Hello Fresh Review

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with cooking new recipes each week with healthy food = enter me trying out Hello Fresh. Their website says the recipes and ingredients are created by a chef using farm fresh ingredients. I specifically chose this box because it was started by Jamie Oliver–he knows what he is talking about when it comes to nutrition and also knows how to make things delicious.

The Ordering Process

You get to choose from 6 recipes to be delivered to your home the following week. When browsing you get to see all the ingredients, its level of difficulty and how long it will take to make the dish. I chose three recipes the first week for two people {you can choose between meals for 2 or 4 people}: burgers, a stir fry and a ginger chicken dish. I was super excited!! The box for 3 meals for two people is pricey, but I had a coupon for the first two weeks, so it wasn’t super expensive those two weeks.

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The box came on time, and Hello Fresh sent me an email with a tracking number just in case. Thus I was able to have piece of mind while awaiting my food. The box is bright and colorful. It is branded in their colors {green and white} and had fun saying on it.

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Inside the produce for each meal was packaged in a box. Thankfully it had a label on each box to tell me what meal was what. Under the fresh produce was an ice pack to keep the meat as cold as possible. Everything came fresh and nothing was bad or wilting.

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Part of the package is a cooking guide, it details what is in the recipe and a step-by-step on how to cook the recipe. I found that parts of the instruction didn’t flow well and that some things were done before other parts. Overall, it didn’t affect the flavor of the meal, which was a relief.

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photo-sep-22-7-13-41-pmphoto-sep-22-7-23-42-pmHouston wedding photographer


The first meal contained burgers with zucchini fries. I didn’t take pictures of it, sadly, but my husband was beside himself he loved it so much. We have now had chicken with a balsamic/honey glaze, burgers on a ciabatta bun with a spring mix. I think my favorite so far is the smoky adobo chicken tacos. All of it has been tasty, not too spicy, and a welcome variety to our regular meals.

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