Dreamy Houston Engagement Session | Megan + Amedeo

Dreamy Houston Engagement Session | Megan + Amedeo

When Megan told me about her vision for her engagement session, it was all about showcasing the Houston skyline and her Vespa! And what it turned into? A dreamy Houston engagement session! I will be honest, I love Megan’s Vespa and it makes me want to own one. It’s not totally impractical for local suburb driving, right? We did a good chunk of the session at Eleanor Tinsley Park, which was perfect for the Houston skyline!

Megan + Amedeo

These two have such a passion for life together! They are the kind of couple who love experiencing *life* together. One of the things I do to get to know the couples I capture, is to send them a questionnaire to see what they love to do together. These two? They are foodies! They love cooking together and trying out different restaurants. One of their favorite dishes? Eggs benedict. And they have perfected the cooking of the eggs and the Hollandaise sauce over 17 Saturday mornings. Honestly? I feel like I need to try their dish because of that time commitment. I mean, aren’t you curious as to what ingredients they tweaked to get it just right? And considering I love eggs benedict, I feel I am the perfect candidate to try this amazing recipe.
What are some things you love doing with your significant other {if you have one}? Let me know in the comments!

Dreamy Houston Engagement Session

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