Christmas Mini’s | Houston Family Photographer

In November I offered Christmas mini’s and had a really fun time capturing these families! It was an abnormally warm day {wait, that’s been all fall, am I right?}. The sun was strong, so wearing layers was uncomfortable at best. These pictures were made festive by the pine trees, the hanging of ornaments and other fun activities.

The first family have two young children, so we did some tree decorating, reading of books by the tree and then an adorable shot of the son traveling in a mini car towing his baby sister. I love that photo, it is just so sweet! Lastly, if you can catch it, Santa might have made a cameo in one of the pictures.

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The next session was a family that love country-sheek and I love a lot. I photographed the daughter when I was first starting out and I crossfit with the mom, so they are used to my quirky style! This session the sun started to set and the haze in these pictures make me happy 🙂

Blanchard Minis4 webBlanchard Minis5 webBlanchard Minis6 webBlanchard Minis7 webBlanchard Minis8 webBlanchard Minis11 webBlanchard Minis14 webBlanchard Minis18 webBlanchard Xmas1 web

My last family for the day has twin daughters–I love twins! I have done crossfit with the mom off and on for 3 years {she goes to the 5:15am class a lot, I don’t because I am not that kind of morning person}, and we would see each other a lot when I attended the Saturday class. I loved this session because both girls are funny, sweet and a little devilish. I love dynamic of this family and can’t wait to capture them again!

Ferrara Minis4 webFerrara Minis6 webFerrara Minis9 webFerrara Minis12 webFerrara Minis13 webFerrara Minis27 webFerrara Minis35 webFerrara Minis37 web

For 2016, I will be offering themed mini sessions for Back-to-School season {so August, when it’s nice and hot!} and Christmas {one day each weekend from October 15 to November 20th}. I will also be offering non-themed mini-sessions throughout the year, available weekday mornings.