Fun, Romantic Houston Engagement Session | Aubrey + Sean

Fun, Romantic Houston Engagement Session | Aubrey + Sean

When I met Aubrey and Sean, I knew that we were going to have the best time capturing their engagements session. I was beyond right!! This engagement session was equal parts fun and romantic, as we strolled the Houston Arboretum. These two are so passionate about each other that the session basically captured itself. They fall into each other and needed almost no direction. In between sets? We would crack jokes and laugh. It was seriously such a fun, romantic Houston engagement session!

Aubrey + Sean

These two met at the volleyball court where Aubrey lived while they were both going to A&M. Their group of friends would hang out afterwards and there was a spark, which turned into this amazing relationship! They dated for the rest of the time they went to A&M, going to football games, having date nights and everything in between. When it came to proposing, Sean wanted to do it on their 5 year anniversary. They were going out on the town for their anniversary and at the last minute Aubrey changed up Sean’s outfit–no jacket and a different pair of pants. Pants that would show a ring sized box, and with no jacket, where was he to hide the ring box? Sean got inventive, and as he told the story, I collapsed into laughter–he had to hide it down his pants!! And so throughout dinner, he is literally sitting on this box! To get it out, he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and comes back and proposes. Obviously Aubrey said yes!

I effing love how much these two are completely, passionately in love. You can see it in the easy way they joke with each other, their stolen glances and goofy antics. When I say their engagement session was effortless, I mean it. Want to make out? Sure they do! Want to be silly? Dang skippy! After this session, I am so excited for their wedding! I know we are going to have a blast!

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Dreamy Houston Engagement Session | Megan + Amedeo

Dreamy Houston Engagement Session | Megan + Amedeo

When Megan told me about her vision for her engagement session, it was all about showcasing the Houston skyline and her Vespa! And what it turned into? A dreamy Houston engagement session! I will be honest, I love Megan’s Vespa and it makes me want to own one. It’s not totally impractical for local suburb driving, right? We did a good chunk of the session at Eleanor Tinsley Park, which was perfect for the Houston skyline!

Megan + Amedeo

These two have such a passion for life together! They are the kind of couple who love experiencing *life* together. One of the things I do to get to know the couples I capture, is to send them a questionnaire to see what they love to do together. These two? They are foodies! They love cooking together and trying out different restaurants. One of their favorite dishes? Eggs benedict. And they have perfected the cooking of the eggs and the Hollandaise sauce over 17 Saturday mornings. Honestly? I feel like I need to try their dish because of that time commitment. I mean, aren’t you curious as to what ingredients they tweaked to get it just right? And considering I love eggs benedict, I feel I am the perfect candidate to try this amazing recipe.
What are some things you love doing with your significant other {if you have one}? Let me know in the comments!

Dreamy Houston Engagement Session

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Fun Houston Engagement Session | Courtney + Dylan

Fun Houston Engagement Session | Courtney + Dylan

I love it when I can say on my blog “fun Houston engagement session”. You know why? It means that things clicked with my clients and we had a blast! It also means that the session was relaxed, we got great photos and we laughed a lot. With Courtney and Dylan, there was not shortage of laughter! They brought their puppy Ranger, who basically stole the show!!

We did the session at a park close by, and, as you can see from the photos, we had a blast! Ranger loved all the activity. He also loved snuggling with his parents and smelling everything!! Courtney and Dylan laughed at his antics, and I made them kiss a lot. You know, typical engagement stuff!

About Courtney + Dylan

These two looooove traveling together! They have been to Las Vegas, Colorado, New Orleans and a ton of Texas road trips. They are also planning a European honeymoon, which will be epic! I know recently they were at Lake Travis just enjoying the water and the sun. I was a little jealous, not going to lie! They love going to live music and dancing together, so I guess it’s a good thing I made them dance in the session! When they aren’t out, they love watching movies together and eating either Mexican food or a good steak. And honestly, that’s what my husband and I do a lot too! They have been together since 2016 and are crazy in love. I think the pictures below show how deep their connection is.

I can’t wait for their wedding day!!

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Dunlavy, Houston TX Wedding | Carson + Katy

Dunlavy, Houston TX Wedding | Carson + Katy

Carson and Katy’s The Dunlavy Houston, TX wedding was such a magical event!! And why do I say magical? Because their wedding had a delightful Harry Potter theme weaved throughout it! Do you remember when I blogged about their marriage proposal a bit ago? Well these amazing ladies are now married!!

Their wedding day was the day before New Year’s Eve, and although it was raining, it didn’t stop them from having the best time! As well, there is an old wives tale that says rain on your wedding day is good luck. As someone who had rain on their wedding day, I am going to firmly believe this tale!

Getting Ready

Carson + Katy got ready at Hotel Zaza. They got a suite with two bedrooms, so each of them could get in their gowns without the other seeing them. It was a wonderful setup, as the middle area allowed the wedding party to hang out, for hair and makeup to happen, and everyone to have fun! Carson brought the golden snitch ring box she made, and I brought a wand or two! It made for some amazing detail pictures of the rings and invitations. Both women honored their family in the jewelry they wore–Katy wearing a pearl calla lily necklace passed down from her grandmother, and Carson a silver ring that was her grandmother’s. They were perfect for each bride.

They did their family portraits at the hotel as well as signing the ketubah. The signing was a special moment, and those closest to the couple were in the room when it was signed. I might have teared up with a few of their bridesmaids…and obviously hid behind my camera! As everyone left to go to the ceremony/reception site, they went by a trolley that was specifically chosen as it resembled Hogwarts Express. My heart was basically exploding over these perfect touches!

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Rice University Wedding Photographer | Erin + Carter

Rice University Wedding Photographer | Erin + Carter

Remember the dinosaur loving couple I blogged about a few months ago? Well, these two lovely people are married now!! Erin and Carter truly had the most dino-licious wedding ever! Their wedding was at Rice University, where their engagement photos were taken. The details in this wedding were top notch but best of all they were surrounded by those they love best. It was an awesome day to be a Rice University wedding photographer, I tell ya!

The Dino Deets

Erin and Carter did some badass things to incorporate their theme into their wedding. When you look through the photos, you will see that there were dinosaurs on the invitations, as well as dino-cufflinks! Erin designed the invitations herself, and you would never know because they look so good. Erin also decided to have a tropical feel to the flowers, a la Jurassic Park. Their reception space was decorated to perfection with balloons that spelled DINOMITE on the dance floor. It was the perfect backdrop for the dancing photos, and was just a lot of fun! Lastly, the cakes were topped with a groom and bride dinosaur, and when I saw it I laughed. It was perfect!! A surprise happened though, as people brought dinosaur costumes and blow up dinosaurs as they partied on the dance floor! It was seriously the best best time!

I will say that the catering for the wedding was some of the best BBQ I have had while living in Houston! So much so, that I forced my husband to go there after the wedding to try it! As well, the cakes by Wink by Erica were so dang delicious. Not going to lie, my second photographer and I tried all the flavors and split the slices between us to try them all. I think the whisky chocolate flavor was my favorite! I mean, y’all know I am foodie, so of course I am going to brag about their food if I adore it!

Rad Vendors

Planner: Southern Spirits Events

Dress: David’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty

Flowers: Events with a Twist

Catering: The Pit Room

Cakes: Wink by Erica

DJ: Bartending 2U

Officiant: Christina Keefe

So let’s dig into the photos! It was a beautiful day and we had the best time!!

Getting Ready

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Houston Arboretum Wedding Photographer | Megan + Preston

Houston Arboretum Wedding Photographer | Megan + Preston

I don’t know if you know this, but I am low-key obsessed with the Houston Arboretum. In fact I like to think of myself as the Houston Arboretum wedding photographer simply because of my obsession. I have liked this place long before capturing this wedding, but after, wooooboy! I am obsessed. But enough about me. This blog post is all about the fun, fabulous and gorgeous Megan + Preston!!

These two are self confessed non-traditional when it comes to their wedding. Their favorite things to do together are drink at local breweries, hike and love on their animals! So when it came to planning their wedding, they first wanted to just elope. But then they decided to have a small wedding at the Houston Arboretum and a killer reception at St. Arnold’s Brewery.

Getting Ready

Since the Arboretum doesn’t have a getting ready space for weddings, Megan and Preston got rooms at The Sam. This hotel is super fun, has a gorgeous banquet hall {where the first look happened} and lots of great light in their rooms.

Throughout this entire process delicious champagne was sipped and hearty toasts made!

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