly this, and they turned out exactly how we saw it. She brought her best selling products, did pictures of her talking about them, as well as pictures of just herself working. The reality of being an entrepreneur is that you work a lot on your computer, in a cafe or in your home! Granted I look a lot less put together when I work at my computer.

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Texas Branding Photographer | Round Top House Redesign

This gorgeous home in Round Top, Texas, was designed for the purpose of selling.  With stunning inspiration from Rachel Ashwell, my good friend, Kay Pleasant and her business partner, Melinda Lytle, did an incredible job with the space.  Being a Texas branding photographer, I know that it’s all about the details.  Each and every piece was picked thoughtfully and specifically for this French country style design.

Not only was the interior of the home awesome, but it even has a mini golf course and gorgeous gazebo out back.  The entire house was empty when Kay and Melinda took on the project, and I think you’ll see that they did an amazing job from start to finish.

The Kitchen + Laundry Room

c wright photography, swish + click, houston real estate photographer, houston branding photography
c wright photography, swish + click, houston real estate photographer, houston branding photography (more…)

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Hurried Hostess Retreat on Lake Travis

Why a Retreat?

It has been a very full year and I knew in July I needed to get away and go on a retreat, or something, just to get out of my own head. It has been a wonderful year, I have been blessed beyond measure. I also have been working non-stop and have been burning the candle at both ends! A retreat was needed. I was so happy Stacy from Hurried Hostess put this on in Lake Travis, as all I did was relax, sleep, drink a little and reflect.

Stacy is this ridiculously talented person, with an attention to detail that blows me away. Her blog is for busy women who still want to bring a bit of elegance to their meals. Her goal is to use items that you would naturally find around your house. So she just helps you take you to the next level!


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Houston Branding Photographer | Focused + Fit

At the beginning of 2017 I started offering branding photography to small businesses. It’s only fitting that in this new arena that my first client would come from my crossfit community. The crossfit community has been so great to me, it was where I started with in my photography journey and has opened so many doors in my journey.

Meet Lisa

Lisa has been a dedicated member of Pearland CrossFit for longer than I have been attending. It is obvious her dedication to eating cleanly and working out when you meet her. Her passion for all things fitness/food organically led led to her becoming a CrossFit level 1 trainer and getting her Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Focused + Fit’s Branding

Enter Focused + Fit! When Lisa decided she wanted to help others and start her own business, she decided on branding colors of orange and white. Her logo is simple and clean, as is her website. When we started discussing what she wanted as her branding pictures, she wanted to keep things consistent in coloring and cleanliness. We did a few concepts–meeting a client, working out and cooking healthy meals. We had pops of orange throughout the imagery to tie into her branding and honestly I love it!

Concept One: Client Meeting

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