Texas Wedding Photographer | Crystal’s Bridals at The Bell Tower on 34th

Texas Wedding Photographer | Crystal’s Bridals at The Bell Tower on 34th

The Bell Tower on 34th is a favorite of mine within the downtown Houston area, so when Crystal was getting married there and doing her bridals there, I knew I was in for a treat! Crystal brought her mom and her sister, which was perfect for dress fluffing, hair fixing and keeping her laughing. And it was the perfect day for these photos at The Bell Tower! It wasn’t too humid, which, if you live in Houston, you know is a miracle. We had lots of sun and there were so many gorgeous areas in The Bell Tower to take pictures. (more…)

Houston Senior Photographer | JW’s Houston Senior Session

Houston Senior Photographer | JW’s Houston Senior Session

Houston is full of awesome areas to do a senior session – and I had so much fun with JW! Being a Houston senior photographer means that I get to explore our city to find fun ways to incorporate my client’s personalities into their images.  Not only did we get to use the awesome murals in downtown Houston, but we were able to find a beautiful wooded area for a more traditional vibe. One thing about JW: he loves to workout and football. We were able to go to a gym and get some super fun and unique senior shots that really show off his personality.

Senior photos are the kind of thing that you look back on to remember exactly who you were in high school. I know I remember vividly! In such a transient time, you want to make sure that you’ve got a photographer that will capture that for you. When JW and I met, he had a clear vision in his mind for these pictures. I tried to pay homage to exactly who JW is, while also thinking about his family and the things that they would want to see when they look back at these photos.  We had a blast – and I think you’ll be able to see that when you check out the images!

The Graffiti Walls

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San Diego Portrait Photographer | Cosplay and Comic-Con

San Diego Portrait Photographer | Cosplay and Comic-Con

Cosplay and Comic-Con go hand in hand, especially at San Diego! The biggest and most star-studded of all the comic-cons, San Diego has created something truly magical. So when Colleen approached me a year ago to come to San Diego and capture her and her sister/friends in their group set, the next thing I did was look up flights. I was there!

Critical Role Cosplay

For the uninitiated {so, basically me} Critical Role is a web series where a group of professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. So all the characters from this world are rangers, druids and the like, including a dungeon master. I envision it in my head as a cross between Lord of the Rings and Labirynth personally. From this inspiration, Colleen and her group designed their look, which I have to say turned out amazingly!

Colleen and her friends and family had different looks for each day, with intricate details. I believe they prepare all year for this, which you can see in the quality of their outfits. A few of them even have their own Instagram accounts and websites. You should check them out, it’s impressive.

Offbeat Worlds

She went as Keyleth, and I love the attention to detail in her outfit. Especially her staff! She has her own Facebook page and shows off more than just her incredible outfits, she is an incredible artist too.

Cosplay and Comic Con (more…)

Houston Portrait Photographer | Adult Cake Smash

Houston Portrait Photographer | Adult Cake Smash

Robert’s Adult Cake Smash

My husband turned 30 this year and it hit me a week before his birthday–he needed to do a manly cake smash!! Robert was initially not into it, questioning why a cake smash needed to happen, to which I said “you have a problem eating a delicious vanilla cake without utensils and getting messy?”. When he saw it that way, he was convinced!!

I thankfully had a lot of the pieces for the shoot already, like the glass tumbler and coke, as well as the banner that said “Birthday Dude”, so all that was needed for this cake smash was a cake and a cake stand! I also might have picked up a donut or two to complete the look.

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Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Minis!

Houston Portrait Photographer | Christmas Minis!

Christmas Minis 2017

What most people do for their Christmas pictures is go to an elaborate setup outdoors. I remember my first year doing this and all of us sweating and feeling uncomfortable. I literally had to wipe sweat off my brow as I was taking pictures, as the kids squirmed from the heat! We all know that in Houston you can never count on the temperature to drop in November.
I believe portraits are precious time capsules in your life. Thus, for 2017 I want to make it different. Sessions in a studio, my new studio! A white tufted couch, a Christmas tree, lots of laughter and your family captured as they are. I might have treats, who knows!! But what you can count on? No sweating, just great light and a relaxed atmosphere.
Christmas Minis

All the Fine Details

  • November 18 & 19, from 10am to 3:30pm
  • 20 minute sessions, 10 digital images
  • Mom gets hair OR makeup as part of the package
  • $275 plus tax
  • The studio is in EADO, so it is centrally located
Email Christine to book: christine@cwrightphotographyhouston.com
Houston Branding Photographer | Focused + Fit

Houston Branding Photographer | Focused + Fit

At the beginning of 2017 I started offering branding photography to small businesses. It’s only fitting that in this new arena that my first client would come from my crossfit community. The crossfit community has been so great to me, it was where I started with in my photography journey and has opened so many doors in my journey.

Meet Lisa

Lisa has been a dedicated member of Pearland CrossFit for longer than I have been attending. It is obvious her dedication to eating cleanly and working out when you meet her. Her passion for all things fitness/food organically led led to her becoming a CrossFit level 1 trainer and getting her Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Focused + Fit’s Branding

Enter Focused + Fit! When Lisa decided she wanted to help others and start her own business, she decided on branding colors of orange and white. Her logo is simple and clean, as is her website. When we started discussing what she wanted as her branding pictures, she wanted to keep things consistent in coloring and cleanliness. We did a few concepts–meeting a client, working out and cooking healthy meals. We had pops of orange throughout the imagery to tie into her branding and honestly I love it!

Concept One: Client Meeting

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