Houston Portrait Photographer | Adult Cake Smash

Robert’s Adult Cake Smash

My husband turned 30 this year and it hit me a week before his birthday–he needed to do a manly cake smash!! Robert was initially not into it, questioning why a cake smash needed to happen, to which I said “you have a problem eating a delicious vanilla cake without utensils and getting messy?”. When he saw it that way, he was convinced!!

I thankfully had a lot of the pieces for the shoot already, like the glass tumbler and coke, as well as the banner that said “Birthday Dude”, so all that was needed for this cake smash was a cake and a cake stand! I also might have picked up a donut or two to complete the look.

adult cake smashadult cake smashbirthday dude (more…)

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Houston Branding Photographer | Focused + Fit

At the beginning of 2017 I started offering branding photography to small businesses. It’s only fitting that in this new arena that my first client would come from my crossfit community. The crossfit community has been so great to me, it was where I started with in my photography journey and has opened so many doors in my journey. And now that I am a Houston branding photographer, I love that this community embraces what I am doing!

Meet Lisa

Lisa has been a dedicated member of Pearland CrossFit for longer than I have been attending. It is obvious her dedication to eating cleanly and working out when you meet her. Her passion for all things fitness/food organically led led to her becoming a CrossFit level 1 trainer and getting her Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Focused + Fit’s Branding

Enter Focused + Fit Nutrition! When Lisa decided she wanted to help others and start her own business, she decided on branding colors of orange and white. Her logo is simple and clean, as is her website. When we started discussing what she wanted as her branding pictures, she wanted to keep things consistent in coloring and cleanliness. We did a few concepts–meeting a client, working out and cooking healthy meals. We had pops of orange throughout the imagery to tie into her branding and honestly I love it!

Concept One: Client Meeting

nutritionist from Focused and Fit Nutrition meeting with a client at Pearland Coffee Roasters captured by Swish and Click Photography nutritionist from Focused and Fit Nutrition meeting with a client at Pearland Coffee Roasters captured by Swish and Click Photography


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Houston Portrait Photographer | Mommy & Me Minis Pt 2

Mommy & Me Minis These next two Mommy & Me minis were set in the morning. The very early morning! The sun was so much softer, a little less golden.…

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Houston Portrait Photographer – Fall Mini Sessions Pt. 3!

Houston Portrait Photographer - Mini Session Time!! These mini-sessions were so much fun! Getting to work with people as sweet at these gals is definitely one of the biggest perks of…

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Houston Portrait Photographer – Fall Mini Sessions Pt 1

October was the time for fall mini sessions and I found the perfect nook to take some beautiful pictures. I got to meet some sweet families and we had fun playing around.

The Gill Family

Kendall, the mom, originally was going to have it just be of her two boys but when they arrived, everyone joined in the fun. They are a fun, easy-going family, the boys loving baseball, biking and basically anything outdoors. I knew we had to incorporate some of that into the pictures! The youngest reminded me of myself–high energy and gregarious. He was always trying to sneak in funny faces and be silly. The oldest was a great compliment to his brother, and Kendall told me they are best friends. You know, best friends who love to beat each other up!

Houston portrait photographer


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Houston Portrait Photographer – Baby Coleman

Houston Portrait Photographer – Baby Coleman

By now, I’m sure Andy and Emily look pretty familiar! I’ve been capturing their love since their wedding in 2015. I had the honor of photographing their newest son, Louis Brooks, who was born on September 22, at a whopping 8 lbs. 8 oz. As mommies, we of course love the times when our babies are the littlest. We love their little toes, little fingers and little lips. When we’re new mommies, we even love their little diapers. Because of this, we obviously wanted to capture Louis at his tiniest. We decided to meet a few days after his birth so that I could document the excitement that is brought about by the freshness of a new baby in the family.

His older sister, Olivia was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire session! I can tell she’s going to be a great big sister. She was careful but loving with Lou the entire session–it was precious!

Being a huge Potter-head myself, I absolutely adored the Harry Potter themed scarf that we were able to use for the session. We also used swaddling blankets from Target, and an adorable green dinosaur and fox hat. I really think the personality of the family came out through these pictures– which obviously means they’re some of my favorites! Seeing as I have photographed the Colemans for a few years now, I feel like I’ve gotten to watch their hearts grow before my eyes. I can’t wait to document the next big stage of their life. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your family in such an intimate way. I love you all! <3




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Houston family photographer – Gnatt Family

Houston family photographer – Gnatt Family

The Gnatt family was an absolute blast to work with! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Justine and her handsome men after she won a session in a silent auction!  I love being a Houston family photographer, so this was extra exciting! <3

We decided on a fun, light outdoor session with plenty of natural lighting and giggles to go around!

We started our journey at the super fun graffiti wall on Leland and finished up our session at Discovery Green. Beautiful shades of green and blue were worn which tied in perfectly with the light, outdoor setting.

My favorite part of this session had to be when Brixton and his parents got to play with the super fun superhero gear brought along. It’s always beautiful to see families playing together. It touched my heart to see that Matt and Justine are not just parents, teachers, and leaders for their beautiful son Brixton, but also a playmates and friends who get to share in the bountiful fun that is enjoyed at this age.

I remember my dad chasing me around the house playing tag or pretending he didn’t hear my giggles from behind the curtains when we played hide-and-go-seek. These moments are the moments my heart lives for, and the moments I love capturing. Being able to provide the Gnatt’s with a snapshot of this fun, exciting time in their life was such an honor. I know they will truly cherish every fleeting moment of love, fun and laughter they, as a family, are blessed with.

Houston portrait photographerbevern-portraits5-web



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Back to School Mini Sessions!

Something New!

This year I threw caution to the wind and offered back to school mini sessions in August. I wanted to capture kids as the embarked on their next school year, as I know time is fleeting. Your children will only be this age once and getting a few pictures of them as they move onto a new stage is precious! I also remember, as a child, having new clothes for the first day and the excitement {yet nervousness} of starting in a new class. Would be friends be in this class; would that guy who hates me sit near me? Lastly, would me teacher be nice? Photographing these kids brought it all back.

The Sessions

Little did I know that I would be booking cute children who were {mainly} starting their first year of school. Guys, the cuteness. It was insane!! I felt my heart growing two sizes as I got to know these children. They were all learning to read, loving the pictures in their books. Coloring was also adored, as well as a globe I purchased.

Houston portrait photographerking-bts-7-web


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Behind the Camera Series: My Why

As I sit on my parent’s porch I think about why I love photographing weddings and portraits. As I grow older things become clearer. In my youth I felt like I had all the time in the world and that my friends and family were going to be with me for a good long time. Therefore I could skip important moments because they would happen again. It wasn’t until one of my grandparents passed away that I started to realize how fleeting life is. It has become even more important now that I live almost three thousand miles from my family.


For my wedding, three of my grandparents were not able to be there either from passing away or being too ill to come. Therefore the one remaining grandmother who did come was a big deal. Not just for me, but for her as well. She loved Robert and was excited to see us marry. Our wedding was one of the last times we had her in a picture with the entire family, wearing her favorite coral dress. Even though she couldn’t walk at this point, it didn’t matter, she was there are and grinning in every picture.



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