Creative Processing Workshop Review

Right after my Magic of Light workshop I took another one, but this time on creative processing of the pictures I take. I was interested in this workshop because the person running it {Sarah Cornish} produces some of the most visually stunning pictures that are so distinctive I know immediately they are hers when I see them on my Facebook newsfeed. So when I saw her hosting an online workshop I jumped at the chance to be part of what she was doing.

This workshop has transformed my post processing from images being in the memory card, to the end of it where I deliver pictures to clients. I feel like this workshop has helped me hone my processing style and approach it in a way I didn’t consider before. I am much more comfortable using actions in both Photoshop and Lightroom and might have a small collection of actions, as I love them!!

Below are some of the examples of previous pictures I took and redid them with new inspiration, on the road to redefining my processing style.

blog1 Blog2 Blog3

If you are looking for a workshop that will help you find your distinctive style in post-processing and want to kick your pictures up a notch {or three!}, then don’t hesitate. This workshop is awesome and the feedback from Sarah Cornish is very helpful!

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