Gilmore Girls Coffee Fun!

Gilmore Girls

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Gilmore Girls has a new season coming out on Netflix this November. The show ended in 2007, so to have it revived is exciting, and with the full cast no less! Now that the show is in the home stretch to its new season, Netflix is doing some pretty awesome things to get its viewers engaged. Last week cafes across the USA transformed into Luke’s Diner, served coffee and donuts & had fun signs outside their shops. Three coffee shops in Houston participated, thus my friend Stacy and I knew we had to go!


Bosta Kitchen

We got up before the sun was up and drove to Bosta Kitchen. We got there 20 minutes before it was set to open, thinking we would be near the front of the line. Nope! Stacy and I had underestimated the Gilmore Girls fandom, the line was roughly 40 people deep.

gilmore girls

Once they opened, it took some time to get inside, but coffee and donuts greeted us! I got a latte because I am addicted to espresso. I also got a plain donut, which paired perfectly with the espresso. There were fun signs around the cafe about cell phone use and selfies. The staff all wore Luke’s shirts and there were coffee quotes on the cup sleeve. We loved all the little touches and were completely charmed.

gilmore-girls-3gilmore-girls-5gilmore-girls-6Houston wedding photographer

I have to hand it to Netflix for getting all these coffee shops to do this. It made me more excited for the new season, if that were possible!

gilmore-girls-7Houston wedding photographer

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