Houston Event Photographer | Mostess Event

Hostess with the Mostess

Did you know that Houston has its own subscription box? One geared towards people who love entertaining in their home, with a love for unique find ands alcohol? Yeah, neither did I! But it’s true! It’s called The Mostess Box and they had a launch party a little bit ago to show off all of their awesome boxes they have planned. I was there to capture all the details and awesome women in attendance!

The Party

In each corner of the space there was a a different styled bar cart or table. It featured each upcoming box, the contents for each one, in a cute stylized way. If the box featured food, we got to snack on it! There were two customized drinks as well, which were dangerously delicious by the way. Other fun touches? Swag bags, macrons with the box’s logo on it, and an incredible confetti bar! I made a ton of boomerang videos of it as well!


The launch party could not have happened if it hadn’t had the wonderful support of the following people:

Event Design: Mostess Box

Photography: C Wright Photography

Venue: 2929 Weslayan

Mostess Sign: Post Studio Projects Houston

Floral Design: Lanson B Jones

VIP Box Bar Cart Design: Renovate

Spring Box Bar Cart Design: Toast from the Host

Summer Box Bar Cart Design: Lanson B Jones

Founder’s Box Bar Cart Design: Shop the Manor

Winter Box Bar Cart Design: Mostess Box

Calligraphy & Hand Lettering: For Love and Lettering

Macarons: Wink By Erica

Cocktail Mix Ins: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co

Mostess Napkins: Murchison Dry Goods

mostess-launch-party1mostess-launch-party4 (more…)

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Gilmore Girls Coffee Fun!

Gilmore Girls

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Gilmore Girls has a new season coming out on Netflix this November. The show ended in 2007, so to have it revived is exciting, and with the full cast no less! Now that the show is in the home stretch to its new season, Netflix is doing some pretty awesome things to get its viewers engaged. Last week cafes across the USA transformed into Luke’s Diner, served coffee and donuts & had fun signs outside their shops. Three coffee shops in Houston participated, thus my friend Stacy and I knew we had to go!


Bosta Kitchen

We got up before the sun was up and drove to Bosta Kitchen. We got there 20 minutes before it was set to open, thinking we would be near the front of the line. Nope! Stacy and I had underestimated the Gilmore Girls fandom, the line was roughly 40 people deep.

gilmore girls


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Hello Fresh Review

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with cooking new recipes each week with healthy food = enter me trying out Hello Fresh. Their website says the recipes and ingredients are created by a chef using farm fresh ingredients. I specifically chose this box because it was started by Jamie Oliver–he knows what he is talking about when it comes to nutrition and also knows how to make things delicious.

The Ordering Process

You get to choose from 6 recipes to be delivered to your home the following week. When browsing you get to see all the ingredients, its level of difficulty and how long it will take to make the dish. I chose three recipes the first week for two people {you can choose between meals for 2 or 4 people}: burgers, a stir fry and a ginger chicken dish. I was super excited!! The box for 3 meals for two people is pricey, but I had a coupon for the first two weeks, so it wasn’t super expensive those two weeks.

Houston wedding photographer


The box came on time, and Hello Fresh sent me an email with a tracking number just in case. Thus I was able to have piece of mind while awaiting my food. The box is bright and colorful. It is branded in their colors {green and white} and had fun saying on it.

Houston wedding photographer


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Houston Family Photographer Heck Family

Houston Family Photographer Heck Family

It’s Friday here and Houston and still sizzling hot.  However, it’s almost the weekend and I am so excited.  I was also thankful to do these not in the blazing sun back in July, as it is so hot in the summers here!  Hey, I am not complaining, but you won’t hear me complain about the fall’s arrival either.  Next up on the blog this Friday is the sweet Heck family and their daughter’s (Callie) cake smash and 1 year portraits.

About this Houston Family Photographer Session

Robert looked awesome as he wore a purple dress shirt and grey dress slacks. Wendy work a pink shirt and a black maxi skirt. She complimented it with a black necklace.  Callie, the star of the show, started off in a onesie with a pink flamingo on it. Then she changed into a gorgeous dress with multicolored dots on it and striped belt that said “Birthday Girl” at the front. As she dug into the cake, she wore just a diaper and a bib that says “It’s my birthday!” in pinks, greens and blues to match the cake.

Callie turned one! To celebrate Wendy and Robert hired me to capture their daughter at The Studio HTX. We did a few family pictures and then we let Callie go crazy on the cake. Some of her images have her jubilant because she normally gets told NO when she tries to dig into foods with her fingers, and that day she was encouraged to go nuts on the cake.



“ONE” banner from Ladybug Party Fun {Etsy}

Pink banner from LoveGarlands {Etsy and Instagram}

Balloons from Party City

Cake from Jenny’s Bakery {FB}


Houston Family Photographer-_0826Houston Family Photographer-_0827


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Houston Maternity Photographer | Coleman’s

Houston Maternity Photographer, the Colemans

I hope everyone is having a great week and I am so happy it’s Friday.  Although, for some photographers, work begins on the weekend.  Blogging, however, does happen during the week and I am so excited to share this Houston Maternity Photographer session that I took back in July of this year.


About this Houston Maternity Session

We took to Discovery Green and the Color and Cloth Wall in downtown Houston.  Emily, Andy, and Olivia were all such troopers and so much fun to work with.  Andy chose to be comfy in his blue polo and jeans.  Olivia (their sweet daughter) started off in a cute white top with a multicolored tutu in shades of pink, blue and yellow. To compliment, Emily wore a white shirt and a a shawl overtop in shades of pinks and blues, while wearing jeans. She complimented the outfit with earring and a necklace from Kendra Scott.  Once they got to the color wall, Olivia changed into a blue dress and a beige headband, now with a side braid. Emily changed into a black dress and blue jean jacket, while keeping her accessories the same.

This sweet family invested in my baby plan and you may have seen the previous post documenting their gender reveal.  A little while prior to that, I even shot their wedding.  To say that these guys mean so much to me, is just an understatement.  This Houston maternity session was just the next step in documenting these precious moments for this adorable family.   I don’t know if it is obvious, but Andy is so excited about baby Louis, the pride just beams off his face! Olivia is also super excited and was literally jumping in excitement of her baby brother during the session.


Houston Maternity Photographer-_0816Houston Maternity Photographer-_0817


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Houston Adult Cake Smash Photographer – Kris

Happy Sunday y’all! This session is like Sunday Brunch, it’s fun, it’s decadent and it gets a little crazy! Meet Kris and do keep reading so you can see her adorable Houston adult cake smash photographer session!

What is an Adult Cake Smash session, you ask?  Well, just look at the photos below!  It is so much fun when babies do it, but even more fun when a grown adult is willing to be a mess to celebrate their milestones in their lives!  We took to Little G Farm for this session.  It’s a quiet and dainty place, perfect for portraits with stunning light.  A perfect place for this session!   Kris wore several petticoats at the same time, all purchased from Malco Modes, an online store with amazing petticoats for all ages.

Kris turned 35 and wanted to do an adult cash smash to celebrate! She got her friend Chloe to make the cake and wore an adorable outfit with at least 4 petticoats.  Kris made the candy balls on the box with the cake herself. The macaroons and marshmallows on top of the cake were by Petite Sweets!

I do hope you enjoy looking at this session as much as I did photographing it.  Please do drop me a line for more information on sessions and how to book them.  I would love to meet you!  Be sure to email me with any questions and be sure to keep scrolling below to see those adorable highlights.


Houston Adult Cake Smash Photographer-_0176Houston Adult Cake Smash Photographer-_0177

Houston Adult Cake Smash Photographer-_0178


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Houston Portrait Photographer – Coleman Gender Reveal

Hope everyone is doing well this week and staying dry.  As we Houstonians are preparing for another round of rain, I thought it would be a great time to share…

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Toronto Portrait Photographer | Girl-Power Session, Tara

Toronto Portrait Photographer Still making my way through these sessions and came across this one.  I just love to make women feel empowered.  Tara and I have gone to school…

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