5 Killer Tips on Finding a Great Engagement Ring

Engagement season is officially afoot! Did you know that 19% of proposals happen in December? And that from November to February almost 40% of couples get engaged? That means that if you are waiting to get engaged and you know it’s coming, that your partner might have bought your ring already. And if they haven’t, this post on 5 killer tips on finding a great engagement ring is for them!

Set a Budget

I remember as a kid the commercials that said the person proposing saved two months of salary for the ring. And honestly? I think that theory is a bit passe in 2019. The average amount people spent in 2018 was $5,900 in the USA. But you know what I say? Averages don’t mean squat! What you should do is talk with each other and set a budget that you two can afford and look for a ring that can fit within said budget. I think Robert and I spent half that when we got engaged 9 years ago.5-Killer-Tips-on-Finding-a-Great-Engagement-Ring (more…)

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5 Hair and Makeup Artists in Houston to Pay Attention to

Houston has a ton of hair and makeup artists, which is fantastic because with all the weddings and sessions that happen on the daily, we need a good selection. Over the years I have worked with or hired some amazing artists! Today I feature 5 that left an impression with me and who have knocked it out of the park on more than one occasion. I also might lightly stalk them and love to look at their latest work. So let’s dig into 5 hair and makeup artists in Houston to pay attention to!

Twisted Couture

I have paired a ton with Jamie from Twisted Couture. She is wildly talented, we have done soft and romantic looks, as well as more dramatic and creative looks. I love that we have paired together on some badass styled shoots that have been seen on Cosmo, Redbook and PopSugar! We also did a fun session last year with envisioning what Disney princesses would look like today. It was wild looking!! All the clients I have sent to her have loved her, and she is just a great person.5 hair and makeup artists in Houston to pay attention to 5 hair and makeup artists in Houston to pay attention to Twisted Couture Houston (more…)

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5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew

Can I be honest for a hot second? When I was getting married hair and makeup intimidated me. Which means I put off finding the right team to hire. Thankfully everything turned out great, but it could have been a hot mess. Since joining the wedding world I feel like my relationship with makeup and hair is very different. Which is why I feel comfortable talking to clients about these things. After chatting with a few hair and makeup frands, this blog is diving into 5 things wedding hair and makeup artists wish you knew.

1. Trial Runs are Very Important

This feels obvious, but you would be surprised the amount of women who forego the trial run. It’s the one opportunity the hair and makeup artist has in understanding as well as executing the look and feel you want for your wedding day. It’s like when couples decide not to do an engagement session. When you go in cold to a wedding, there is a higher chance of there being miscommunication and having the look you want not work out. A trial run gives you the ability to try things out and work with the artist on the best look for you on your wedding day. Plus, if you get a bridal session with your photographer, you can pair the trial run with this session, which is a huge win!! So in close, do a trial run!! For reals!5 Things Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Wish you Knew (more…)

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Two Talented Hair and Makeup Artists in Houston

Going into this post I need to preface it with the fact that my knowledge base for hair and makeup is low. I have always been a tomboy, didn’t know contouring was a “thing” until I joined the wedding industry, etc. In fact, growing up, I didn’t learn anything about makeup. That being said, I appreciate the heck out of people who do love this stuff and are artists in this realm. Hence why I am writing about two talented hair and makeup artists in Houston!

So let’s dig into hair and makeup a bit. There are a lot of artists out there and they all have different styles. It’s overwhelming when looking, right? Uh yeah it is. There are some that do drama and glam like no other! Where there is a lot of glitter used, contouring and long eyelashes. Then there are others that do more of a soft/dewy look. This could be translated as more “natural” with less contouring, less eye lashes and more of a sheen on your overall face. There’s still airbrushed makeup on your face, it’s just less dramatic. And there are variations of this in between! I have chosen two hair and makeup artists who are true artists when it comes to creating a look for their brides.

Nyoka Gregory Beauty

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I have paired a lot with Nyoka Gregory Beauty. I met her thanks to Olivia’s Bridal House, and at our first shoot together I was blown away by her talent and her bright, vivacious personality. Since then she and I have paired together on weddings, brand shoots and more. Her style is more on the dramatic side, she is a master of contouring, the smokey eye and knowing how much glitter is ‘just right’. And this isn’t to say that she can’t do soft and romantic, it’s just that her strength is in statement looks. There isn’t a single bride I have referred her to that hasn’t raved about their experience with her. I think her portfolio speaks for itself:two talented hair and makeup artists in houstonnyoka gregory beauty houston hair and makeup artist (more…)

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