Two Extraordinary Florists in Houston

Two Extraordinary Florists in Houston

Ahhhh flowers, two weeks ago you learned my passion for them when it comes to weddings. Or, well, anytime honestly. Today we dig into two extraordinary florists in Houston, and why I think they are rad. They both have a ton of talent and an eye to create magic. These florists can take an idea and make it, well, blossom into something you didn’t even think of! And that, to me, is what takes a good florist into an extraordinary one!

What I love about these two florists is that they have such different aesthetics. If you are having a hard time nailing what you want as the flowers for your wedding, hopefully these two extraordinary florists inspire you!

Flower Vibes

Holly from Flower Vibes, was introduced to me at a styled shoot. I remember walking into the room and seeing her take on a rainbow floral display and being in awe! This woman is not afraid of color. In fact, she has embraced it whole heartedly! I love how she knows exactly when a flower is going to open, especially the colorful ones. It makes every bouquet and centerpiece stunning. Even her flower crowns are big and full of life! If you are wanting wedding flowers with loads of color, that take up space and have personality, Flower Vibes is the florist for you.extraordinary florists in houston (more…)

The Best ways to Have a Bougie Wedding on a Budget

The Best ways to Have a Bougie Wedding on a Budget

Let’s not mince words, weddings can be expensive AF. Yes, if you go on less traditional routes you can have a wedding that falls below the average spend of a wedding, but not everyone wants to have a 20 person guest list or to elope. Some people want to have those they love at their wedding and to go the traditional route. And that’s ok! The best weddings I have been to have had overwhelming amounts of love showered on the couple, which is what this is all about. So let’s dig into the best ways to have a bougie wedding on a budget!


Before getting into the nitty gritty on how to have a bougie wedding with a hopefully lowered price tag, I want to discuss expectations. I recently read an article that couples, before doing research, think they will spend half of what a traditional wedding costs. What does this mean? It means a lot of couples have sticker shock when inquiring with vendors!! Even though most sites and professionals say “set a budget” as the first thing you do before wedding planning, I think it’s more prudent to Google average pricing for big ticket vendors, so you aren’t losing your mind at a floral or cake quote. Or, set a dollar amount you think a wedding would cost and double it. I know, I know, it sucks!

So how do you have a wedding that feels like the both of you, invites all those who are most important, and not spend $100k? Let’s dig in!!Bougie wedding bride (more…)

Two Amazingly Talented Florists in Houston

Two Amazingly Talented Florists in Houston

When you think of wedding pictures, flowers come to mind pretty fast! In fact they are the one thing I would have changed from my wedding day if I could. I say this now as someone who has captured and attended a lot of weddings and can see the difference flowers make to an overall aesthetic. So today’s blog post is going to showcase some amazingly talented florists in Houston who I love!

As much as I love capturing the big moments on a wedding day, I am also obsessed with the details that make it uniquely you! A HUGE part of the details are the flowers, so you want to make sure you go with the florist that gets you and your style. After all, flowers can help seal the deal on the vibe that you’re going for! An example is if you are going for a romantic vibe, roses and peonies work really well for that. If you’re thinking more of a boho vibe, then garden roses, eucalyptus and dahlias fit that vibe.

So who in Houston is talented and makes my floral loving heart skip a beat?? Let’s dig in!

College Park Flowers

I was introduced to College Park Flowers when I was covering an event at the Houston Event Venue. They had installations of flowers around the entire space, and it was creative and gorgeous! One of my favorite installations is pictured below. It’s a bit boho, a bit modern and all around gorgeous!!

Amie, the owner, is also really nice and takes the vision you have and then takes it to the next level! All of my Christmas and Spring Mini’s included her flowers and the arch/couch. When we were discussing my vision she confirmed what I wanted and then suggested things I had never thought about. And when the flowers and rentals were delivered, she was way above what I had envisioned, I was blown away. I know that from my personal experience with her, she will exceed my couple’s expectations as well, because that’s just who she is.Two amazingly talented florists in Houston College Park Flowers (more…)

Top 5 Places in Houston to Geek out at Over your Engagement!

Top 5 Places in Houston to Geek out at Over your Engagement!

Huzzah!! You just got engaged and you want to paint the town red. But just not any place will do, you want to celebrate somewhere special, somewhere that understands your geeky soul. That’s where I come in!! I made this list of top 5 places in Houston to geek out at as I discovered each one. I wanted to geek out at after getting engaged in 2010 too, when I got engaged!

These are great spots for going with your betrothed or a group of friends and family. Basically anyone in your life who understands or geeky ways and loves it.

The Hobbit Cafe

This place is a little slice of Hobbit Heaven. It’s the perfect place to geek out over getting engaged with your nearest and dearest. They have signs up all over the venue that have Gandalf, Samwise, Frodo and more to make you feel at home. Their sandwich menu has items named after different characters from the movies, and honestly it makes them seem even more enticing. The drinks come out in Hobbit themed glasses, it’s honestly a themed treat! There’s plenty of space for your gang, the food and drink are amazing, you just can’t go wrong here! My personal favorite it the fish tacos, they are so good!! Oh and they have loads of beers here, you’ll never be wanting for something new or different.Top 5 places in Houston to geek out atHobbit Cafe Houston (more…)

How to Have a July 4th Wedding that’s Glamorous

How to Have a July 4th Wedding that’s Glamorous

I don’t know about you, but when I think about a July 4th wedding, all I see are primary colors. Honestly, it feels a tad juvenile, or as my friend put it, it gives off a party store quality to it. So how do you plan a wedding around that date and glam it up a bit? You know I gotchu!!

Let’s be Subtle

With a July 4th wedding, there is the tendency to think of picnic tables decked out in primary red and blue hues with not only the plates and napkins, but also the flowers and goblets. And to that I say “whooooah, chill!”. What if you did a more elegant take and did a more jewel tone blue with pops of maroon thrown in as an accent color? Also, it would be beautiful to have old china with a blue or red pattern on them as part of the table setting.

July 4th wedding


You’d Never Guess My Secret to Awesome Engagement Photos

You’d Never Guess My Secret to Awesome Engagement Photos

awesome engagement photosRaise your hand if getting your picture taken makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable ?? And keep it raised if you feel more awkward when it comes to engagement photos! I remember when Robert and I were getting ready for our engagement pictures, I was worried about looking as dorky as I felt inside.

Now that I am on the other side of the lens, I realize all couples feel awkward in front of the camera. In fact, I find men to feel more awkward than the women. Which is why they are typically vocal about not wanting to take pictures, and a lot of times dread it.

But you know what? I have some tricks up my sleeve! In fact I have a few tricks to make you feel less awkward. So let’s dig into my secret stash of tricks!

1. Strike the Right Vibe

Are you and your fiancé more private in nature? Does the thought of having people watch you during the engagement session make you uncomfortable? If you don’t want to be taking photos in front of bystanders or pedestrians, I highly recommend avoiding grafitti walls or murals on a weekend when the lighting is perfect. Instead, let’s go somewhere a little more remote and private. But, if you don’t care, then let’s incorporate that grafitti wall into your session!

Below you can see two examples, one in a gorgeous bar and another at a private park. Both are exactly the vibe the couple wanted.amazing engagement photosamazing engagement photos (more…)