Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

I have been doing some reflecting about what I would do if I were to renew my vows or if I could go back in time and redo the style and theme of my wedding. I love a lot of things, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all things super-hero, Harry Potter, Survivor the TV show, and Lord of the Rings to name a few. My husband and I share a love for both Harry Potter and Survivor, so if we were to do it again, I think we would delight in having Harry Potter touches in our wedding. Bougie touches, where the traditional {like the wedding dress} would remain the same, but things like the invitations, cake, flowers and decorations would be, well magical! These days the options are endless for those planning weddings to add stunning but personal {ok ok NERDY} touches to their big day. So how would I plan my day while adding bougie but nerdy Harry Potter wedding ideas to it? I am glad you asked!

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas Ahead!

Wedding Invitations

In my personal opinion the Maurader’s Map is used a lot, so I would want something different. Now don’t get me wrong, I think having the Maurauder’s Map unfold as a wedding invitation is awesome, I just have something else in my noggin. So what would I do? I would want to have a more traditional looking invitation, using the different house colors and the back to invitation. I would use black Harry Potter font, and probably work with a calligrapher to achieve the look I wanted. In the wording I think it would be neat to say we are making an unbreakable vow. Below are some ideas I like. I especially like having the invitation sealed with wax. Classy but themed.

harry potter wedding invitations designed by The Invited Cincy
Designed by The Invited Cicny

Harry Potter wedding invitations at Canyonwood Ridge in Austin Texas harry potter wedding invitation suite captured by Swish and Click Photography

Wedding Cake

I would want to have a traditional white wedding cake and add some gold flair to it. I was leaning towards people cake toppers but when I saw the cursive Mischief Managed topper, I knew I would use that instead. Cursive cake toppers are very popular right right, and the bonus? Gold is a strong color in the Harry Potter world. Tied to that, I would have gold glitter on each tier, but mingle the gold glitter with the red glitter, green glitter, blue glitter and bronze glitter on each tier to represent the houses at Hogwarts. It would classy and still very Harry Potter. As a Harry Potter wedding photographer, all these cool cakes make me excited!

harry potter wedding cake in Houston Texas harry potter wedding cake topper in Houston Texasharry potter wedding cake in Houston Texasharry potter wedding cake by Swish and Click Photography at Canyonwood Ridge in Austin Texas

Wedding Details

Table Centers, Menu, Seating Cards

How people know where their table is, I am going to keep it with the house theme, and have the sorting hat on the table with their names with their table number on it. I think that would be charming, plus the brown hat matches the gold and house colors, so it would be seamless. The table names and numbers would match the font on the menus to be consistent. Read below to know what all that Harry Potter wedding deets will look like!Harry Potter wedding table at Canyonwood Ridge in Austin TexasSmokey wedding cocktails in Houston Texas


Flowers are the traditional thing to go in the center of the table, but this is also the place where you can make things a whole lot more personal and I would want to get a little bit stronger in my Harry Potter theme here. Based off the wedding invitation, I would seat people in the Harry Potter houses they have been sorted into. So each table would have a center that would either be red, green, blue or yellow. I know there are secondary colors to these houses, but since gold is huge right now, I would instead substitute gold so that each table is tied together in some way. Plus, it will match the cake!

Since candles and potions are consistent imagery in Harry Potter, I would have wedding table centers with impressive white candles on top of gold posts. I then would have small vials of edible colored candy, that would be the house color of the table, and have them labeled like Felix Felicis and Skele-Gro or Polyjuice Potion. Any Harry Potter wedding photographer will love this!!Harry Potter wedding coctail at Canyonwood Ridge in Austin Texas

For the menu, plates and cutlery, I would want white plates rimmed in gold with gold cutlery. The menus would be the format of the Daily Prophet, with chunky lettering and the word MENU in the middle in white font with a black border. It will be unique and make an impression!

Harry Potter wedding table with a Knockturn Alley sign in Houston Texas

Photo Booth

I love photo booths at weddings, and that shouldn’t be a shock considering what I do! These booths weren’t very popular when I got married, so I never thought to do this. But I totally would now!! I mean I can have a scrapbook of every person who does this as a keepsake, and it is a super fun activity for the guests. Obviously all the props would be Harry Potter inspired, with house ties, round glasses, lightning scars, scarves, wands, everything!!

Harry Potter wedding photo booth in Houston Texas

Wedding Exit

I would love to have the exit not be sparklers, but be people holding wands over us. Just typing this I am getting misty-eyed!! It would be the perfect end to a truly magical wedding in Houston.

Harry Potter wedding grand exit with wands in Houston Texas
So tell me, do you love these Harry Potter wedding ideas? Would you add anything to it? I know as a houston wedding photographer I can be bougie about fine details, so let me know in the comments.


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