Galveston Engagement Photographer – Sarah & Earl

Galveston Engagement

Sarah and Earl had lots of ideas for their engagement session, a family farm {gorgeous idea!}, their venue or Galveston. Since these two love Galveston and it has a ton of visual interest, they decided on there. And it wouldn’t be an engagement without Sarah’s son Noah. The four of us got up to antics and fun one gorgeous morning, with some great pictures as a result!!

City Hall

We started the session at City Hall, all the cool looking pillars, with the brick made for some great images. And you know I can’t just have smiling pictures, I always require on tongue picture. Please enjoy their tongues *wink*

Since the sun was rising quickly, we had to find refuge in some greenery. Twist my arm! I love that you can quite literally walk one block in Galveston and find totally different and unique backdrops! Galveston, I love you.Galveston engagement photographer

Those eyelashes though! And they are all real! Eat your heart out lash extensions!

Then we went for a walk and found this on our way to old-towne Galveston. Brick, pillars, bright colors, yes please! I also love how much you can feel the love between these three. Also, check out Sarah’s smile–y’all she’s so in love! Houston engagement photographer

Right around the corner from the green door is this epic white door. I now want to remodel my home and install one of these doors to make everyone feel grand as they enter my home. 

Someone I know is growing up a little too fast and is feel sassy about it. You go Noah!

Two peas in a pod. 

I have said it before and I will say it again–blue Tardis! Also, there is no phone in this booth, in case you were wondering.Galveston wedding photographer

This is one awesome and happy family. I am so lucky to have captured them just like this.Galveston engagement photographer

Anyone else feeling like they need to go to Galveston and take pictures? I love how so many parts of Galveston that look cool are so close together. Thank you Sarah, Earl & Noah for an awesome session! Your wedding is going to be amazing!


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